January 21, 2013

The end of Her world!

Posted by Smita at 2:52 PM
The fake news of it ending,
Never caught her attention.
The idea of it ending,
Never grabbed her a thing!
Dooms day isn’t the day,
Her world would end.
It had already ended,
While the world was still !
It ended with her birth,
As She was a girl.
Birth of a girl was not expected,
And the gift of god was not accepted!
It ended with her adapting nature,
Nature she developed seeing her mother.
Absorbing all the pain,
And giving all the smiles.
It was that day that ended her life,
Her world ended the day She left,
Leaving her all alone in this cruel world.
She meant everything to her while she was alive,
But now Having a sister was way too costly for her.
Her world ended when she fell in love,
Love of someone she was ready to die for even.
But her love was not respected,
Tears, pain and disrespect was all she was gifted.
Her world ended way long back.
She is now simply a soul.
Following instructions of another souls,
No enthusiasm to live,
She lives because she promised her mother she won’t commit suicide!


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