April 4, 2012

Keira : The not-so-perfect girl (Final Part)

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The lady finished talking and looked at Keira who sat there shell-shocked that she could not even bat her eyelids. Too shocked to react to anything. How is this possible? Same story? How did the lady knew that she had the exact story as hers? Is this lady crazy? Should she believe in the story? Something inside her said that she wanted to get out of the creepy place. She pushed the feeling away and asked the other Keira if she could see the mirror. That is the only way of finding out if the lady was insane or if this whole freaky incident is really happening to her. The other Keira went inside the cottage and re-appeared with what looked like a broken mirror which was missing a half. Keira took it with trembling hands and looked into it. And her eyes grew wider with every passing second.
Through the mirror, she could see her dad feeling proud of her with each and every step she took in life. She could see her mom swell with pride as she saw her daughter grow up into the bold woman just as she dreamed. She saw her boyfriend look at her as if he had never seen a woman as beautiful as her in the whole world. And she saw her life through the eyes of everyone else who had lived with her and everyone's view was much different from her own. And better.
Keira's heart beat faster than it ever did. This means that the crazy Keira lady was right. But she has to go back. She cannot just give up and stay on just like the other Keira. She ran to the cottage and picked up her backpack and starting walking in the opposite direction from where she came to the cottage. The old Keira yelled out, "Hey you! You are not going to make it. " Keira did not bother. She would not just give up. Definitely after what she has just realized. She walked on and on and on until she felt so tired that she could not take another step. Just as she was about to pass out, she noticed that she was on the green lanes along the main road from where she started. She felt that, that was the happiest moment of her life. She saw a bus approaching and she waved her scarf to halt it.
Once she boarded the bus,it struck her. The other Keira. She said no matter how hard she searched for a way back, she was not able to find it. But the way back was not all that complicated. It was just long. Did the other Keira give up that soon? Some piece of the puzzle was missing. As she fidgeted around, not knowing what to do, she felt something sharp in her jacket pocket. It was the broken mirror. In an impulse,she took it and looked into it. She saw the cottage, the other Keira. She yelled out, "Hey! I made it back. I am going home. How could you not find the way back home?Don't worry! I will ask the driver to turn back the bus and I will come and get you." And she went to the driver and frantically yelled her lungs out to stop the bus and turn it back. An obviously irritated driver asked her the reason and she told all about her and the other Keira as fast as she could and about the mirror. The driver eyed her suspiciously and told her that if she didn't shut up and go back to her seat, he would have to leave her there and drive ahead. Keira got mad at the driver's ignorance and waved the mirror at his face and asked him to see for himself. The driver took a look at the mirror and said, "Ha! I need a hair-cut." Keira was shocked and looked into the mirror herself and saw a disappearing outline of the cottage and the other Keira. Just as she slipped out of the frame, the other Keira said "No need to come back for me. I knew you would find your way back. You have already collected me and yourself and we both are going back to live the awesome life that is waiting for you." And with that, the fading became complete and she could see her reflection looking back at her. And then she knew. In an instant, the mist lifted.  She did not know how all this happened and she could find no logical explanation for the bizarre chain of events that have happened. Had she just been to the future and back? Will anyone believe this? Could this actually happen? She pushed all those questions away. But she did not want to go back asking questions. She had a lot more to do now. She has to live. Her life was waiting for her.
There are no second chances in life. Take up the first chance and live it, good or bad that it turns out to be, it is better to have lived it and tell that you did it that way rather than trying to be the best/perfect one who did not try it just because you know that you are not going to be perfect at it.
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CD!!! on April 6, 2012 at 5:26 PM said...

When the world says- Give up! hope whispers- Once more!
A very encouraging post :)

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