December 24, 2011

Interview of the Month with PeeVee

Posted by maithili at 10:21 AM
                                                                       the chocoloate obsessed PeeVee
 PeeVee: Hoh. Finally :P
 RED HANDED:  give me ten min will u babe? I have never interviewed someone
Just returned from gym
  Let me prepare
 PeeVee: LOL. Sure.
 me: :D nps..
RED HANDED:  What makes you angry?
 me: We're starting now? o_O
 RED HANDED:  sorry that was an interview question
 PeeVee :D chill girl... its faaaaaiiiyyn :P
  Should I answer that? :P
RED HANDED:  no...not now
  Interview hasn’t started
 PeeVee Heehee okie..

RED HANDED:  ok so let’s start?
  this is the most not at all prepared interview
 PeeVee :) Sure..
RED HANDED:  My mother is so inquisitive..she is cleaning the same place again and again and looking at my screen
 RED HANDED:  Ok so let’s start now..
 PeeVee  Okie.

 RED HANDED:  Why so chocolate obsessed eh ?
PeeVee :D Because I am. Chocolate lifts my mood and it's gotten me through some dark times. I can't go a day without chocolate, literally. I know, sounds over-dramatic. But it actually happens to be true. Very few days go by without a chocolate-peevee romance :D

 RED HANDED:  so still maintaining the figure? What’s the secret?
PeeVee Have you even seen my FB photos? I'm a mountain. Ok not so much but pretty close :P I am almost equally crazy about swimming so maybe that helps? It's nothing I consciously do though for I'm allergic to gyms/waking up early-walking.
Yeah, yeah... I have a very 'healthy' lifestyle :P

 RED HANDED:  If you are a mountain then I am a blue whale :D...
  So what made you start this blog?
PeeVee Cheers to that :P
The blog? Quite simply, I started it because my then BFF did. And I could pretend that people read the crap I used to post. Then in June it really caught on and I was hooked. I love writing. I love the comments, the mails people send saying they love the way I write, the actual real life friends I make, the easy banter, how I get to know so much about people I would have otherwise never met, the feedback I get for my fiction, different styles that other people follow. But most of all, the writing. I love the whole hoopla of blogging now :)
  And I hear you yawning already :P
RED HANDED:  hahaha No I am not yawning. I love you!!
 PeeVee Awww, I love you too :D :)

RED HANDED:  I really think you should buy the site.
  Who or what is your first love and why?
PeeVee HAHAHA :D I will someday :P
  Unfair question :) I have too many first loves :)
  Too many to pick one..
RED HANDED:  I am adamant :D. Answer me!!
PeeVee Ok people - my mother and my guy. And things - Apart from chocolate, I love books, animals and my laptop. Again, in that order.
  I can't live minus any of these :)

 RED HANDED  All right, so you are a Mummy's pet and not Daddy's girl?
PeeVee Nope :) Mummy's attached tail, if you will :) We're inseparable.

 RED HANDED:  Rate your blog out of 5
 PeeVee Whaaaa? I can't rate my own blog _
 RED HANDED:  Self confidence babe...Rate it
 PeeVee How can I? YOU rate it.
 RED HANDED:  I am asking the question here :D
PeeVee :P oh comes on
  Chalo.... content - 2.35 layout - 4 :) But a biased, BIASED rating it is-_-
 RED HANDED:  :D You are your own greatest critic
  So criticize yourself now.. What you hate about yourself
 PeeVee Gah. I hate it when you're right :P
My temper. To say it's destructive is an understatement. One thing I have yet to get a rein on.

RED HANDED:  Heh. I cannot imagine a sweetheart like you boiling away to glory.
  So your favourite blogs.
 PeeVee :D that's the thing. Most people I know don't even know that about me. I end hurting the ones closest.
Wayyyyyyyyy too many, darling... :D
Current favourite that I'm digging through the archives is Serenading Serendipity, though. But there are several favourites that I have, the authors will know for I don't fail to comment on every single post of theirs.

RED HANDED:  So are you a good liar?
PeeVee When it comes to things like where I was and all, who I was with, like to Mum and relatives? Yes. I'm awesome at making up whole scenarios WITH proof :P
Serious things? No. One I'm lying to will see right through my clumsy fumbling.
 RED HANDED:  Your guy is lucky then, super lucky. Okie so how about some funny questions now.
PeeVee :D

 RED HANDED:  If you were a car, what kind would you be and why?
PeeVee One second eh. I'll show you the picture..
 RED HANDED:  here :D
PeeVee this. Audi Quattro, r8... sigh sexy stuff, that.
But you know, I prefer bikes to cars:D
RED HANDED:  why do you think you are that car?
PeeVee It's sleek and fast. And always on track.Great brakes.And a show-stopper. All I want to be :)
 RED HANDED:  Ah sizzling!
PeeVee Thank you :D

 RED HANDED:  If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
 PeeVee Ooooh, interesting question! Lemme see...I'd probably want Emma Watson. For she can be down to earth and glamorous at the same time... And she's almost exactly my age, a bonus.

