February 25, 2012

The Men in My Life

Posted by Keirthana at 11:29 AM
Hello Darlings,

I apologize with all my heart for the MIA that I have been in the past month or so. Now that I am back with the discussion post, I hope you forgive me :)

Ever since Maithz let out the discussion topic for this month, I have been writing it out in my mind this way and that way. The post would be too long if I write as much as I want to, but I promise you I will trim it for your sake ;)


There is so much I can talk about you. Dad-Daughter relationship has always been a special one and ours is no different from being special. I know how much you strive to make my life the best. Though we do not tell it each other's face, we both know we miss each other when we are not together. And by the looks of it, you have passed on most of your genes to me. Courage, Determination, Survival instinct, a knack for managing stuff around the place and so on. We are like 2 swords in a sheath, I should say ;) but we manage to make up for it and I thank you with all my heart for that. For accommodating my daring views, for adjusting for my sake, for tuning down things for me, for trying to make things easier for me and for so many more special moments.


You are the guy to whom I can never say 'No'. I am glad I have you, for you have been my support ever since I remember and you still are. Thank you for letting me wrap my hand around your little finger. Thank you for never letting me go. Those bicycle rides and trials hoping I would learn it soon, those moments when we used to fight over who gets a bigger share of snacks, those moments of piggy-back rides, those moments of story-telling so that I wouldn't tell on you for eating the cookies without mom's permission and so on... All these are still as fresh as dew in my mind and to think that you are already married and are a family man, as the phrase goes, just blows my mind out. ;) Nevertheless, you are the best bro I could have ever had, and I know you will just as awesome in any role that you play. You are just as special as your birthday - the 29th of February! Remember how I used to bug mom, during our childhood days, asking her why she gave birth to you on such a special day while she gave birth to me on a plain October 20th? ;) I can just keep going on and on about you, but I will just stop with saying I love you, hoping that it would convey all that I want to.

'A' - The One,

Without you, I don't know what I'd have become. You are the person who has spent most of your life with me , next to my parents and bro. You beat everything that stood in the way of us. You taught me the meaning of love. You proved that prince charming is not only for fairy tales. You taught me that perfect love is to see an imperfect person perfectly. You taught what it takes to be in a relationship. You taught me how life and people can turn out to be. The good and bad - you taught me that when I did not know to see the difference. You believed in me when I didn't. I do not know how you believe what you believe in me, but I just know if it is not you, it can be none else. It is just not enough to say thank you. You deserve much more than that. For now, let me start with a thank you.

'V' - The friend,

You have been The friend in every possible way. I have never been this comfortable with any other friend. Always out there, for me and A. You being a mutual friend to both of us, you have had to be the peace-maker when we both go on one of our silly fights. But I have never seen you complain. You are the supporting pillar we could always rely upon. I miss you. Would have been so better if you were in India, but you got things to do and I just hope that you are back soon. Thank you for those moments of laughter, concern, friendship, mischief and more. You taught me what friends are for. Unwavering support is difficult to give. You have given us that greatest gift. Putting your problems behind, you took our problems on you as a priority. What more can a friend give! I am glad that you are in our lives. Thank you :)

There are still so many men in my life to thank. The ones who have helped me in any small way they could. The ones who were not so good to me but nevertheless taught me what I should look out for. To all them, thank you.

Until later,


PeeVee™ on February 25, 2012 at 6:46 PM said...

Drag each of them here and make them read it, they'll be touched, I'm sure :)

Keirthana on February 25, 2012 at 7:04 PM said...

Yup, that ought to do it :) Sure will :) Thank you PeeVee :)

Clara Turbay on February 26, 2012 at 3:54 AM said...

Wonderfull, love it.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect on February 26, 2012 at 2:57 PM said...

AWW! So adorable.Cute post :)

Keirthana on February 26, 2012 at 5:05 PM said...

Thank you folks! :) :)

Viya ;) on February 26, 2012 at 5:52 PM said...

Sooo 'Awwwww' post! :) :) ...

Keirthana on February 26, 2012 at 10:12 PM said...

Thank you Viya :)

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