January 23, 2012

Getting to know The Darling - Interview with Maithili

Posted by Wings of Harmony at 1:30 PM
Hello Hello *And a little shake up wake up* to all the Darlings of DOV!!

As DIGS was telling me a few days back, there is a general lull in the Blogosphere...and ladies, that just is not us, comeon!! Bring back the sexy, sizzling, intelligent, intriguing women out! :D Anyway, so I got this MUCH awaited opportunity to Interview our beloved Maithili...or as Suruchi christened her to be Maiths. My few of the earliest Blogger friends and also, as we call each other often, Soul Sister. Maithili spins some of the brilliant spine tingling, mush inducing, thoughtful and mature, fun and mysterious stories ever. After much resistance (from my side....SUCH a big chance, I could have screwed up easily) and never subsiding encouragement from Maithili herself, Presenting before you, a belated Birthday present for Maiths: Maithili Bhatnagar's One Such Story! 

MSM: Heyyy :D
Maiths: hi
MSM: You up for the interview?
Maiths: you have 45 minutes to interview me madam :D
MSM: :D Okay, so we start now.
Maiths: ok.
MSM: This is the most intriguing part because I have no idea what to ask you
Maiths: This is a great start! All interviews start this way :D
MSM: Heheh :D Okay then Maithili...or as we all know you, Maiths...What is your story for One Such Story?
Maiths: Well, One Such Story wasn't my first blog actually. I started with a blog when I was going through a very low phase and then slowly I began writing more about fiction. That's when I thought of starting a new blog dedicated to fiction.
MSM: Is your first blog still up?
Maiths: No it isn't. It was relevant in the situations I was in at that time but now I’m in a much better phase *touchwood* and I do not go want to relive those moments.
MSM: You have moved on. Very well :) Which brings me to this question....when you write stories, what inspires you...?
Maiths: Tag line of my blog - Each one of us is a story.That is what inspires me to write. Writing a story needs no talent at all. We all are story tellers. Right from making excuses for why we are late or covering up for our lies, we spin stories. People and everyday situations inspire me the most. Sometimes a dream can turn into an inspiration for me.
MSM: Ah, yes. I remember a Metro-Station story of yours. :) It was spooky.
Maiths: I get such spooky dreams. I do not know if they are prophetic but yes they somehow integrate into beautiful stories
MSM: They do :) Okay, so Maiths...are you a serious person or fun loving? Your stories show a very matured side of you.
Maiths: It actually depends on the situation. I’m a very situational kind of a person. I banter when I’m in a casual environment but if a situation needs seriousness then I’m serious. It’s for this reason that people who see me serious cannot associate me as being someone fun too.
MSM: Hmmm....I guess you love to laugh a lot. :D Which is one thing that makes you terribly angry?
Maiths: There are a lot of things that make me angry but it’s all associated with when someone doesn't think of another person's situation. I don't know what's the point of being human if one cannot feel for someone else?
MSM: Well said. So, do you make sure that your emotions are conveyed to the other person or you love to simmer? :D
Maiths: I make my emotions conveyed if they are pleasant ones. Life is too short for words to be left unsaid. At the same time I hold on before letting out my negative emotions. Sometimes we judge a little too harshly :)
MSM: I am impressed with your calculated judgment :D I agree with you.
You are creative as well, aren't you? We all know the fabulous mouth watering brownies you have made.
Maiths: I would like to believe I’m creative :) Brownies are too easy to make but yes those are ones I make well :)
MSM: Hehehe, easier said than done. I can not make desserts at all. :D So, Maiths, your family knows you write?
Maiths: Well they know that I write. They do not know that I blog.
MSM: Hmmmm, they would love to know how loved their daughter is in the blog world though :D
Maiths: Well I would not tell them yet as their reading my blog would make me conscious of the content I write. I’m still supposed to be a child :P
MSM: Ah true true. :D Imagine our fathers ;)
If my dad reads the love stories I spin on escorts and the other women :P Heheh.
Maiths: Exactly! They would wonder where we got the experience. :P
MSM: Haha  :D Which brings me to this Maiths, how would you define yourself in less than 5 words before we move on to rapid fire?
Maiths: Flexible, Emotional, Romantic, Lazy.
MSM: Brilliant. :D I loved the variety here.
Maiths: :D I tried covering everything :D
MSM:That's the mark of a true story-teller. :D Few Words. Entire Story!
So, you ready for the rapid fire?
Maiths: Yes. I’m all geared for the rapid fire now :D
MSM: :D Just answer in yes or no.
Maiths: Alright...karma is B***h. Red is getting her prayers answered.
MSM: :D She most certainly is.
Ever lied to get your way with things?
Maiths: Yes.
MSM: Secretly plotted to kill someone?
Maiths: No.
MSM: No? Never? :D
Maiths: As in really plotted or thought of plotting?
