December 30, 2011

Being Women!

Posted by Aditi Ray at 7:03 PM

    After so many days of thinking about my next topic to write, I thought today, lemme atleast start writing something, and then maybe thoughts will overflow. So here I am sitting on my pc (I dont understand why do people call it PERSONAL COMPUTER, because thanks to my brother nothing in this PC is my personal....!) Hey, I am still not disappointed. I still call it my PC!!
    Well siting on my pc and listening to Bryan Adams sing, "Do I have to say the words..." to me feels so special indeed!! Before I started listening to Bryan Adams, I had thought of writing so many things, but now I am not just speechless but also thoughtless... His voice is so rich, so adorable, so mesmerizing, so manly. I just want to say I am in love with his voice! ;)

    And I know I am supposed to write something worthwhile here, but I cant help it! Currently my fingers are not in my control. They are in sync with my brain and they are moving on the keyboard on their own! Just like sometimes my tongue goes in sync with my thoughts and I start blabbing continuously without knowing a word and most importantly all rubbish! :P

   I guess its one of those phases when I speak all non-sense happily and get away with the only legitimate excuse that I am a girl!! A woman. And that itself shuts every mouth! ;)

   So darlings, lets enjoy and celebrate the fact that we are women! Cheers to all the women out there for being women! :D

P.S. - A Happy New Year to all !!! :D


pavani reddy on January 4, 2012 at 4:39 AM said...

cheers girls...happy new yr!!

maithili on January 4, 2012 at 7:54 PM said...

:D :D Cheers ! Wish you a very happy new year darling :)

Aditi Ray on January 6, 2012 at 1:07 AM said...

cheers!! :D

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