February 13, 2012

Hunks and Me :P

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Ahem Ahem...

hullo dahlings...long time.... Anyway, am back! (always a privilege being the only guy in an all-girls-blog)

Maithili always manages to find discussions that are always girl oriented. And I had enough of it. So here's my post of *drumroll* 'the men in my life'

And noooo, I won't be talking of my superhero dad or wonderman 'grand-dad' or my-ball-scratching-neighbour. Its time to talk about those MEN in my life...who err...are special...for good or worse, I'll remember them...and love/hate/curse them.

1. Abhijit

One of the oldest school buddies. You can call him my langotiya yaar, since I remember him from the time we used to wear shorts to school and a water bottle around our necks. He was a bully... well no, his huge girth made him look like a bully but then he was too silent and inside that huge body of his was a thousand teddy bears. But then at the age of 13-14, I was one of the most accomplished rule-breaker and hence, Abby was the butt of my jokes and limitless pranks.

Oh he fought back. Almost shoved a fork inside me and threw the teacher's chair straight at me, but because I watched Matrix, I was able to escape certain disfigurement. But we were good friends even then. After the blood frenzy stopped, we used to steal tiffin boxes and teased the girls.

Now he's in the United Kingdom, an avid Liverpool fan and we never stop insulting each other's football clubs over twitter whenever we get the chance. I miss that huge giant. I really do :(

2. Manas

Manas (M.J) Goswami, he looks like a foreigner, with his light colored hair and over 6'2" height, he's one of my best friend. And we're like :

"dude, when you coming back...am frigging lonely..."
"I mean am frigging home alone, you ass"
"jerk...you know what i mean...i need someone to make this life exciting"
"whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt...ok lol lol..I will be there soon..make some plans, call whoever is in town..."

And then we meet in the evening...have momos, smoke and after 15 minutes...

"dude, wtf are we doing here like gay couples?"
"you called me ass...i had nothing to do at home anyway'

another 5 minutes later,

"isn't there anyone else in this city other than me and you?? where the the girls??"
"no idea...let's go anyway...we'll meet tomorrow again"
"yep..gimme a call"

And the whole thing lasted 30 minutes...

The funny thing is we do not need to stay in touch all the time...guys rarely do that...but I can count on him to have my back anytime. Our girls even made us promise not to share anything personal with the girls with each other. That actually helps since right now he's committed to one of my sister and I'd rather not know how he manages his hormones.

3. Vickram

Now that's my cousin bro...the one with whom I live nowadays (along with 2 other girls...but that's not the issue here)

He's the one who has problems being a gay...well he's not actually gay..he just waxes his body and wears pink t-shirts that makes his girlfriend mad. But other than that, he's super fun (when he is not behaving like a girl)

Hmm...who else?

Oh yes, a certain 70 year old maths teacher that gave me the thrashing of a lifetime when he came to knew that I put a stray dog inside his brand new car when he just gave me 1/40 in a maths test.

Another certain Chemistry teacher, who made me sit in the first bench every frigging day since I used to keep chatting with this certain girl (another of my fav sister) and he was uncomfortable with the fact that she might pay me more attention than him. Yeah, i guess he was into kids.

A certain guy in a shopping mall who hit on me because he thought i was gay!! I mean c'mon! Am i not supposed to tie my long hair and wear skinny jeans? I've a flat ass for God's sake!

Oh well, I guess these are the ones I will never forget. There are lot of other guys and double of girls, but its time to wrap up this post.

P.S| I will post a recipe soon (this will be a veggie recipe, so you may not kill me)


Keirthana on February 13, 2012 at 7:23 PM said...

Quite a few er.. men in your life, FL :P We are glad to have you back :)And gave me an insight into how guys spend time with their friends. ;)

Smita on February 14, 2012 at 9:16 PM said...

god! you have been a naughty brat, a devil in disguise :P FL :P no offence meant :D

Aditi Ray on February 16, 2012 at 4:19 PM said...

My My!! That was hilarious!! ;)
Dude, u hav some gr8 men in ur life!! xD
had fun readin... gr8 work FL!

Paanipuri Lover on February 17, 2012 at 10:37 AM said...

Mridzy epiccc!
See, this is why I envy guys! They have killer fun all the time! And this is why, many times I prefer hanging out with them! :P
You have so much fun, all the time! Really yaar!

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