June 24, 2013

Washed again..

Posted by maithili at 6:13 PM
                   "So you mean to say that you want to leave me?"she mouthed the words, dreading the reply.
                   "Yes, I can't be with you anymore." he replied coldly.
                   "Don't you love me?" she prodded further
                   "Oh please! Don't start it again." he brushed her off.
                   "Why? Tell me why? Why did you keep tagging me along for 4 years?" she cried out.
                   "Just look at yourself! For God's sake you are creating a scene at the bus stop! You keep torturing the life out of me. You have drained me Maya. Please let me go" he shook her, holding by her arms. 
                    It was pouring. They were in the bus stop shelter. She had broached the topic again after a tiff with him. It was hard on her to give up on anyone let alone her own boyfriend of four years. They fought often over little disagreements which escalated to furious accusations and then she said something terrible, he reverted back with something more offensive and she would ask him if he wanted to leave her which he always replied in affirmative. It made her mad. Mad with rage. Mad with frustration. She would break down and blame him. He would feel sorry for her and try to calm her down but she wouldn't relent. After hours of nonstop fight, they would both give up and move on. Move on as if nothing happened. Their friends thought they made a terrible mistake when they would see them so mad at each other but would be in for a shock when they saw them so mad  for each other a few days later. Their relation was what could be called volatile. Yes that was the word- Volatile.
                     She stood beside him. He didn't look at her. They stood there for a long time. It started raining heavily. The small shelter was getting crowded by people who took a chance of not bringing the umbrella and street dogs! She knew he was getting desperate for his bus. He hated dogs, specially the roadside ones. She appeared to be in a trance. She leaned outside and reached out her hands. The water dripped on her palms.
                    " The water has travelled down the roof. Might have had bird droppings" he said.
                    "Eeew.." she pulled out her hand. 
                     She looked at him but he wasn't telling her. He was talking to the small girl who had her hand in line of the roof. She was dejected. She had forgotten that just moments back he had ditched her. Maybe their relation could take only this much. Maybe her love was smothering him. Maybe he had fallen out of love with her. Maybe he had found love somewhere else. Maybe he was already cheating her. The possibilities were many but she wanted to accept none. She couldn't face the harsh reality. The venom in her veins was gushing at full speed. She wanted to confront him. Ask him who the bitch was! With whom was he cheating her? Why wasn't she enough for him? Why did he always ignore her after a fight? Why did he not love her?
                      His bus was approaching the stop. He went out of the shelter and boarded the bus. He didn't look at her even once. Their love had just dried up in this rains..
                      Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. This was what it came to? Was this the end of everything they had? Her mind was a jumble. She needed to clear her mind. Think of it another day.. She walked out of the shelter and on to the street. She tread through the flooded streets. Streams ,through her cheeks, dripped down her chin. She was not sure if it was the rain or her tears. IT was a concoction of sweat and salt. Rivulets of water flowed through her body, branching and branching further to drench her completely. She trembled in the cold or maybe her weeping made her shudder. She lugged her body ahead but the fatigue was getting to her. She just wished she hadn't been foolish enough to start off in a huff. There was no auto in sight.
                      " Just stop" someone screamed at her.
                      She looked behind. It was him.
                      "Are you crazy? What are you trying to prove by walking here in the rains?" he shouted.
                      "Why do you care? I will do whatever I want!" She snubbed him and kept walking.
                      He paced to pull her back.
                      "Because you get cold every freaking time you get drenched you fool" 

                      They were in her house. She had changed into dry clothes and was drying her hair. He brought in coffee for both of them. She sat propped against the pillow.
                     "From where did you just find me?" she asked snuggling against him.
                     "I saw you walking but the bus had already started. Got down at the next stop and waited." 
                     "So what about our break up?" 
                     "God!! You still need an answer?" 
                     "AAAAACCCCCChoooooooooo" she sneezed into  her towel.
                     'Idiot, ofcourse I love you!" he laughed at her.

Not exactly fiction :P 


Aditi Ray on June 25, 2013 at 12:29 PM said...

awwwww... haha.. that was a concoction of sweat and salty story! <3 :)

Gayathri Baskaran on June 25, 2013 at 8:21 PM said...

Ha, that was bittersweet! :)

Smita on June 26, 2013 at 10:39 AM said...

Nice :-)

DEE DEE on June 26, 2013 at 2:03 PM said...

awwwwwww...*sniff sniff* I love you too M

maithili on July 3, 2013 at 5:59 PM said...

@Aditi: :D :D sweet and salty :P
@ Gayathri: some lovestories are that way
@Smita: Thank you
@Dee Dee: :D love you!

Rajesh on July 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM said...

Beautiful canvas, right from the kid to the acchooo .

D cmplete on September 24, 2013 at 1:33 PM said...

I loved it.. :)

maithili on September 27, 2013 at 6:45 PM said...

@Rajesh: Thank you :)
@D: Thank you

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