RED HANDED:  Oh nice choice! And what type of a movie will it be?
PeeVee Hands down a romantic comedy with stress on the comedy. One fight scene and burning cars twice through the movie. Plenty of hot guys but only one actual sweet sa, hot sa hero. End will be sad though. I might even choose to die, just for the extra senti-senti :P
  And NO punch dialogues whatsoever _ Had enough of them :P
RED HANDED:  LOL dramatic eh!!!!
 PeeVee That's me :D

 RED HANDED:  If you were a superhero, what superpowers would you want
PeeVee MIND-READING!!! For sure. I've been fascinated by what Jean-Grey can do. And invisibility like Kitty. I wouldn't mind being Rogue or Wolverine sometimes :)
 RED HANDED:  best of everything!!
if aliens landed in front of you and in exchange of anything you desire, offered you a posiion in their planet, what would you want?
PeeVee As in they'll give me something I want but take me with them?
 RED HANDED:  no they want you to give up something you really desire and give you a position in their planet
PeeVee Erm as in I have to give up something I love?
 RED HANDED:  Yes, so that the aliens give you a position in their planet
PeeVee Chocolate probably. Easier giving it up than people, I suppose...
RED HANDED:  So you wouldn’t think twice if you are given a chance to stay forever in their planet.
PeeVee Oh like that... I thought it was compulsory that I go, HELL no, I wouldn't. I'd just tell them to take a cow or something :P

RED HANDED:  Hhahhah ok so Miss PeeVee tell us why were you so low in your post
 PeeVee Ahahahaha.... can we not go there? It's kind of an amalgamation of events that I don't really want to relive...
 RED HANDED:  All right, no one likes to do I understand :)
 PeeVee Thank you :)

 RED HANDED:  If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?
PeeVee Month 1: Tell all the people who have made a difference in my life that I love them, they mean a lot.
 Month 2: Make sure I attend to my responsibilities which are a very, very many.... Or get someone to take care of them.
Month three: Get married.
 Month four: Spend the whole time with my family.
Month 5: Pack my bags and go out into the world and do everything that I have always wanted to. Get stone drunk and wasted, jump off a cliff, meet famous people, tell Mila Kunis how sexy she is, slap some people who irritate the crap outta me, eat French baguettes and cheese with fine wine, go see every place that I have ever read/heard about, revel in having lived so long.... you get the point..
 That's Month 5 & 6.
 RED HANDED:  Haahahahah count me in for the Month 5 and 6...
 PeeVee :D sure..

RED HANDED:  Now the Rapid fire part. Just YES/NO
  all right?
 PeeVee Be nice, please? :P
 RED HANDED:  Let me think of the questions first :P
 PeeVee Lol, okay..
RED HANDED:  Ever regretted being in love?
 PeeVee Yes.
  Can I explain?
PeeVee COME ON!! :P
 RED HANDED:  We women always want to give explanations!!!
 PeeVee But people will thetidherichifyna..

 RED HANDED:  Ever been told by someone how horrible a person you are?  
 PeeVee YES. Recently.

RED HANDED:  Wanted to kill somebody?
 PeeVee Yes.
  Oh my, I'm suchavillian.

 RED HANDED:  stolen anything..excludes HEARTS
 PeeVee No.

RED HANDED:  Hurt somebody just because it felt good?
 PeeVee Yes. I aim to hurt when I am hurt.
RED HANDED:  I like you!! I wish I was a man
 PeeVee :D
  Thank you..

RED HANDED:  Been jealous of someone in the virtual world?
 PeeVee TONS of people, you wouldn't believe!!
Erm... I meant yes.
 PeeVee :P I tell you..

 RED HANDED:  All right, the interview ends due to lack of questions. But I guess this was the longest interview ever. 5 DAYS LONG :D..The interviewer and interviewee are very busy people :P
PeeVee LOL, I'm so very sorry about that... I'm not very busy but somehow we kept missing each other online...
  And this was fun :P Thanks..

RED HANDED:  I am a very bad interviewer, I am sorry
  Oh btw you got anything to say to the readers?
PeeVee're not.
PeeVee To the readers?
Just merci, merci for having given me so much confidence in what I write, in who I am. Specifically to wonderful people I made friends with Maithili, Spiff, Laddu, Poopy, Chandana, Phatichar, Meoww, Dragon, Red, AS, Sushmit, Akila... so many of you...
OH OH... Chintan, Suruchi, CS, Supernickk too.. And so sorry if I have forgotten someone :(
RED HANDED:  hehe CUTE you are...

Special Thanks to Red Handed for doing this interview.. We would have missed the December interview if you hadn't done this one.. 
Thanks a ton babe :) 


Paanipuri Lover on December 24, 2011 at 11:25 AM said...

Thank god that this interview is up!
I thought you must've forgotten or something like that! *phew*
6 months wala answer was really witty! And that car *drools* *sigh*
And, even I'm mummy's attached tail! :D
It was really nice! I must say! Loved knowing you PeeVee! :*
Thank you Red for such an awesome interview! :D

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue on December 24, 2011 at 11:40 AM said...

