May 18, 2019

The Thing called Hurt

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Words and emotions are two sides of a coin...
For they rarely walk in tandem, without crossing the line...

When awkward silences are left unhealed....
Hurt manifests like a demon with glee...

And then, when even a small disagreement goes awry...
A can of ugly confrontations hurts the ears and eyes...

How words and actions are perceived, will remain an unsolved mystery....
For minds are universes with intangible galaxies of brewing thoughts and feelings...

Maybe that is why, they say silence is golden when words of hurt embolden....
For silence may not weed out the hurt but, perfectly camouflages the weight of sadness, a formidable burden...

But, even as silence stalls the conflicting emotions and anger from spewing out...
The inevitable truth of unresolved issues will someday, like a canary, sing aloud....

Which is why, words must be filtered before they leave the tongue...
For nothing can repair the impact of hurt, once the words have been flung!



April 24, 2019

Roots : the unseen anchors

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Somewhere in this journey of life, a lot of events got buried in the Chest called the Past!

For Time & Tide wait for none and, the ride from the Present now seems quite Fast!

Is it those flaccid years of unrespiteful challenges or, years of overrated fun?

It is difficult to choose for life is an unpredictable pun!

To soar high and fly or, to stay rooted for life?

The choice is unsettling in the Destiny's roll of dice!

But then, there comes a time when the need to return back to roots arrives...

And then, the truth dawns that for every step away from roots, there tags along a heavy price!

April 6, 2019

Appeasement : the eighth sin

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Enough was never enough and, never will be.......
For, greed is a madness that spreads like a plague with a wicked glee!

But, irony strikes midway and, reminds why respect is missing from the scene.....
And then, with all platters filled with accolades, respect seems to be one elusive queen!

The more it is sought with vengeance, the more it evades....
After all, truth is raw and crass and is always delivered in spades!

To stop chasing respect and, start earning it, is the only way....
Because, NO amount of appeasement and arrogance can ever make it stay!

March 23, 2019


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You are NOT often surrounded by those you would want to choose....
As life sits back, with some popcorn on how you maintain your threshold and, play your ruse!

Such are those moments when you  feel morose and, completely let down...
Because your tryst with your destiny is sailing on a trough, rough and forlorn...

So, you question the Universe , "Why do you hurl at me, the bad eggs everyone despise....?"
While the realization dawns within..that such meetings great or otherwise, are sly chances in the massive roll of the unpredictable dice!

So, you sit and gulp down the dejection and disgust, waiting patiently for some change in the winds...
The same rut and routine continue to manifest in all shades of mundane and, all depressing prints...

The wait therefore begins for the ugly knock on the threshold line.. because there is a lot of anger held at bay...
Once the line is crossed, the games shall change and, every linen will be out on the fray!

"Don't meddle with thresholds of fine people", the wise men say...
Breaching their thresholds is sacrilege as the time shall come for the perpetrators to pay....

Threshold is not to be crossed or touched....., a word of caution to the free flowing winds.....
Because, every one out there is answerable for his great deeds and, infamous sins....

Hope, great positions embrace more of those with character, integrity, humility and intellect..
So that, the motivation to tread the journey uphill burns bright and optimistic in all the generations that line up next..

March 20, 2019

We are all the children of Time

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Every second, every instant is a strange colour invented by Time..
That comes with a hidden herring in red - Never cross that line!

When the instant arrives, one always assumes he is ready...
But, that is when the tables turn making him unsteady...

While the stairs towards success change strength and sides
Moments of bleak let the hope and faith glide...

And, at some point during the distress call....
One sees along many... testimony to - 'Pride goes before a fall!'

'Moment of epiphany' is what they call it?
Which awakens the soul that lies helpless at the bottom of the pit?

And, in that second it dawns...that
There is no written manual to manouevre the machine called Time..
Because Time never cautions us before we just step over the line!

But, that is how humans are, partly naive and, partly clever....
Impulses are strong as they is - now or never!

Because there is a lot to let go and, a lot to embrace..
After all, Vices and virtues are two halves of the same mysterious face..

March 19, 2019

The thing called arrogance!

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I watch with attention, the arrogant crowd.
Because they teach you all about life..
With empathy almost empty and, apathy too loud,
They expose you to the ugly world of strife...

