July 17, 2012

The Rape of Humanity

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So all of you would have probably see/heard/read about the GUWAHATI case by now?
Yes. The very same one...where a teenage girl was molested by an unruly mob of around 40-50.
So obviously you all would have spat your outrage in disgust and frustration at the current miserable condition of affairs in our country.
There might have been many who would have gone and seen the video,felt even more horrified looking at the animals apparently depicted in it trying to enjoy a piece of flesh and getting a kick out of doing something so derogatory. (NO, i couldn't get myself to view the video.)

If you have been following the case as being shouted out in the media, you would know the happenings by now.
A class eleventh girl was molested by a MOB..a whole fucking MOB outside a night club in guwahati.
I know there might be many out there who would say, why in the heavens was an under-age girl drinking and out with guys so late in the night.There would be some pricks who would obviously point out the character of the girl saying, it was her fault. She shouldn't have gone out in the first place.
(I had read the comments of a few readers on a news article on the same. There was a man who actually had the goddamn audacity to write.."I would never allow my daughters out so late..this incident raises questions on her character" )

Its indeed sad that, even today we have people who will blame the girl for anything she does.All this ,when the entire incident was being shown live across all the news channels in the country, and it was all out there for the people to see such a young girl being harassed by so many.

What will happen next is something that has always been happening with a zillion other things in this country when it comes to law and order. The case will drag itself on the handicapped legs of the justice providers and it will take ages to bring the perpetrators to book.

I may be wrong here...the process might even be sped up and and the animals might be punished as soon as possible.
But the way it is going everyday, i hardly see justice happening in the near future.

When we try to observe the on goings in this case.

  • The reporter of News Live resigning from his position.
  • The head of the news channel proclaiming that he will resign too.
  • The insensitive chief minister bumbling out the name of the hapless victim in a press release and then apologizing for the blunder.
  • The inability of the police to arrest the main culprit as he is being pointed out to be.
and so many more...we realize..what a bunch of loons we are surrounded with.
But then i guess..if a KASAB can still be alive in our country. anybody can be.

Justice will come when it will. delayed or hastened.
A new SSP will come in place of the transferred guy.
The news channel will issue a public apology and somebody else will replace the resigned reporter.
Or probably he himself will join in some time.

But anything happens, whoever comes and goes.. nothing..i mean NOTHING will erase the scalding, killing memory of those minutes from that girl's mind. Every single day she would still feel the disgust at being touched by those dirty hands and it will always remind her of the death of humanity in this world.
Whether it was her fault that she was in an inebriated state or that she was out that late are nothing but a very weak argument against what she went through in those moments.

Even now when i step out of home, I have a mother who says "please be careful..don't answer anyone who tries to get fresh with you.Don't be over-smart and retort or fight against anyone...what if they follow you and cause harm later." I have a father who says stay safe.
I realize deep down, i don't really have to do anything to invite any kind of trouble from the opposite sex. Whether i am wearing a saree or a burkha or a pair of jeans or a salwar suit...the fact that i have a pair of blobs sticking out right in front of my chest is enough to bring down the male vision right below my face.

So you see it doesn't really require them to touch you to realize that you are being molested for their satisfaction. A pair of eyes is all it takes to feel naked in public.

We take pride in calling ourselves a TOLERANT nation.
But i am afraid, we have become so bloody tolerant, that it borders on
"as-long-as-its-not-in-my-backyard-i-don't-really-care" approach.

And all this includes me as well. What am i actually doing about this other than blogging about it. Cos i don't really know how i being a woman, a citizen can help.
So will we always keep running away? or be ready to face the demons?

Why did i write this post?
This is the least i could do to give a voice to the thoughts of that girl.

Humanity has been raped..and it will be time and again.
The victim would have been dying a thousand deaths since that fateful night.
 & I honestly don't know whether i will be the next.

Be Safe.

PS-i know i have been MIA for time immemorial. But then sometimes..randomness does happen.


Mystical Skeptical Me on July 17, 2012 at 2:28 PM said...

I read about it and the number of people. When a stranger touches you, it's enough to send someone in a downward spiral, and there were fucking 40-50 men. :| I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that girl must be going through. Alive - it is really brave of her to be still alive. I hope she doesn't do something to herself, but if she does, I wouldn't be surprised. I, being in law, myself know, how crippled and fucking slow, the justice system is. You have written this, it is a contribution, we women should know... I don't know how, just how and what we can do, to help. May Goddess bless her.

Ash on July 17, 2012 at 2:43 PM said...

Deplorable state of the justice system in this country... That poor girl.

Zeebs on July 17, 2012 at 5:17 PM said...

It's appalling.

Swarnali on July 18, 2012 at 8:20 AM said...

The law and order and people in our country have turned to being complacent with every thing happening here and we then call our selves tolerant. The whole incident is disgusting and the way the video has gone viral, its even more disgusting. It is a constant reminder to the girl about the incident. And what is even worse is the fact the way people are watching it and almost relishing doing that and then recommending others to watch it. The media should have been more responsible and sensitive before telecasting it over and over, everywhere, all the time!!

Kiara on July 18, 2012 at 11:56 AM said...

You've used the perfect phrase for it, the rape of humanity, it certainly is.

I actually haven't heard of this case yet, one reason being I'm an NRI, and I'm usually clueless about any news, let alone these shameful cases of a country I don't actually live in.

But, it's terrible. I abhor the way the girl is blamed, and her character is questioned... When it's clear that those 40-50 men were solely responsible for this.

Spaceman Spiff on July 18, 2012 at 12:34 PM said...

What can we really do, other than writing about it and expressing our disgust and outrage among friends and family? It's time we started thinking about it na..? We really should do something...

maithili on July 18, 2012 at 10:01 PM said...

Like always, nothing is going to change.. The change is us.. Its now about how we are going to bring up our sons, what examples we set for our brothers and what independence we have that will define the course of the next generation. Like someone said, "teach your son to behave, not your daughter how to dress".. Thats the only hope I see..

maithili on July 18, 2012 at 10:01 PM said...

Like always, nothing is going to change.. The change is us.. Its now about how we are going to bring up our sons, what examples we set for our brothers and what independence we have that will define the course of the next generation. Like someone said, "teach your son to behave, not your daughter how to dress".. Thats the only hope I see..

meoww on July 19, 2012 at 11:16 AM said...

@mishti..yes..i agree..if she tries to kill herself...it wouldn't really come as a surprise.

@Ash..sigh..i know.. :(

@Kiara..ohh..hmm..i know..how shameful it would feel as an NRI to hear such news about one's country..

@spiffy..i know..its time we started thinking about it...but who will show a way ma?

@maithz..yes..i agree with your point..its upto us to take the onus of providing better sons to a future india..maybe in some way we make a tiny difference somewhere..

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