January 27, 2012


Posted by Khushboo W at 8:07 PM
I recently started browsing wordpress, where I found awesome posts and blogs and one of them touched my heart. You can read it here. It is as simple and sweet as it could get. From the title, to the small post, I loved it. But why does "this" have to happen? Why do we like hanging on to loose threads? I'm pretty sure that everyone who reads this post can find a past in it. It has happened to all of us. The intensity, the passion that overtakes it all. We can't control ourselves. We know its forbidden, yet we strive and reach out to it. We know it is not meant for us, yet we want it. We know it won't do us any good, yet we yearn for it.

When, as a toddler we'd taken our first step it wasn't a normal one. Our knees shook, our confidence had started to build up and then fall apart, like a house of cards. We fell a few times, hurt ourselves, yet we got up and now, years later, we walk properly, except when we're drunk, don't we? Those falls are the reason we take our steps in a normal way, today. Now, when we don't stick to the falls, why do we hang onto people who do us no good? We know how they are. They come in, take a look at the apples, appreciate the quality and then upset the apple cart. And then, they leave with a smile on their face. 

Why does this dil have to perform a "dil hai ke maanta nahi" stint? Why do we push ourselves into thoughts? To call or not to call, to initiate or not to initiate, to text or not to text? These kinda thoughts do bharat natyam in our minds. We check our phones in frenzy, expecting, hoping that it may show a notification of a text by that one person. Moreover, we don't even know if it'll stand the thunderstorm, intact, unharmed! Things change, people change, relationships change. Then why do we hope and pray? We know how messy it can get, yet we like to jump in! 

Even I have hung on and stuck to relationships, till the time they were completely ruined. Even my heart doesn't know any better. Even I have made mistakes. Even I have prayed for things to go normal. I guess, we strive for it only 'cause its forbidden!

PS : I'm sorry I've been missing from the scene! In the end, life has to happen and things take a back seat! I can't promise to be regular, but I can only wish! :D

PPS : Too much of ant-shant na? I guess, even that has to happen! :P

PPPS : I HAD to share this picture only 'cause it gives hope! :D


Jasper on January 28, 2012 at 12:11 PM said...

Its all probably because we value them and we need them. This heart is a very selfish thing I say. It never cares for our self respect also.

D.. on January 28, 2012 at 4:56 PM said...

We fall, we learn, we unlearn, we relearn.. It's all a vicious cycle :)
And like it goes, change is the only constant entity in this world. People, relationships change. All we can do is deal with it.
In your own words, "Life has to happen" :)

Hope to see you around regularly :)
Keep smiling :)

Smita on February 6, 2012 at 3:59 PM said...

thank you for sharing the wordpress post paanipuri lover :)
and the picture you shared here, surely gives hope to look forward to :)

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