February 9, 2012

New topic for discussion..

Posted by maithili at 10:19 AM
      Hey Darlings,
      There was no topic for discussion last month as many of the Darlings were on a blogging break and the entries for the last discussion were very few. Now that I see many of you returning to blogworld I feel its time for the next discussion.
      Keeping in view that it is the month of love and Valentine's is only a few days away, the topic has been decided to pamper and cherish the men in our lives..
      The topic is - The men in  my life..
      It does not have to be only your better half. It could be about your dad, your brother, male friend or any random male you would like to talk of.
      Once again I would like to speak out the rules.
1) No  more than 2 posts allowed within 24 hours. If you see that there have already been 2 posts, then please schedule your post or mail it to us on darlingsofvenus@gmail.com and we will put it up at the right time. It is only to give proper exposure to each post.

2) Once again poetry and fiction allowed. But I would advise you to use minimum fiction.

3) You have the option of posting anonymously by just mailing the post to us at darlingsofvenus@gmail.com

4) Female readers who are not yet a part of DOV authors are welcome to post a guest post on the same topic.

5) Label your post as "Your name" "Discussion 4" and any other label you feel apt.

I request you all to participate in this discussion and make it a success. Spread the love..


Stylish By Nature on February 12, 2012 at 4:47 PM said...

You write so well!!

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Smita on February 14, 2012 at 9:02 PM said...

topic was nice maithili, I had so much in mind to write about it when I first saw it but when I sat down to write the blog post, I just couldn't write all that I had thought of :(
I loved the topic though and curious to see posts on it for the whole month :)

Between, when is the interview for this month coming darlings :D Loved maithili's one, just read it today :D

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