December 12, 2016

The Antisocials

Posted by maithili at 1:21 PM
                   "Are you anti-social?" I asked my husband.
                   "No, why did you ask?" he replied, surprised by this sudden question. We were having dinner at home on a Saturday night.
                   "You know, couples usually have other couple friends. They hang out and do stuff. We don't visit anyone. Nobody visits us. So I was wondering."
                   "You don't want anyone to come over" he said.
                   "It's not like that. I just don't like to clean the house to impress. Also, cooking for so many people is taxing, but otherwise I am social. I don't have friends here but I have in Mumbai. Mumbai would have been a different scene you see. But you have all your childhood friends here." I defended myself. He kept quiet.

                    Sunday evening
"Let's go to S aunty" he suggested.
"Ok, we can go there. Its been a while since we gossiped". We went unannounced, she wasn't at home.
"Shall we go to X?" he asked.
"No, she's always talking of exams and stuff. I get bored."
"Shall we go to Y?" he suggested
"No, I don't like her husband. He boasts a lot. Her mother-in-law grills me all the time, plus her kid is very annoying."
"Shall we got to Z?"
"No, Z is not well so all must be there. 'A' must also be there. I don't like A".
"And you were saying I am anti-social" he had a smug smile.

"So what will we two anti-socials do?" he asked to taunt me further.
"I don't know."
"Let's go watch crime patrol"
"Yes! We have to watch so many episodes" I answered more cheerfully than I intended.

So that's how anti-social, crime patrol addicted couples spend their Sunday evening :P


Smita on December 15, 2016 at 2:18 AM said...

lol....crime petrol on sunday evening!

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