March 7, 2012

Mistake Revisited

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Okay…..Hmmm…Should I tell you one thing?”, he interrupted her.
She was busy thinking about what all was happening and was trying to cope up with his words when the sudden words surprised her.
Okay, tell me “, she waited for his reply.
Hmm……”, he still was in thinking mode whether to say it or not.
“Come on, tell me”, she insisted and planted a tax on his cheeks.
I have read your blog post Mistake”.


They had been collecting tax from each other for a while now.
She had said earlier in the afternoon that he needed tax from him for pulling her cheeks.
You need to pay tax for this”, she said looking up.
Okay, tell me what you want”, came the quick reply.
She was not ready but. She had said so in a rush but now she herself wasn’t sure of what to ask from  him. 

He was pulling her cheeks and she needed tax for that.
He loves doing that and she loves letting him do that.
So no question of asking anything in return was there but she had said something which now she herself was finding hard to explain.

“Hmm…nothing. What do I ask you now”, she said smiling.
No, no. Tell me. I will pay the tax na”, he said smiling too.
I …..don’t know”, she said, confused what to ask.
Tell me… what you want. I will give”, he was comfortable in giving anything she might have asked, but she wasn’t sure what to ask from him.
He already had given her much of gifts, much of happiness, much of care, too much of everything that nothing flashed in her mind to ask him now.
I don’t know….I…..Just asked and now I myself don’t know”, she said, looking in his eyes.
 And he pecked a kiss on her forehead.
He knew she is confused and this appeared to him as the most suitable tax, that could be given at the moment.
And another tax was then paid on the right cheek and then on her left cheek.
Tax was collected happily!

“Oh… God….you have read Mistake”, she said shyly and covered his eyes.
His face was in her lap and they had been talking about all their stuff accompanied by paying and collection of tax by both of them. 
New sprouts are really fresh.
She covered her face with her both hands. He pulled them away and faced her eyes.
Yes, I have read it. I have read all the comments also.”, he grinned.
It was really a shock or a surprise for her, to know that the person for whom something not so good was written has been read by him.
But….How did you find it? I didn’t give you it’s link. So….How did you manage to find it?”, This was indeed the million dollar question. She had hidden that blog post from her, as not to complicate things more between them.
Hmm..I have read! I liked it. So…Now also is it a mistake?”, he asked.
Yes, Now it’s a beautiful mistake”, and they kissed.

Mistake stated her pain for coming up with his feelings for him in the first place, before him even. But no reciprocal of any such thing from his side surely broke her few days. But faking is what she’s best at! She managed and coped up with the situation. They guy was made to think, think and think, about the post, get a bit irritated and wonder why and what might be going in her mind.
She never knew this could happen! That he would somehow find this blog post of hers, but now she's happy that he has read it. She's glad that she wrote something like this!
She had stated it all as a Mistake but now she was happy more than ever as that mistake led to another mistake, The mistake of being together !

[The original mistake can be read here :  Mistake ]

P.S. : A, you know, a lot more is what I intended to write but somehow it's hard for me to concentrate on writing than thinking about you :P So, sorry, this might not be that long as you might have expected it to be. :) 


Where thoughts are Word$ on March 9, 2012 at 9:32 AM said...

I loved this one...

Loved the original "mistake" too..


I liked that phrase "collecting tax"... :) :) :)

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