November 21, 2012

What would you do….?

Posted by Smita at 7:04 PM

What would  you do if your expectations are not met?
What would you do if you are left alone to cry in the middle?
What would you do…..?

She had been calling him. 4-5 times. He didn’t pick. She was fast approaching her destination. Steps were fast. A shadow was following.
She turned to see and dog came up to her.
“Madam, You know any shopping centre here.?”, he barked.
She made a face. The approach was clearly not liked.
“Can you suggest any shopping area nearby?” .
She again made a face. Home Centre board was clearly visible from the point where he was standing.
Her only fault was to turn to look for him while going from one side to the other side of the road.
“Yes, there’s Home Centre there.”, she answered in irritated tone.
“Okay, you are from this place? You live nearby? You know this place?......blah blah blah……”, she was not expeting so many questions after the brief irritated answer.
She just nodded and started walking.
He came to her side again.
“Would you like to have a cup of coffee???”….he barked.

Okay..Now this was something totally unexpected.
So she had appeared to him as a Pros******????????
Enough to break her down!!!
How can anybody think so about her???
How can anybody talk to her so???
How can she be harassed at 3 in the afternoon!!!!!
He kept barking......things which cannot be narrated here.
She kept calling!
He didn’t pick!

When he did come, he was happy. He had the company of his friends.
They had to attend a party. She was excited as much as he was!
Just her day was spoiled not his!
He didn’t even ask once.
All that was important was the five star hotel party.
The dog’s ill words were going in her mind while he was enjoying dancing to the DJ there.
She left after the speech. No food. No Merriment. No support. Only tears.
He enjoyed. Clicked fotos with everybody. Didn’t talk to her for next 2 days. No message. No call. Nothing!!!

She only called him. Went to see him. They are still together. What would you do if you had to decide for her?


Eyes-speak on November 21, 2012 at 10:35 PM said...

He is ignoring her, not taking her calls, forget about himself calling her... Being with her, he can't judge her mood and behaviour and is self-obsessed with his fun...There's a thing called self-respect.. Give yourself and him sometime, if he notices your ignorance and comes back then clearly confront him.. If not, you know your answer...

maithili on November 22, 2012 at 9:37 AM said...

I agree with Eye-speak.
Sometimes men grow distant. It doesn't mean they don't love you but irritating as it is they need lone time.. Maybe he really enjoyed so much and wanted to share it all with her. She shouldn't make him feel guilty to have fun.. But yes if he doesn't bother even after she ignores him or appears sad then it really is a warning bell..

Smita on November 22, 2012 at 12:35 PM said...

:-( :-)

Aditi Ray on November 22, 2012 at 3:04 PM said...

If I was her.... He would be single and begging to talk to me atleast once by now!
Though it wud b very difficult fr me to not not think... but where I'm are not valued, I'd rather nt b thr at all !

if a guy cant respect u, he doesnt deserve any place in ur life..

I'd suggest the girl show some respect to herself, and avoid the guy, till he realizes her importance and treats her according, and if he doesnt, then simply look around...India's population is way too high, chances r she will find a guy who treats her like a myt take some tym, but she will !

You know Smita, it is we women who give them the power to hurt us and play with us as and when they take away that power frm them, and they treat u like u shud be...
It is we who give them the power to treat us the way they are treating us!

Its always in our own hands how we lead our life, and how ppl around us treat us!

Think over it!
And Cheers happy!

It is ur life...and a mere guy ( who doesnt care if ur happy or sad, who doesnt care if ur talking to him or not, in short, who doesnt care if u live or die) gets to decide if and when u shud b happy?? NOT FAIR!!

So live ur life ur way.. U were not born holding his finger! So why is ur happiness and peace so dependent on him!
F*** him, and enjoy ur life !
Hang out with YOUR friends...Im sure its been ages u did that! Awaken that child in you! and smile!!! :)

PS- I'm sorry fr giving such a big lecture! But I'v been helping my frnds wit the same kinda all this kinda comes out naturaly now! :P Haha.. Cheers woman! :D

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