October 16, 2012

Fate of Destiny.

Posted by Aditi Ray at 9:05 PM
She sat there, calmly smoking the cigarette neatly perched inbetween her fingers. The remaining fingers supported the whiskey glass in her hand. She inhaled the smoked and felt the mild kick her brain got. It felt good, it felt relaxing, it felt better. She needed her mind to stop working for sometime, and though marijuana was the perfect drug for her, she preferred the cigarette. She drank occasionaly, but wasnt this a perfect occasion? She smirked at herself and gulped down the undiluted neat whiskey. She took a deep breathe, the effect of cigarette and whiskey was wearing off, maybe she really needed to switch to marijuana, she thought lazily. She walked to her private bar and poured herself another large peg. Again draining her glass completely, she thought she needed another cigarette, but before she could light the next one, the glass stumbled out of her fingers and she slumped down the marble floor. She was no more in control of herself. She looked around her lavish expansive room and tears ran through her cheeks, smudging her perfectly kohled eyes. 

  "I dont think I'm ever going to marry Anu. I dont want to marry. Thats it. What do I lack in life? Nothing! I have everything...parents, friends, you, money...everything! Why should I ruin it all with a guy and marriage? No way, I am not marrying!"
  "Oh comon, dont you want a good loving husband? A caring guy? A few kids to to call you mumma and run about your house....dont you want all that?? Oh comon! I too have everything that you have, but I want to marry so eagerly! I want to have kids....lots of them!"  and they both giggled together just like they had always done since childhood.
  "But you want to do that because you have a guy in your life, I dont! And honestly, I'm happy without one. They are just useless. Look at me, dont I look happy and content? Why do you want to spoil my happiness Anu?"
   "Idiot, I want you to enjoy and experience happiness which is beyong the happiness you currenly feel. I want you to be a happy and a complete woman, not just a happy and independent girl!"  and like always, Priya had to agree with her childhood best friend.
  "I know my mother has bribed you get me married, she just cant stand her daughter so happy!" She sulked and Anu chastly kissed her cheeks and hugged her tightly.
  "You know we both want you to be happy!"

The earth was spinning around her and she held the leg of the bar stool tightly. Someone was hammering inside her head, and it was getting intolerable. Hot tears ran through her cheeks and she wiped them off smudging the kohl on her blushed cheeks. She wished to find a dagger somewhere to end the pain she felt in her heart, but all she found was emptiness all around. The loneliness was killing her and she was willing to give away anything to end it. She needed someone to talk to...someone to hug...someone to wipe her tears and comfort her, but all she was left with was a big vacuum in her life. She wanted to get sucked into the black hole and get lost in the blackness forever. It was getting unbearable. She longed for companionship, for company. She needed someone around...someone to make her feel alive. She wanted someone to make her feel special, someone to make her feel happy. The emptiness was biting her, and she wanted to run away and save her life.

  "I cant tell you how happy I am Priya!"
  "I know bitch, you are getting married to the guy you love so madly!"
  "Yes, and see how happy I am? Now comon, either find a guy for yourself or start meeting these short-listed guys...plz Priya! I want us to get married around the same time!"
  "Are you out of your mind girl? You will be getting married by the end of this year, which leaves me with hardly 8 months! And you want me to find a guy and marry him in these 8 months?! You must be kidding me!"
  "No. I am very much serious! So you better hurry up!"
  "But...but...heyy...wait...listen to me...Anu...wait..."

She crawled up back to the bar table. The pain was unbearable. She needed something to ease her out of the pain, to make her forget all her past, infact even the present. It was the present that was killing her.... the past had been beautiful. Fresh tears blinded her vision, and her aching throat simply added to her aching heart. She caught hold of the Jack Daniel she had been pouring from and drank directly from the bottle....and slumped back to the floor again, only this time sobbing uncontrollably.

  "Hey baby...I love you so much...come here in my arms..."
  "I love you too darling..."

