July 6, 2012


Posted by Miss-Match at 2:42 AM
*Phone ringing*  
M distracted, holds the phone in her hand, sees the name, takes a second to recall the person, suddenly realises this is R. They were in school together. But M, confused a bit, "Why is she calling me after eons? zarur kuch kaam hoga!"
When she picked up the phone, to her wonder, R had called just like that. R,while in conversation with her friends about their respective schools, remembered M out of the blue.
M realised the faux pas.

 This happens with all of us. Its the hardcore reality. We are afraid of reconnecting, something within us refrain from doing so. For me I am just not sure of the outcome.
"what if the other person didn't recognise me? I'll be making a fool of myself. BETTER IGNORE!"

"what if no common topics struck our minds." Its arduous to keep the conversation going (atleast for an introvert like me)

There may be other reasons for different people.

But the above episode made me introspect myself. Life is Simple! Why complicate it? Above all this, You've got only one life in hand.
So I've decided to work on it with the following baby steps-

1. Call/text/mail to wish my friends on festivals( Diwali & New Year's eve topping the list)

2. Wish them on their B'days. Try calling personally ( It'll cost you a few bucks which you are going to splurge on shopping anyway)

3. Keep touch with them often.

4. Take out time for attending the re-unions (c'mon you're not some PM/President. These get-togethers happen once a year but the memories will last for decades)

5. Walk two steps ahead of your egos. take the initiative. don't wait for the next person to contact you first.

6. Create groups on Yahoo/Linkedin/MSN/Fb, of you batch mates from school, college,work. Let these virtual tools serve some more productive purposes.

Every bit you do to reconnect, will come back to you serving your one or the other purpose. Consequent of the efforts you take, you'll be forming many layers of social circle. These circles in turn will help you where you expected them to be the least useful. They can help you find a job( yes it happens), more reviews/feedback if you are investing somewhere, add to your learning process, invigorate you.

Next thing after reading this post, go through your contact list & locate a friend you've not talked since ages. :)


Kiara on July 6, 2012 at 3:52 AM said...

Loved this post!

And you're right. We often think that others forget us, but if we remember them, it's most likely that they remember us as well.

Now, I'm probably gonna go through my contact list.

Ash on July 6, 2012 at 9:53 AM said...

This is a great post... its good to stay connected with old friends... makes life a lot happier!

sneha christall on July 6, 2012 at 5:58 PM said...

true story, while parting, its an emo rollercoaster, but the moment ur done with them, they're history as always!

Akshay on July 6, 2012 at 9:47 PM said...

Completely true.
Instead of waiting for the other person to call or keeping scores of who has called whom and how many times, we should just go first. Great advice. :)

Mystical Skeptical Me on July 18, 2012 at 10:39 AM said...

Absolutely true!!! my first impulse has always been to ignore... some really good points you've put together! :D

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