December 1, 2012

Topic for discussion..

Posted by maithili at 12:00 AM
So is it time yet to start the countdown? I hope not!
What countdown you may ask if you haven't been taking things too seriously..
Just for a second imagine that its all true..
Imagine that all the talks about the Armageddon is true..
Just think that the world is going to end on 21st December 2012.
Scary isn't it?
Have you lived it up to think of dying so soon?
Heck you haven't!
You have saved it all for a time when the mess, you are currently in, is over your head.
For all the talks of rubbishing the claims of the end of the world, your world might end right away and it won't take 21st December to end it.
Just as you are reading this post on your cellphone and walking by the street a freak accident might claim your life.
Just as you are sitting in your cozy homes and reading this post on your laptop or PC, a long lingering heart condition might kill you.
Just as you are lying the dark bedroom with your laptop and reading this, a mosquito may bite and kill you with dengue..
Life is most uncertain and dying is inevitable. Here I m giving you an imagination that you know you will die on 21st December. How will you live it up?
Do not think of dying.. Think of living it up. Would you regret living up even if you don't die so soon? Or would you regret not living up should you die?
I  once again state that I do not hold the belief that world will end on 21st December 2012 (You got to make such statements lest you spread panic and land in jail :P )  and I think life is more uncertain than that ;)

So the topic for discussion, if you haven't guessed it already, is
If the world is really ending.....

I do not think there is need to go over the rules again.. Still I will add it for the benefit of the new members..
You can write prose or poetry
You can write it under your name or mail it as anonymous
No hateful remarks and no outraging any religious ideas 
Only two posts per 24 hours. If you have problems with this then please use the scheduling option on posts or please ask me to schedule your posts.

The post is your sole responsibility. Please stick to your ideas about living it up than talking about other notions!


Mystical Skeptical Me on December 1, 2012 at 10:46 AM said...

Yep, an apt topic for discussion this is! :D I am on it! :D :D :D

Missed the place. <3

Smita on December 3, 2012 at 8:10 PM said...

Post now exists in draft mode :D

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