December 1, 2011

The Thing About my Hair

Posted by sumitra at 5:55 PM
There was a contest on Indiblogger a few weeks back, where you had to write about hair. A lot of bloggers did. I wanted to as well, but the words never come when the following needs to happen:
  1. It's the last 15 minutes of an exam and I've finally managed to remember the stuff I crammed into my head the night before, and I have to puke everything on to the paper at break neck speed.
  2. When someone in the family says that I write well, so I should sit down and compose something for the Hindu Open Page.
  3. As a kid, when my mom would nag me to write about "My Picnic" or "My Day at the Zoo" the very same evening. 
  4. When I have to write something for a contest.
So there, my muse is so co-operative that she gives me something to write about hair, weeks after it is due for the contest.

Anyway, getting down to the business of my hair, I had a problem with it. A huge one. I kept losing it. At regular intervals, in huge chunks. Until one day, the problem was miraculously fixed. By the silliest, most simplest of solutions. So simple, that it hardly even counts as a solution. For those of you unfortunate souls who are in a similar predicament, I totally empathize with your situation. I will provide you with the knowledge of my secret shortly, once I am done ranting some more.

So yes, the hair. It fell a lot. Everytime I pulled my scrunchie out, it was accompanied by several black strands. Anywhere I sat with my hair untied, I left my mark by scattering a few on the ground below. Playing holi was a nightmare for me, as was getting into a pool. Because water made my hair even weaker. When it was wet, the strands would come off with doubled enthusiasm.

Remember those old shampoo ads in the 80s and 90s where the lady washes her hair with soap and is horrified to find a bunch of hair floating in the drain? Gross! But that was precisely what I was going through. The period just after my wedding when I was a new member of my Inlaw’s household was deeply embarassing for me. While they were pretty sweet to me even when they discovered that their new kodalu (bahu, DIL, whatever) shed like a dog, I was mortified that they might be secretly disgusted by my hair’s presence everywhere. I was always searching the floors and bed and couch for strands of hair, like Sherlock Holmes looking for clues.

And so, I suffered. I tried everything. From washing my hair with soap-nuts, to special ayurvedic concoctions, from hibiscus hair masks, to curd and  methi powder mashed into a pulp of vomit-like appearance. Nothing worked. Not a thing.

And then, one day, it was fixed. Just like that. The solution was so darned simple, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought about it before. It was the silliest of things, and I’m actually slightly embarassed to share it here. But I will. Don’t judge me. Or judge me, whatever, it’s fine. Here goes.

I began to comb my hair.

Yep, that’s all I did. Honest. I just started to comb my hair. I mean, I did do it before, but it was always hurried. Like, the cab’s-here-and-I-have-to-get-to-work-so-I’m-just-going-to-run-this-comb-through-my-hair-long-enough-to-make-it-look-neat kinda comb. It was probably not a very nice habit, I admit. But I was always too busy for my hair. The only time I used to properly comb it out was before I washed it. Which apparently wasn’t enough. Needless to say, my hair was always tangled underneath, and that seems to be what was causing it to fall.

My poor hair. All it needed was some attention. Now I comb it out properly, at least twice a day. Remember Gwen from Malory Towers who brushed her hair a 100 times before bed? I do just that. Well, I don’t really count. But I keep combing, even long after the tangles are gone. I smooth it out with my fingers. And then comb it some more.

I guess my hair is one big attention-seeker. Now it refuses to leave me!

How do you pay attention to your hair? Do share your secrets in the comments below!

~ Sumitra


Paanipuri Lover on December 1, 2011 at 7:10 PM said...

Aah! Hair! Awesome thing only! I love my hair, more than all the world put together! Luckily, I got, no such problem! *touch wood, any thing that is black and everything that will not let people lagao nazar to my hair*

And, as for the post! Killer! :D :D
I actually comb my hair, more than 100 times! yep, I'm that idle! :D :D

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue on December 1, 2011 at 8:59 PM said...

haha.. nice post!
I am obsessed with combing my hair :P I keep combing throughout the day! lol!
I used to suffer from hairfall too. For me it was a change in diet that reduced my hairfall and made it healthy.

Freelancer on December 2, 2011 at 8:12 AM said...


Even though am a guy, i Can so relate to it. Well no, not to combing my hair which i rarely do. I just brush my fingers through them hoping that they don't get stuck midway.

But the thing is yeah, hair is my best feature. Did i say best?? well, except ofcourse my eyes and well me... Anyway, i am obsessed about my hair too... specially they are growing longer :D

Bwahaha. no mom around to crib about cutting it short.

Keirthana on December 2, 2011 at 10:27 AM said...

Sigh! So much for the long and shiny hair that I want. My hair fall problem was inherited 23 years back. No turning back. I really fear that I am gonna be a bald bride.

Sumitra, I so agree with you about the muse not co-operating with you, when you need it the most. It is the same case with me. Seriously, I don't seem to be the type who can write anything, anytime. It requires a time, a mood and a sane mindset.

sumitra on December 2, 2011 at 12:04 PM said...

@Paanipuri Lover: Thanks! And good for you, hope your shining glory may shine forever!

@Chandana: Thank you! Glad to know that your hair fall has reduced. I guess different things work for each of us.

@FL: Ahh, I could never understand guys fascination for long hair. Why? Why must you compete with women on this front?

@Keirthana: Hey, don't give up so easy. Try everything possible. Something is bound to work. Whatever happens, I'm sure you'll make a very pretty bride. So true about the muse na? Well I guess we just have to make our peace with her.

Freelancer on December 2, 2011 at 4:05 PM said...

haww :O You girls decided that skirts and frocks were not enough and jumped into suits and jeans. Why can't be keep our hairs long? :P

maithili on December 2, 2011 at 6:40 PM said...

@Sumitra: I read this post in the morning and before leavin to college I brushed my hair full 5 minutes (thats a lot when you have an anatomy exam!!) and it sure did relieve a little of my stress :D :D

I have same hair problems like you mentioned..specially in winter..
And searching for fallen hair like Sherlock homes is seriously like me sometimes :)

I have started oiling my hair a lot and now I will try this combing too! Lets see if problem gets solved :)

meoww on December 2, 2011 at 6:46 PM said...

me and my hair...
i can write a long story on my story
the curly mop which was once a source of envy for all my friends
has now become so blaaaaaaaahh

hmmm...i will try this one too now..
thanks a lot dear..:):)
cheers !!

Soumya on December 3, 2011 at 4:56 PM said...

This post was real fun :)

I love my hair more than anything or anyone else in this world. Thanks to mallu genes I have thick black straight(so unlike a mallu) hair and I have extreme care measures for her.

Its been about 5 years since I've oiled my hair, but with regular shampooing, conditioning and a spa treatment once a month its always is healthy and shiny.

No hair problems until now. *Touch wood* *Touch wood*

sumitra on December 3, 2011 at 8:07 PM said...

@Maithili: Hope it works for you!

@Meoww: aww, I know how it feels like to have had great hair, but not anymore. Hope it all comes back soon.

@Soumya: Thanks! Ahh, mallu hair, it's awesome. I think I may have some mallu border-genes as well, some of my ancestors are from way down south. But my hair was good only until I started working, after that, all gone. Anyway, hope I get it back soon. And hope yours stays the same way forever!

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