January 8, 2012

It's all about giving, giving and giving.....!

Posted by Smita at 5:24 PM
                                                                  The art of giving.

Wonderful topic to end the year but before my thoughts start flowing, a big Thank you to the admins for coming up with such insightful topics for discussions. Not only do these topics help making the darling to darling bond and the DOV to reader bond stronger but also help darlings individually, in discovering one's lost spirit and realizing the very true person we all used to be, before getting engaged into all the rush and hush of the world. 
With every single topic announced here, I try to remember and write with my true spirit, the spirit with which I was born and try to forget the bad spirit this cruel world and life had made out of that pure soul. 

Giving is a very strong word and includes a wide scope of explaining what it actually means. Giving is simply giving. Imparting something to a living soul or to this world, that was once yours or you were once related with and now you chose somebody to be it's sole owner. Give somebody a smile and see the magic of it spreading it on the other person's face. Give somebody a hug and sense the happiness you will make that other person feel by doing it. Give a needy beggar a coin and see the genuine smile you will receive. Give a child a candy and see the love you will be showered the next moment. It's all about giving, giving and giving...!

But then, it's also important as to what you are giving. As we all are well versed so let's not venture into that side, let's just celebrate the topic with the spirit we all are bound on Darlings Of Venus. Let's venture into Women and Giving.
Women is to giving or let's say Giving is to Women. Since childhood we girls are taught, give and so shall you receive. Giving is what we learn from our mothers. They give us our daily meals, hence we girls become their better servers once we grow up. The way they serve our family members, we do the same.We give our smiles, our love, our care, our time, our devotion to every single person in our life. But we never use the harsh word, Give, because we simply just don't Give, under some copulsion or fear, but we love to Give. Hence we call it Loving and not Giving.

The time till we are married, we Give love and happiness to our parents, siblings, friends and relatives and after we are married, we Give love and happiness to our new parents, friends and relatives. The fact of leaving our home bothers but the spirit of Giving is not bothered. It doesn't matters to us as to whom we are giving, what matters to us is whether we are giving or not. Women imbibes power to win over all just by giving love. We love to give and this giving is not at all done in some expectation of getting something in return. Trust me, whenever you are served by a woman, she's not expecting something in return, even if she complains of not being served in return. Women posses little or no pride where love is concerned. Pride ia a quality often on their lips, but not apparent in their actions.

It's the nature of Women to be so. We don't complain, we are simply made to Give and not to expect something to accept. We love to give Love and surely do we love when given back something in Love. That's why it is said, only a little of His love is required to woo a her while all of Her is required to woo Him.

Now to wind up, forgive me if I hadn't been able to convey my thoughts well or if I did stray away from the topic, (It's been long since I have written so pardon me for being away from DOV and Blogging. Also am sorry for writing so late on the topic of discussion). All I wanted to state was to celebrate the pure giving nature of a Women. Proud to be a girl. 
Happy New Year to all the readers.


maithili on January 8, 2012 at 8:25 PM said...

Better late than never :)
Its good to have you back Smita..
A good perspective on the discussion..

"Women posses little or no pride where love is concerned. Pride ia a quality often on their lips, but not apparent in their actions." Couldn't agree more with this!

Aditi Ray on January 9, 2012 at 8:20 PM said...

lovely! :D

Keirthana on January 10, 2012 at 9:53 PM said...

Nice post!

Paanipuri Lover on January 11, 2012 at 7:00 PM said...

Aah! You're back! :)
Happy new year! and it was a nice post! ekdum "dil se" types! Loved reading it! :D

Smita on January 13, 2012 at 9:55 PM said...

maithili : Actually I had thought of writing much more but due to certain circumstances I had actually taken a break from writing so when I sat to compose a post on the topic, all I could write on was the lovely nature of a women :)
I sooo missed DOV.
Loads of posts for me to read and comment have piled up :)
And that quote is from agatha christie's towards ground zero. It's just so true in our case :) I too totally agree with it :)

aditi ray : thanks :D

keirthana : thank you so much :)

paanipuri lover : yeah, am back! thanks for the welcome :)
and yes, this post was totally dil se types :) thank you for loving it :)

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