December 4, 2016

I am sorry

Posted by Smita at 10:48 AM
I am sorry
I am no one to distress you with pain
You are a nice person
And I can not be the reason for your pain

You are a nice person
You cannot see me lost
But that doesn't mean
I can make you laughter exhaust.

You said I can call you
Call you in times of need
Whenever I feel low and am crying
I should call rather than doing so

I am sorry
I can't do that
I will never call you
And make you aware of my vulnerability
The pain the loneliness
Is for me and can never be your gain

I am gonna be to myself
Keep all the cries and worries to my soul
You are not here
to take care of her tormented soul

You have a girl
Of whom you should take care of
And leave this one for once and all now!

I am no one to take away
any moment of  your happiness
I should be just left out
Of your way of merriness

I will try to be away from you
As far as possible
Won't bother you with anything
And be like I never really existed.

For it pains me to put you in pain
And pains more if I am the reason putting you in pain!

I am sorry


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