MSM: Thought of.
Maiths: I thought of killing my micro teacher :D
MSM: There you go! :D
Okay, ever Adam-teased?
Maiths: Hehe Yees :P *hides self*
MSM: :D :D Hi5 by the way
Maiths: hehe those were the days!! :P
MSM: I knoww ;)
Maiths: hi5 on that
MSM: Next...Believe in Ghosts?
Maiths: Yes. I know I’m supposed to be a science student and all that.. But i still believe in spirits.
MSM: Nevermind that. I am a lawyer and still believe in spirits :P Okay, so answer in short. First thing people will notice about you when they see you.
Maiths: Weight :P
MSM: Hahahahaha. :D Other than that. I know you have beautiful eyes.
Maiths: They might notice my smile (as I m told it is cute) but my eyes (my pride) are hidden by specs
MSM: Aaaah. Specs I tell you. Every woman with beautiful eyes has faced this. :D
If you were given a chance to write someone's story, a celebrity or any such person, who would you, choose?
Maiths: I have no idea :P Let me think
MSM: Take your time.
Maiths: I think Aishwarya Rai :D
MSM: Ah. And why would you say that? :D
Maiths: First, because she was from my college :P and very less is written about her..she’s been a private person actually…I would like to write on her life…how it would be to be overshadowed by father in law during her delivery :P Another candidate could be Katrina Kaif. I really have quite a respect for that lady.
MSM: Interesting. :D Aha. Tell us something about your college and what you do. Since you said Aishwarya was there. :D
Maiths: Hehe. No. Aish was an ex-student of my junior college. Right now I go to degree college and make lotions, syrups, inhalations etc and keep doing tests to check the quality of drugs :P
MSM: Pharmacology?
Maiths: That’s one of the subject.
MSM: Hmmm....We both need some. Drugs that is :D
Maiths: :D haha yea I’m perennially on some drug or the other.
MSM: Achcha, tell me something. What is one thing in a guy that turns you off?
Maiths: Hmmm. Bad manners.
MSM: And one thing that you find annoying in women.
Maiths: Once again - inconsiderate.
MSM: Hmmm...Are you a flirt?
Maiths: :P I’m not.
MSM: Seriously? :D I feel like I am spoilt now. :D Okay Maiths... You started DOV. It's an Only Girls Blog and I wouldn't be surprised if someone says women cannot be together for long. Do you agree?
Maiths: I agree that women cannot be together always. :P If they aren't lesbians!!
MSM: Hahaha!
Maiths: same goes for men!
MSM: True!
Maiths: The only difference is, men don't talk to each other when they have ego clashes, we women talk and fight when that happens.
MSM: Yea true true. DOV is your brain child. What do you feel about it now...it's reached to a very popular pedestal. :D
Maiths: The real challenge is now. Now when the novelty wears off, we need to go on stronger, more ideas, more participation and more membership should happen. Else DOV will dry up.
MSM: We wouldn't let that happen.
Maiths: What I see is that members are active for the first month after joining and then they suddenly disappear. That is what should not happen.
MSM: I am sure there needs to be a fire to be lit in our fiery blog. :D No worries, we darlings will definitely make it work.
Maiths: We have to. Agreed that the Admins have been slightly overburdened this month, but we will be soon back in action.
MSM: :D Yes. So before we conclude....tell us Maiths; Blogging world must have given you some wonderful experiences. Some Blogs you would suggest our darlings to have a look at.
Maiths: Well I believe that blogging is about what you feel and what you are. So unless you are a total copy of me (which MSM of course you are) I cannot for sure say that you will like what I liked. Some blogs like Confessions of Chocolate Obsessed and The Girl At First Avenue might appeal to those looking for Spontaneity…RedHanded for Humor, Atrocious Scribbling for Subtle Humor and Good Creative Work, MSM for the mystical feel and beautiful poetry, Peek Into My Life for bringing energy and enthu about life, Paanipuri Lover and Abhilasha for some cheerfulness, Conversations by Sujatha Sathya for some introspection and some cute ones, Pink and Black by Sulagna for some Sweet and Mushy and her newest USP- her darling baby and the centre of her world, Suruchi, our Patakha and very creative darling :)
MSM: *Ear to Ear Grin* This is one of the most beautiful description of blogs you have given.
Maiths: :D :D
MSM: So, with this, we come to an end. I am sure Maiths you could have been interviewed better, but I loved your answers! :D
Maiths: :) it was good.
MSM: :D It was the most spontaneous conversation ever
Maiths: Thank you  MSM for interviewing me. I want to thank all the darlings for making this blog a success. Specially the first 7 members who I call the core members J If it weren’t for your involvement and interest in the blog I wouldn’t have gone ahead with this idea. Thank you PeeVee, MSM, Suruchi, Chandana, Vinati, Redhanded and Viya. I also want to wholeheartedly thank all the readers of DOV. I have made some wonderful friends and come across very talented and honest writers through this space. Thank you all for making Darlings of Venus what it is J I love you all...

