June 10, 2012


Posted by vixie at 9:51 PM
I don't even remember the last time i wrote here.Seems like it was a different time altogether for me.
Its not that i have not wanted to come and voice my thoughts out aloud. I tried..a lot..and then i simply gave up.
Every time i would open my blogger,i would see these wonderful updates on the DOV dashboard.

Interviews, Discussions,New Joinees..and some really amazing posts.
I feel like an outsider right now :D
A long lost wanderer, tracing her steps..back to a wonderful family.
Its really charming isn't it? People whom you don't even know, whom you haven't even met,who are nothing but a collection of words,lines,stories...they all become a part of your life.
Without even you realizing it, they are there for you. A part of the journey of your life, at times much more than your closest kin. It does soothe you, when you just have someone to hear you out. Even if it means being a silent spectator to all the events unfolding in your life.

I know if i had vented out all my bottled up feelings right here, i would have gotten a lot of support from you all.
I want to tell my story. I will. But i know it will take some time.
Things happened, which probably could have been prevented. Maybe i was too naive. Maybe i was blind.
Or..maybe it was love.
But..lets reserve it for some other day shall we..?

What i want to write about now is the amazing power we women have in us to soak in as much pain as possible..and yet try the level best to come out of it...and move on.
Let me just concentrate on relationships over here.
You may call me biased. My gender is reason enough for me to speak highly of my own sex.
But my own experiences make me speak so.

I am not trying to belittle the pain suffered by guys in a break-up. Yes, you do suffer a lot.But that is not my purview right now.
I want to talk about us girls. Well, its DOV :) Why shouldn't i??!!

Its a beautiful thing to do you know..Love.
Its one of the biggest powers bestowed by The Almighty, on us humans.
That ability to give and give and give the tenderest feelings in your heart to that special one. Its not easy.

Women have this innate ability to shower unfathomable amount of affection on their men. We think, but from our heart. I know you will agree with me when i say that, every relationship we get into, we envision it till the very end.
And that is why when things don't work out, we snap. Its like a void that gets created within us.

A love, that gnaws itself to the very core of our existence. It becomes our world...we live it like it means everything for us..it defines us..and then...before we realize,it goes away. The bubble bursts and the bitter sweet truth hits us on the face...full force.

Moving on...isn't easy. We tend to put our heart and soul into it and when it doesn't work, we end up feeling hurt,devastated,broken and wilted.
I am not saying, women are weak. But its kinda inherent in us to depend on someone emotionally. And most of the times, we tend to seek that support in our guys.So when that emotional chord gets broken, it becomes very very hard for us to gather ourselves.

So what do we do when the inevitable occurs. Wallow ourselves in self pity and feel miserable that our world has come to an end..? If that were to happen, almost every broken relationship would end up in the girls committing suicide or something life threatening like that.

But no, the women are still there.Shining,smiling,cheering,hoping...despite all the pain and the heartbreak.
We know its not gonna be easy...to fill up that void..to feel the same for someone else.But we will.And we do. Because we are capable of filling all the lives that come in touch with ours with the glorious mellow warmth of our love. We know somewhere down the line...we might be hurt again..but that wont stop us from loving. We are programmed to be such. God simply forgot to put the STOP button there.

Why am i saying all this...?
Cos i see such strong women all around me.Even here, I read posts of
moving on-living-loving-getting hurt-moving on-loving some more.
And that is what makes each and all of us so special.

The title of the post...means just that. We mend ourselves. Pick up the broken pieces.. and resurrect our lives..from the ashes of the pain and evolve..more mature...yet always filled with love
and get on with our journey..of life..

seeking new a horizon,
leaving behind the old
she will move on in a new direction,
and let her journey unfold

So all i want to say is "Hats Off"
To all you lovely darlings out there.
You don't need a Women's Day to realize your worth.
Every day is your day.
Live it with your head held high.


To Women..nope..Darlings,

PS-and yes i am proud of myself too. :)

PPS- mishti..thanks a million for the pic :*


Nihareekaa on June 10, 2012 at 10:16 PM said...

Lovely post.

Yes, we are women. We are weak, and we are strong enough to overcome our weaknesses and move on too. We are the most beautiful creation of God. We make the world. We are not proud. We have just realised our worth.

Be strong, you. All of us are with you. :D

Mystical Skeptical Me on June 10, 2012 at 11:45 PM said...

@Meoww: I don't know why, but I cried so much, while I was reading this. And even now, there's a painful lump in my throat. You have embraced this beautiful aspect of a woman - weak of heart - but fire in soul and strength in mind - so magnificently. I feel so so so proud of you! *Hugs* I know what you've been through and I know how strong you are.... you know we are with you, even if you cannot say it out loud. :D :*
Love you and Blessed Be! :* :D :D

Kiara on June 10, 2012 at 11:50 PM said...

Brilliant post :)

Women are so elegant in their dual personalities. We can be a dainty flower and by the next second we can become strong, valiant fighters!

And lovely to see you back around!

My Lair on June 11, 2012 at 12:39 AM said...

So well expressed.
We don't need a women's day to let the world realise our worth or for that matter remind ourselves of what we are.

Cheers to the GIRL POWER.

P.S- don't know why am I reminded of the Powerpuff girls reading this. :o

Zeebs on June 11, 2012 at 4:36 AM said...

Women are strong on the inside. It's one thing I admire about them. Pain doesn't hinder us, it only tempts us to fly :)

Crystal on June 11, 2012 at 8:38 AM said...

This is amazingly beautiful and yet so true!! Kudos to you!!

Swarnali on June 11, 2012 at 9:14 AM said...

This is a lovely lovely post Aditi!! "You don't need a Women's Day to realize your worth.
Every day is your day." very well said.
Cheers to us, to all the darlings!!

Sy on June 11, 2012 at 5:26 PM said...

ah just what I needed to read :-)

Sunitha on June 14, 2012 at 7:11 AM said...

wow.. This was amazing.. loved and agree with every word..

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