November 18, 2012

A young entrepreneur and her first taste of success.

Posted by Apoorva Nanjangud at 11:34 PM
It inspires me. Young women doing something so stellar, does inspire me. Whoever coined the word young, sure did not know of the awe-inspiring work women in their teens are capable of doing. They’re zesty, they’re motivated and they’re definitely not going to settle for anything less than the best, I thought when Kalyani first told me about the event, ‘The Network’ in which most of the city’s young women entrepreneurs and a few inspired male entrepreneurs who own different start-ups are working in collaboration, to present their craft to a wider audience.
When I first spoke to Kalyani, she did come across as a strong-willed and ambitious person which only got ascertained with further communication.

Her start-up venture, ‘Cibaro events’ is her 6 month old baby, which she is going to tend to and ensure it grows to be a successful firm.
Ask her what her idea of a successful firm is and she will instantaneously say, “I feel a successful start up is not the one which has positive cash flows and fame, I think it is the feeling where you are happy at the end of the day for the work you did today and you await next morning so you could give yourself more to what is yours. A successful start up needs no Sunday and does not await weekends!”

So this left me intrigued and triggered the following QnA! Trust me. Go on reading.

1.      First and foremost, why the name ‘Cibaro’ events? Why did you name your enterprise, that?

     A-Since it is my first venture, I wanted the name to relate to who I am and something that describes what I am. I am very closely associated to Internationalism due to my love for travelling and AIESEC. Apart from this, I am a die-hard foodie and one unique selling point of Cibaro Events is the wide range of food and customization. So to answer your question, Cibaro means love for food in latin and why cibaro? The answer is it is what defines ME.

2-Tell us something about the inception of Cibaro events. When your enterprise did take shape?

      A-We recently completed 6month. It is a start-up. The enterprise started on 6th May, 2012. Initially we started out by outsourcing many services but now we are capable to do it all by ourselves and with time it will only get better.

3-How difficult was it to convince your family to permit you to start an enterprise, given you are a 19 year old student?

    A- Umm! I think initially they did have doubt of me dropping out or not scoring well. But I guess they just went with the flow and had faith in my decision and it all turned out to be good. Starting Cibaro Events was one of the best decision of my life.

 4-With the latest event coming up, ‘The Network’ what do you expect to deliver and what do you expect to come out of the event?

A-start ups get to know each other and make it possible what was not possible before due to various reasons. Also I want the network community to stay together even after the event is over. It is like a family to me now since I have closely interacted with most of them. Also I want them to meet new buyers and since Churchgate has never been tapped before the way I am trying too, let’s hope the risk works out well.

5-As a young entrepreneur, how difficult was it to bring together all the labels under one roof? 

A-The Network- Come extend your network into opportunities.
we at Cibaro Events believe the more people you know and the more people who know you, the more opportunities you will have! I think this one was major roadblock we faced since bringing confidence that this event will be worth it was difficult. The first difficult task was to find brands which were different from eachother. If you notice, one brand is totally different from another. I did not want every second stall to sell jewelry or clothes. I wanted consumers to get something they won’t find otherwise if they shop in stores or street and I achieved what I wanted since we have just 4 jewelry brands out of 60 to start with and all four cater to different art forms of jewelry ranging from contemporary designs to tribal art.

6-Tell us something about the workshops under DIY by some popular brands like DotPSD and XOXO accessories. What is the idea behind it?

We have workshops by DotPSD and XOXO Accessories apart from one by Miss Hetal who shall be conducting a session on makeup and styling tricks for party and weddings.

Workshop #1: 1st December 5pm on ‘My Favorite Thing’ (D-I-Y leather accessories) by DotPSD.

Workshop #2: 1st December 6pm on ‘how to neonify your accessories and easy carry containers for the same’ by XOXO Accessories.

Workshop #3: 2nd December 5pm on 7 minute fast hair styles and make up tricks by Hetal Khimsaria

Prior Registration Required:

Idea is not just to have an exhibition but a platform where audience gets to know the brands one on one and learn a few tricks of the trade which could help them construct accessories/ bags on their own.
Who knows this audience might get inspired and start something by themselves in the future.
This is one huge party to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

7-Any particular goof up that happened while planning this event?
Not really. I do only one event in 3 months so a lot of time was given to the event thus making sure everything goes smooth.

8-‘The Network’ will help brand collaborations of various start-ups who work from home and have carved a successful brand image already. What can the shopaholics and the market can expect out of this?

A-    Bags, Home D├ęcor, Clothes, Apparels, Accessories, Jewelry, Tourism projects, Education institutions, Chocolates, Cupcakes, Hair Accessories, Mehndi Professionals, Tarot Card Readers, crystal ball gazers, Hand Painted Kurtis, Hair Accessories, Indian Ethnic Wear, Financial schools etc. are what visitors can expect from this event! Apart from shopping it is also a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs who wants to extend their business and are looking out to come up with new product line.
If you are into clothing then we have accessories brands to tie up with and just do the needful for your consumer by making your shop a one stop purchase store. The same goes on with other brands. You just need to extend your thinking skills and be creative on how to expand your business by working with start ups and sell your product like hot cakes in this competitive market.

9-.Its going to be a huge hit, with the response you are getting already. Any pre-event jitters?

A-Yes! So my team cannot just sleep because we are constantly thinking of how why and where. Also we are planning to set up a free photobooth for people visiting the event so that they have memories to take back from the same. Lot of hush hush and last minute preparations to be done. I think we are more excited than scared.

10. Visitors and stalls are going to participate all over India, how did you manage that?
Social media and technology made it possible totally. We have participants from goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Assam and Mumbai, of course.

11. The press release mentions the word, ‘Garage sale’ what’s it all about?

Cibaro Events believes one person’s trash is another person’s treasure so we have few girls who are shopaholics and wish to empty their wardrobe and thus you will find some stuff at real bargain deal.

12- Last but not the least; tell us about the brands participating at The Network so we can make a shopping wish list.

Chiria- Handmade Jewelry by Simrat| Triviarts |Aashique creation|Svapan Creations| Cocheta Chocolates|Dazzling Cuts| Jasraj Antique| Investor School| Sanctum| Pink Feather Inc| JK Jewelers| Parita Designs| Bakula| The Ribbon Factory| Kiwi Accessories| Wow Mom| Sahyaras|
Parin's Tarot Reading| Aksha Mehndi Designer| Shrusti's Art Work | Jhumka| Priyanka's Handmade Gifting| Manera| Vastra - Hand Painted Kurtis| MBA Updates| B - Bags,| Bakedgoodies & Art| Eesha Zaveri Jewelry| Designerds| Linton| Chikanbarn|
Kohar| The Klick Store| ALLY MATTHAN| Apparels| Tashan creations| XOXO Accessories| DOTpsd| Browngold| Cultural Aangan| The Jewelry Project| Kalakaari| Vivacious in Vogue| Esenemes| SPADES - bags clothes n accessories | The House of Anna Fernandes| Poison Dart Button Badges & Accessories| The Pink Street| Rajguru International| Shoe-U| Esperenza| Nomad Bags And Accessories| Streak Hue Fall
Soulwork| VeryAarty| Bows & Wows & many more!

Let this be a fun- filled shopping experience for all the shopaholics, visitors and the corporate world!

This post was especially put up here, assuming that all the women might be interested! :") 

See you there! :)


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