February 5, 2012

Slap-Rose-Surprise !

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Today is your birthday?”, the lady asked inspecting her bag.

She gave her a puzzled look and replied, ”No”.
Am not wearing birthday clothes, nor do I have a birthday card or some fancy gifts with me to make someone ask this question. Then why did she ask so?”, she thought to herself while the security lady was busy inspecting things in her bag.

she got the answer and hence smiled and so did he!
The lovely red roses bouquet in her hand-bag made it look like as if it was her birthday to the lady at the red fort security check!
But it was not a gesture on anybody’s birthday. It was a token of sorry for someone by someone for something that had occur the previous day and had led to some anger and fight but the outcome of which was as lovely as the flowers!

 Hey, ask the aunty standing there to leave na”, the question popped up by him in the middle of a conversation was absurd! Moreover, him having a problem with a lady standing there and watching them came as a surprise to her.
What ...Who aunty…”, she looked around to see a 50 year old woman standing few steps away from them and hearing their conversation while waiting.
Why you have a problem with her.”, she giggled. He didn’t find it funny though!
Ask her to leave na”, he sounded irritated with the lady’s presence there now.
Arre…she will go na”. And after a minute, she did leave.
Yeaaa…aunty has gone”, he was more than overjoyed to see the lady leaving with his son and daughter and law.

Close your eyes”, he said.
Wh…….. What! …No! “, she literally screamed at him.
Arree, close your eyes na!”, he insisted again.
No…Why..? Why should I close my eyes?”, she asked.
They had been sitting at the metro station for some few minutes now. She wanted to leave for their destination as soon as possible but he wanted to sit there for some time. Clever he! He was making the mood to present something!
Please do it na”, he yelled!
Arree…But why?”, she looked in no mood to do that!
Just do it!”, he yelled again.
And before she could open her mouth again came the order,” You too made me do this once, remember? Now do as I say”, he said blackmailing her!
Tit for Tat! She had to close her eyes unwillingly! 

Though she love surprises but she wasn’t expecting one today in the least!
She closed her eyes while he struggled with something in his bag! She heard the noise of some polythene bags moving!
A gift! No”,she thought in her mind.

Though a smile came on her face just with the thought that she was about to be presented something but she kept on saying “I am not gonna accept anything”.
He kept quiet, still struggling in his bag!
She kept on repeating the same lines, ”What is it? I am telling you. I am not gonna accept anything. I don’t need anything!”, but who would listen! 
Him, Not in the least! 
Some 30 seconds had passed and now it was really hard for her to keep her eyes shut anymore. The impatient girl had to cover her eyes with her hands.
Don’t cheat”, came his words, mixed with some plastic bag’s noise.
Am not cheating . Please hurry up na”, came her baby voice.
Surprises are her favorite!
Open your eyes”, and there he was standing there, smiling, with a bouquet of red roses in his hands for her.
Oh God! You are maddddd!!!!”,she said smilingly.
He just kept smiling and standing there.
God!!! You are totally mad!”, and she pulled the bouquet towards her.
Why did you bring this! Why? You are maddd!!!”.
She kept calling him mad the whole time and alongside not only she had accepted it but was totally overwhelmed by this lovely surprise. Not even in the wildest dream she had ever thought that one day she would be presented such lovely flowers by him.

She kept smiling, looking at the beautiful red roses, and kept complaining, ”Why did you bring this? You are mad!”. Her usual act of not enjoying the moment but to keep shouting at him for the good that he do!

You were angry na”, came the baby reply.

She looked at him and smiled. 
What to say to this guy! He will do what he wishes to! And more or less I too love it!”, she thought in her mind.

Red roses made her happy, more than anything can ever make! 
The movement of the fingers on the wet red petals is what she loves. The fresh scent of the flowers, the beauty of white and red mixed and wrapped together, the thought with which it was presented is what made it all so beautiful for her. She was more than happy to receive and more than sad to keep complaining about it.

But I wasn’t angry.”, she said, 
not even moving her eyes from the flowers.

You were. You said so, yesterday evening only.”, he said.

But then I said later that I wasn’t na. I agree I was mad at you in the afternoon and in the evening too but then later I was okay. I told you too na. So you didn’t have to bring flowers.”, she again complained.

It’s okay na. You are happy na, that’s what matters.”, he replied.

But still. You didn’t have to do this all. You are mad, totally mad”, she kept complaining while enjoying the fact that she got such a lovely surprise to remember forever!

She was complaining but was more than obliged to keep the bouquet.

Thank you so much”, she smiled.

He smiled back.

But still you didn’t have to do this”, they laughed and left for their destination.

The whole metro journey kept going on the questionnaire between them with only one question and one answer to it.

Why did you bring the flowers”, being her question and “Because you were angry” being his reply.


O..h….”, her face turned to the other side after the sudden imprint of slap on her face.

She was talking or rather enjoying the funny site of him sliding up and down the chain of the sweater of the other friend of theirs standing with them. And in the middle of conversation came a slap on her face  by him. She did smile but was taken aback by this sudden action of his!
She didn’t mind him slapping her as this hadn’t happened for the first time but the intensity was much more this time and this has been happening since few days now. She was not angry for being slapped but him not realizing that he had slapped her hard did irritate her to the extent of being angry.

She left the place and he wasn’t coming to see her off at the gate but the call of the other friend of theirs  to him made him come.

 It was all settled now. She was happy for being presented the flowers and he was happy that she accepted the flowers. But the whole metro journey the thought that why he brought the flowers, kept bugging her as she was angry on him in the first but later on her anger had eventually subsided down later at night. But then if a slap can bring such lovely surprises then she and her cheeks really don’t  have a problem!



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