December 18, 2011

So What?

Posted by Viya ;) at 11:01 AM
Its almost the end of the year and in a few days we'll be 'Welcoming the new year' with all possible wishes, goals, resolutions (hats off to people who manage to keep them up! ;) ) etc...
Well the TV has been raining with Award shows and its starting to get on my nerves..
Even though i enjoy the dance and music performed by the 'high-profile' actors, what irks me is the way media goes on and on and on about it! Seriously! There are much more important things happening in the world...
These people are jus doing their job! Acting clicked for them and a movie (by fluke or not ) became a big hit.. so? big deal.. Buy a ticket..entertain yourself.. fill your tummy.. move on!.. I seriously don't get what the hype is all about!!
'Who are you wearing?'
'What a gorgeous hair-do'
'What's cooking on the other side of your life'
'oooh! Its sad to see such a great couple parting ways'
'oh wow! she's pregnant and still looks soooo gorgeous!!'
'Can we have a photo shoot with you showing off the belly?'
'Woow! the bird poop on your hair looks gooorrgeouss.... Do you thinks its gonna be a fashion trend?'
ugggh!! Thery are jus people too! I still don't get why they are soooo hyped up!!
Isn't the writer also supposed to be given the same kinda attention? He WROTE the bloody story!! What about rest of the people who were involved in the process??
What about the 'Equality' law which we've all learnt? Don't those apply to them too?? Just because they are rich and famous they are let Scot-free??
'Oh no.. she's not eating breakfast... I hope its not another of her weight-loss programs'
'oh my godddd! he does that to his Gf?? awww.. he's sooo adorable no??'
'Sheeesh.. what kind of person does that??'
*siiigghh* the list is never gonna end..
I seriously don't get it why their lives are so hyped up.. All they do is jus act..get paid big.. and to show of their 'soft' side, they 'donate' money to charity (duh! if everyone's rolling in riches, to be in the good books of 'karma' who wouldn't do that?') .. Even my neighbour aunty, with her meager Salary, makes it point to go feed the kids in the orphanage every Diwali and on her husband's death anniversary ( why isn't something like that hyped?? Just because she doesn't ACT? and doesn't make big bucks? )
Okay they entertain us with dance/music/movies blah blah.. so put  a full stop there and move on.. why all that interest in what toothpaste she uses to omg! she has curd rice with ketchup? ...
Aren't there other people/things which deserve more serious media attention??
FB seems to be one of those ways where (no idea if they are true or no ) but atleast a step forward in 'opening the eyes ' of what exactly is happening in the world...
I wish the Sunday gossip columns were filled with something more 'masaledaar'.. so sick and tired of the usual happenings over and over again!!

P.S : This post is def. due to all 'come join us for the year's best part happening here with so-and-so' ads all over TV!! Literally no offense to anyone!!


Keirthana on December 18, 2011 at 11:59 AM said...

Over-hype on actors' lives has always been the money-machine for the magazine waalas and sadly it will continue to be so a long there are people going awwwww and ooooooh about each thing the celebrities endorse... They don't bother if it's good or not.And the ad agencies don't let them bother..Hmph!

Of Prisms and Lives on December 18, 2011 at 10:58 PM said...

I liked the bird poop one . LOLz .

sumitra on December 20, 2011 at 1:42 PM said...

Haha, bird poop, that was funny.

I guess it's the people who create celebrities. In ancient times, kings, warriors and saints were idolized. Now, actors. Perhaps people just need someone to look up to. No one that great is available anymore, and it's easy to idolize someone who has portrayed a character you can relate to, on screen.

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