Yay! Finally Peevee's interview!
Its hard to decide who is being more funny here.. the interviewer or the interviewee :P
Loved the rapid fire.. and loved the interview! :D :D
But I think me and Pinx will break the record for the longest interview ever... we both make an awesome busy and lazy team ;)

Red Handed on December 24, 2011 at 2:01 PM said...

Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am red in shame :( I sound so stupid out here...All reputation gone...tht is if I had one :P
PeeVee is one cute gal.I wish I was a man!A straight man!

Mirage on December 24, 2011 at 4:13 PM said...

I so enjoyed reading this interview. The questions were really good. Well done Red! :*
And of course answers to those questions were even more interesting.

It was great to know you better PeeVee. =)

Keirthana on December 24, 2011 at 7:03 PM said...

Loved this one :) Most favorite I can say.. The questions and answers were really good... Witty and Smart.. Great Interview Red Handed and PeeVee :)

Viya ;) on December 24, 2011 at 8:17 PM said...

Lovvveedd the interview! :P :P
God! you guys are soooo funny! :D
I was like ':O' wen i saw Red is interviewing PV! :P
hehe.. i can't believe u cannot go without a chocolate a day! :P :P

Suruchi on December 24, 2011 at 8:56 PM said...

"I aim to hurt when I am hurt"
Where did this fireball come from?;-)

Absolute rapchik know sometimes the quickies are more fun than the real thing-aisa he hue is case mein...both of you gals are having so much fun, just effrtlessly chatting, that it comes across...

and woh explanation jo Red ne nahi dene diya na Pee Vee, mereko de de yahan...get it off your chest...

and if you gals are mountains and whales, I am wondering if I should be called a mini-planet:(

meoww on December 24, 2011 at 10:07 PM said...

a masssssssssst
a masstt masst massttt have done naaaaaaiiice
and was super waaah...knowing yeh more..
and dahling..your feelings are full mutual gurll..
yours truly is really very very happy knowing you..:):):)

cheers to you both
@RED..stop calling yourself a blue whale..i shall come there and whack your bum (no kinky thinking *amen*)
blehehehe you baby...and give one tight muahhhhhh and huggy to loulyy MICA ^_^

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p on December 25, 2011 at 9:15 AM said...

OK I'm first hanging my head in shame...Maith no fair, I was gonna put up the interview today after somehow managing to finish the rapid fire with's like we are living in different time zones...she is awake all night and I wake only to pee!!! But interview would have happened OK, if not by 3rd week defi before the clock struck 12 on 31st, right C, back me up here will you?

So now that I've washed the guilt, PV my twiny, I'm your numer uno pankha girl, I might not show it enough but you know it's true so I should be mentioned ahem let's see atleast 3rd!!! I'm in for month five and six too...we'll have such a blast..please make it family & friends OK.

@Red: You managed what I couldn't this entire month :'(...I was supposed to finish an interview too but Maith is good huh, she keeps backups just in case!!! Anyhoo only like 2 naughty questions Red, what is this I say. It was PV the fun gal who we all wanna hit on just like we all wanna hit on Spiff right?

PeeVee™ on December 26, 2011 at 11:10 AM said...

@ KW, :)

@ Chandana, :P funny part is neither of us were tryna be funny:D Waiting for yours. give us the dirty details;)

@ Red, for the nth time SHADAAAAAAP, you did just fine.
And oh *blush, blush* :P

@ V, Keia, thank you:)

@ Viya, I can't, it really is an OCD:P

@ Suruchi, :P I TOLD you I'm not all that nice!
Thank you:)
:P kitni acchi ho aap, always tryna get me to confess :P
YOU SHOULDN'T TALK > you have Seeya and you STILL look like you're in your twenties-_-

@ meoww, :D thanks love..

@ Pinx, aww, thanks girl..

Spaceman Spiff on December 26, 2011 at 12:35 PM said...

Yes yes, I'm a very wonderful person. Pakshe enikku athinde ahangaaram onnum illa tto. :P
(For those who didn't understand that bit, it means "But I have no airs about it" or "But I'm not arrogant about it)

And hello, if you're a mountain, then what am I re? :/ I'm at home right now, and my mom, keeping with the spirit of Christmas, is stuffing me like a turkey. By the time I get back to Hyderabad next week, I'll be as big as Shakila.

Sunitha on December 27, 2011 at 12:48 AM said...

nice interview.. great to know more about one of my fav bloggers . :) Thank you Red Handed

PeeVee™ on December 27, 2011 at 11:57 AM said...

Spiff, :P Ahangaram ondengilum athu kaanikyaarillane ullu :D

And you're three kilos lighter, you can't compare yourself with me ok?:P

@ Sunitha, did you say 'favorite'? *jumping around in undisguised glee*

Mystical Skeptical Me on December 28, 2011 at 3:59 PM said...

Ooooooh!!! Whatte interview!!! PeeVee, I apologize. You know why! :| :D :D But heyyyyyyy, RED was brilliant with the questions and you were equally smacking with your answers!!! Loved this one!!! :D :D

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