PS: This was supposed to be put up on Maith's Birthday, but you know about the Murphy's Law no....whenever I tried to do that, my internet used to betray. Maiths dear had been really patient with me. 


Jasper on January 23, 2012 at 2:04 PM said...

:) :) :) I was planning to join here... but i'm apprehensive as to whether i'd be able to keep up with the expectations.

But as always... i love all your blogs and i've also added your blog on my blog... :)

Belated birthday wishes to Maithili.. :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue on January 23, 2012 at 4:06 PM said...

Belated birthday wishes Maith! Sorry couldn't wish you earlier!
Superb interview.. it seemed more like a fun conversation to me. Both of you were enjoying yourselves!
Even I was thinking about what we can do for DOV to get bigger and better. A lot of the new members have not yet contributed any posts... We'll brainstorm and think of something!
And thank you so much for the mention :)

Hope you had an awesome birthday and hope you have the most wonderful year ahead! :)

Keirthana on January 23, 2012 at 7:57 PM said...

Loved knowing more about you Maiths. You rock baby :) And MSM, you are "the person" for interviewing Maiths. Loved the conversation :)

And Maiths, you have such beautiful eyes.

Suruchi on January 23, 2012 at 8:36 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suruchi on January 23, 2012 at 8:37 PM said...

Maiths, Happyyyyyyyyyyyy Birthday again Darling and you are such a sweetheart:-)

You epitomise the good girl and you sure are so full of niceness-I agree on the eyes and smile part-they make you even prettier:-)

And you know why you are so loved...it is seen in your answers-you are a person straight from the heart-no drama, no mincing words...amazing:-)

And I feel so bad when you thank me with the rest of the super charged lot who update regularly-I have consciously taken a back step coz I could not keep up with reading all the awesome posts up here-barely manage to do some of the home pages of the awesome bloggers I have been following from the start...So I thought it was unfair to expect readership here after being such a laze bag:-)

But you have never ever shown even the slightest of displeasure from the fact-god bless you girl for being one of a kind...

Infact MSM n Maiths together in one space-we are killed with overdose of niceness today:-)

Raja on January 24, 2012 at 5:24 PM said...

You are very smart.. mixed humor with philosophy :)

Red Handed on January 24, 2012 at 10:16 PM said...

Okie this was a super cute wala interview :D

maithili on January 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM said...

@Jasper : Thank you dear .. Do write to us when you wish to join :)

@Chandana: Thank you so much :) Yes we need to gear up now.. :)

@Keirthana: Thank you dear.. /MSM has done a great job for sure :) Hehe sadly the eyes are always hidden and I m not friendly abot lenses yet..

@Suruchi: Your comment makes me feel like a saint now :) Thank you so much for your wishes and tareef ;)
Never mind darling, I know all of you get caught up sometimes with work. Writing should come at leisure and with a lot of heart and you just that.. You are wrong to think that no one will read if you get lazy.. I love your posts and I m sure all of us are waiting for your posts on DOV.. ITs not about posting every other day, its about posting well and you do it :) That's why I kept the least requirement only 1 post a month .. WE all miss you here..

@Raja: thank you so much..

@Redhanded: hehe you got your revenge!! Thank you REd :)

meoww on January 25, 2012 at 11:05 AM said...

Maithz & MSM! brilliant combination..:):):)
@Maithz..it was fun knowing more about you darling..!!
and really...thanks a lot for the mention..
you are too kind..
n i shud be kicked on my hind :/
i have been so irregular here..
tch..sorryyyy *puppy face*
sigh...will post sooner..

@Mishti...good work love..:):)
no wonder u be a budding lawyer..!!
mwaahss and hugs..!!
cheers to you both..!!

phatichar on January 25, 2012 at 12:04 PM said...

Nice :)

Archana Chari on January 26, 2012 at 12:07 PM said...

Knock Knock! Can I just say, I am seeing this place for the first time? Rapturous interview! Now, will go and visit the blogs!

Viya on January 27, 2012 at 11:05 PM said...

Oh man! i've been missing out sooo much on blogoshpere!!
Loved the interview! :) and loved knowing you more maith!! :) :)
hehe.. loved the Pradeeta's interview you Maiths! :D

Smita on February 14, 2012 at 9:12 PM said...

MSM lovely job done out there.
It was fun knowing our very own admin maithili. God bless her for starting this blog space :)
I loved the latter part of the conversation :)

Btw, maithili, how does it feels? the interviewer getting interviewed ? ;) ;) :P :P

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