Her eyes were blood-shot, but tears kept flowing. Everything in front of her eyes started turning hazy. Her head was spinning and she could no longer make sense of the world around her. She though of him and a small smile played on her lips. She still was madly in love with that bastard. His eyes... His smile... His arms... His voice... was all she ever needed in her life. It was all perfect untill yesterday. Only if she hadnt anwered that phone call.

  "Hey sexy...am in town for a couple of days. Heritage Hotel, room no - 6. Be here at sharp 7...I'll be waiting for my naughty lover! Bye. And I missed you darling!"

  "Who is she?"
  "None of your business. Get away."
  "It is my damn business!! We are getting married next week!! Who is she?"
  "Mind your own business. I have to go. Get away."
  "Tell me the truth Raj...how long has it been going on..."
  "You wanna know the truth...fine! Listen, Its been 6 months since I've been sleeping with her! Anything else?"


  "Hey Anu, Priya here. I called you several times but you never replied...so...ummm... mom was asking when should we call the beautician.... and..umm... Mohan said, maroon really suits me, so I was thinking, we'll get more of maroon tops...*giggle*... ok...and yea..u were right bitch, I did fall for him, and I cant believe I am getting married! And all thanks to you and Raj...man, you both are a couple made in heaven! Without you both I would have never agreed to marry! Thanku guys! And can you believe, its just a week for our marriage! You were right, we really are getting married on the same day! Isnt that super exciting! Ok, call me when you get this message. Need to discuss a lot with you."


  "Mom, I hope she gets allrite. I cant contact Raj too, I hope everything's ok with him......Doctor how is she? Is everything ok? What happened to her?"
  "She's out of danger now. She had gone into shock, which led to depression. She's fine now."


  "Anu aunty...mummy says when I grow up, a handsome prince will come for me on a white horse, is it true?"
  "Yes darling, its true. You are a princess, and a handsome strong prince will come to get you on horseback!"
  "Mummy says even you are a princess...then why didnt a prince come to get you?"



Nandana on October 16, 2012 at 11:14 PM said...

Engaging narration Aditi. Loved the description in silos.

Women can take lies or abuse or any other equally demeaning thing any day, but loyalty is the limit. Nothing breaks heart like it

Mystical Skeptical Me on October 17, 2012 at 10:54 AM said...

:D :D I loved it. And you know why :D

Good read. *Thumbs Up!!*

Aditi Ray on October 17, 2012 at 12:21 PM said...

Thnxx Nandana ! :D

and MSM..well..thnxx fr bearing with me! :* :D

and I'm kinda pledging now, to strt writing 'happy' stories! :P well..until..I'm forced to write such genres again! :P

Mystic on October 17, 2012 at 5:59 PM said...

Gripping narration.. Absolutely loved the description.

Awesome work :)

Soumya on October 18, 2012 at 1:12 PM said...

Oh man how awesome was this. I read it twice and I still want to read more.

Beautiful work Aditi. Splendid.

Aditi Ray on October 18, 2012 at 6:39 PM said...

ohh thanku so much Mystic & Soumya ! :D

Smita on October 18, 2012 at 8:01 PM said...

nice :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

Blahblaholic ♥ © on October 22, 2012 at 11:59 PM said...

Oh My God.

I loved every bit of this. I was imagining the whole thing playing out in my head, her kohl, the tears, the bar, you've written it so beautifully ..

It's that tragic sort of beautiful.

I loved it quite honestly!

And that line "Mummy says even you are a princess...then why didnt a prince come to get you?" broke my heart!
How do you ever find an answer to such a question?!

I shared it on Facebook. I love love LOVE this piece!


Aditi Ray on December 24, 2012 at 8:27 PM said...

hahahaha.. well well well.. @blahblaholic!! It was just a phase I was in... things came out in words automaticaly!
Thanku so much fr liking it...and spc thanks fr the fb share! :D

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