September 27, 2013

Shades of 55

Posted by maithili at 6:37 PM
After ages, I m back on Darlings of Venus. I guess almost everyone has disappeared except for a few fleeting appearances now and then. Can't blame anyone. What with all that drudgery that we have to put up!
      I had plans of doing something special in September. It has been 2 years since DOV started up and after the immense popularity it enjoyed I thought we would have to limit memberships. Alas! The steam died down. Lot of us have transitioned to busier places now and have taken up greater responsibilities. WE have sent mails requesting everyone to write in the past but to no avail. I understand that sometimes it is a genuine lack of time or inspiration at the right time and sometimes it is just plan laziness. Whichever it is, I need some ideas to spice up this page. 
      First and foremost, please put up the badge on your blogs and spread a word about DOV. 
      The topic of discussions aren't getting any takers and I don't know why :\ If it is about the topic then please do write to me or suggest some topics on the DOV facebook page or on mail. 
      The sections have become nonexistent. The people I had entrusted with the pages have stopped blogging. Is anyone willing to handle any section? Fashion, craft, whatever you want to. 

      The last time I saw a good response on DOV was on a 55 post. I liked the idea of having a theme based 55 marathon. 
      So I decided to make it a theme this week. If it works we can have more weekly themes. 
       You have to use 55 words to write on any "Shades". The shades here implies any color. 
           You  can read "Red" here written by Blublubling. That is what I mean by shade.

                     I m crossing my fingers and hoping I wouldn't be disappointed this time. 

Until later! 



Rajesh on September 28, 2013 at 8:06 PM said...

Seems you need some divine intervention to kick start DOV ventures again. Wish you the very best.

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