March 14, 2017

Blow of the void

Posted by Unknown at 12:10 PM
Love is the elixir of life
So says the Lord
When souls come down on Earth
They meet in the name of God

When they come together in body and soul,
Destiny plays love, passion and togetherness in its fiddle
While the dice of life plays music to the ears
As long as the puppeteer wishes to keep some notes hidden

Life is perfect, yes it is....
As long as long as the roads are wide and straight
And then, come the deafening cliffs that spurt from nowhere
While the game of destiny begins to unravel its traits.....

The void arrives like the sword of death...
With its jagged edge cutting deep into the soul
The jolt is so sudden and fierce....
While the blow continues to rip away not a part but a whole

Unpredictable I am, so says the life
I dabble in dark stormy nights and bright sunshine days
With eccentric and complex forms that I take, I have no warnings to give
Because, I am designed to play my pawns in His mysterious ways.....



how to write an essay on June 22, 2017 at 1:16 AM said...

I love the words that you have shared with us, Love truly is the elixir of Life and truly life is perfect even with its imperfections. Thanks for posting this, it was a wonderful read.

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