February 13, 2012

the Men in my Life.

Posted by Smita at 10:28 PM
     The first thing that comes in every girl’s mind after reading the title of this post is her father obviously. He’s the first man we see when we come in this world. He’s the first person whose hand we hold and learn to walk, whose words we listen to and learn to talk, whose actions we observe and learn to act, whose arms we feel comfortable in.  He’s the one from whose hands we like to eat, we like to get beating, we like to receive gifts and we like to receive love. He’s our world, our everything. He’s the man in every girl’s life till the day she meets that someone special. That someone special around whom she just have to be her natural self. And this post is for him :)

I love my father. Till date, he has been the man in my life. I have always looked up-to him for being what I am today. The rules, the principles of life, being honest, truthful, hardworking, these are few qualities I have learnt from him. But then, every girl someday finds somebody whom she places next to him in her life. And this is all about this guy. Reason for presenting him such a valuable position, not many men will make you smile your real smile, and the one who do makes you do this, is the man of your life.

 It’s been my biggest mistake to meet him so late in my life. I don’t know what life would have been,  had we met earlier but one thing I can assure is, life would have been much more beautiful, had I met him earlier. Though It’s more beautiful than my imagination now even. All thanks to you A ( Hope you won’t mind me writing this all ).

 Not many will make you think how beautiful you are, but he did.
 Not many will make you believe in yourself, but he did.
 Not many will do things out of the box for you, but you did.
 Not many will think about you, but he did.
 Not many will make you feel good about your presence, but you did.

Thanks for everything A :)

You might have not realized it, but you did and still do a lot many things which have a great impact on my life, for the good of-course. There are a lot many little things you do, that I love. And this is all about that :)

 The way you make me cross the road, holding hands like a toddler, is what I like. The way you say my name and blogger, is what I like. All your appreciation for my writings, I still have them all J  The way you make plans for our meetings, the way you get scared when our plans execution seems to be hard, is cute. The way you protect me on the road from vehicles is nice. The way you think a lot about me, see my pictures, comment on them and then tell me all about it, is just so naïve about you but is all loveable. The way you keep on looking at me, from the corner of your eyes, with me not even looking at you, is adorable. The expressions you give, when my face is held in your hands, that look in your eyes when you do so, is simply unexplainable here. All the words you speak to me, I remember them all. The thought with which I am made to eat the first bite of your food, is something that can’t be expressed here. It’s something that can only be felt and can’t be written. Everything that you have done till now, all those gifts, talks, messages, everything, everything is simply so beautiful :)

All the movies, places, gardens, market areas that we have visited, I remember them all. All the places where we ate and where we spent quality time, I remember it all. All the journeys,car, auto, bus, train, flight, all the gifts, everything that we have done, I remember it all. AND I LOVE THEM ALL. And the best, was the birthday celebration :)
I had thought of this to be a long post but I am sorry, am unable to write anymore than this. How can I express all those beautiful moments spent with you, all those memorable things done with you, all those happy moments gifted to me by you in a mere blog post. I just can’t and hence I am ending it here. You know it, it’s sometimes hard for her also to speak via her writings and this is one of those times !

Thank you A for everything :)
Thank you, and I mean it from the core of my heart.
Happy Valentine's Day Baby :)


Keirthana on February 14, 2012 at 8:09 PM said...

Touching. The men in your life must be proud to have you :)

Smita on February 14, 2012 at 8:53 PM said...

keirthana : Thanks :) Yes, he is :) He makes me feel so alive :) <3

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