They continue to make mistakes, one after the other...
Not knowing when to stop.....
Because ambitions are way too blinding, full of stupor....
That they deliriously chase to save their conniving plot!

With every passing day, I watch the arrogance reach new heights
As they gloat with glee, crossing over every mine they set for others, in order to succeed....
But, time is a strange thing to fight...
Because, it reserves its special rewards regardless of caste and creed..  

I watch with rapt attention now at how high they crave to fly...
And, I look forward to what happens next when they ascend the greatest Himalayan heights...
Will the tyrants reign, or 'eat the humble pie'?
Every life, I learn, good or bad, is indeed a lesson in disguise!

August 19, 2018

Words from a ponderlusting girl.....

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Words are such powerful daggers...
They cut deep into the heart and soul...
Hurt, Angst, fear and anger....
Creep into the being like ghastly ghouls....

Sometimes self sits and ponders....
Why should silence be a reply to all trolls?
And then, a voice nudges from the yonder...
Correcting arrogance is not your goal!

But then, the crass words continue to bother....
Creating in the heart, countless chaotic holes...
Will the heart continue to take in all the banter??
To which the voice silently whispers...."your life, a mystery is yet to unfold...'

January 16, 2018

The sailor named She.

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A million storms erupt within her
while the face continues to play stoic as ever…..
Woes, fears and the many intangibles of destiny
persistently plague her with all alacrity….

Expectations and disappointments continue to play her mind
while SHE struggles through each day with sources of fresh hope to find…..
As the chores of the grind seem to keep her busy as a bee
though the nights bring along the countless pregnant fears in absolute fury!

With no respite from the concurrent deluge of worries….
Her mind is tired and, so is her body….
And, the rogue tides of health continue to play havoc
but, prayers and good wishes pitch in to brave the tides, steady though slow…..

SHE looks above and wonders - Life is a book with pages in black and white…..
One page the destiny doodles while the other page we write……
Only that we do now know which is which…..
Until, the time comes and unveils its predictably unpredictable pitch….

Yet, SHE continues to adjust the sails of her ship….
Because the fight is a must even if the foe is another iceberg tip…..
In the life that gave her more storms than sun shines…..
SHE musters all courage with hope and faith to steer the Black Pearl of her life…..

Victory be hers!
More power to her!
May the Universe shower all glory on her!

P.S: This poem is dedicated to all those women who silently survive each day with a never ending verve to live. 

October 6, 2017

Test of Time !

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This is not how it was meant to be or how I had imagined it would be. It was all supposed to be happy and nice and if not this then it wasn’t even supposed to be this traumatizing. It was love at first sight. I didn’t know who you were but I wanted to know. For you I didn’t even exist at the time I was falling for you. How can somebody feel so much of attraction for the other without even knowing them.

We became friends and then something more than friends. I was scared. Every single person aware of this drama of ours had warned me to maintain a safe distance from you. ‘You will get hurt. You will end up crying in whatever this thing of yours is called’ – were some of the words. I still listened to my heart and ignored the brain.

“Do you have a girlfriend ?”, I asked several times and below are the replies presented in chronological order in appearance in due time.
1. Mundane Silence
2. Who are you to ask me that
3. Bitch
4. Didn’t you know everything that now you are doing drama every other day about it

I gave you everything. I was honest with my feelings. If you would have told me in first place that you have a girlfriend, I would have maintained my distance from you. I am not someone who would try to snatch you from another girl. Neither do I have those skills nor do I know tactics to do that. But I expected you to be honest with me as well in return. And now that you ask me is too much for me to handle. 

You want to be in my life till the point you want and in the way you want and then when the time comes for you to be with your girl, you don’t want me to utter a single word and just watch you leave to marry her. And before that end point you want me to be normal and let everything go as if it’s only us and nothing else. How do I do that? Why am I in such a situation? How do I behave normal and be all friendly and everything else with you when I know I mean nothing to you? 

In my dreams I see you marrying her and me being alone for the rest of my life. I see the that as the future and this is not how I had imagined it to be!

September 26, 2017

Things words do !

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I am so tired
Out of energy
I feel like crying - I feel sick
Wanna go home and sleep
Wish I had my mom next to me
Taking care of her girl


Ping Pong - the phone was ringing
Few words to turn pain into smiling
Strange but true , this is what you make things do
"How's your health", 'that's all I wanna know'
were all the words to make pain go!

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