January 22, 2012

Pamper Yourself :)

Posted by Divya at 11:13 PM
If you are jobless on a fine Sunday morning and find your feet succumbing to winter, then plunge your feet into the warmth of water, add some soapy bubbles, scrub and pamper yourself, AT HOME
And oh, this will also help you save that extra buck and the trouble of dragging your ass to the nearest Salon! *wink wink*

I shall tell you how (Even though these come under the already-said-and-done section, I shall give my experience and take on it) -

Let us begin with everything that you will need. I have mostly avoided chemical, market products since I did it at home. You can just make use of those little things lying around in your dressing-drawer or the bathroom shelf and get away with beautifully pedicured foot.

(Please excuse the clarity of the photographs since they were taken from a mobile phone and not from a camera!)

A set of instruments - a straight nail cutter (if you want a french cut), a cross nail cutter (if you want an arc-like cut), a filer, a cuticle-pusher.

A steamer or an electric kettle.

Cotton roll and a nail enamel remover.

Nail colours. Anything that goes with your mood, work or your complexion!

A scrubber, brush, pumice stone. (I got an all-in-one in the market.)

Any mild shampoo that's lying around in the bathroom shelf. I chose Himalaya. That's kind of mild.

Any cold cream / moisturizer

And most importantly, a bucket full of HOT water, towel and a couple of tissues! :)

All in all, have these things ready before you can begin. It will save you the trouble of running around the house on one foot in between 'the pampering' :D

STEP 1 :

Pluck out some cotton out of the roll and remove the nail color. (if you had applied any, previously)

STEP 2 :

Dip your feet in a bucket of warm (or HOT, however you prefer) water for a couple of seconds. Then massage some shampoo on to your feet evenly (Do not neglect the spaces between your toes as that is the space which usually gets least attention and is prone to bacteria.)

STEP 3 :

Begin with gently scrubbing your heels with a brush. Do not be too harsh, initially. Then use the pumice stone  and scrub off the dry and dead skin from the behind the toes, heels, and the sides of the ankles.

STEP 4 : 

Rinse off the soap from the feet now and switch on the steamer. As your feet gets some steam, apply some cream / moisturizer on to your feet. Let the steam be for five to ten minutes atleast. 
Once you switch off the steamer, pluck out more cotton from the roll and clear off those clogged pores, and the dirt that's is stuck in your nails.
Shape up the nails after steaming using a filer. Make sure not to hurt your cuticles while filing.
Now apply some cream / moisturizer again on to your toe nails and let it soak for five minutes.

STEP 5 :

It's time to push your cuticle and let the nails breathe. As you do this, be extra careful not to damage your cuticle. If your nails are really sensitive (and if you have a habit of biting nails / weak cuticle) I would not recommend this step as they would harm your nails. Otherwise, you could go on.
With the cuticle pusher, gently (like really gently) push you cuticle downwards, towards your toe.
Once you're done, wipe off the cream and apply moisturizer all over your feet and give it a nice MASSAGE. 
Begin by forward and backward movements and then go in circles around your heels. Pull your toes a little and massage all those little toes that have been drained out and deprived of relief. By doing this, you're letting every ounce of your feet, get the feel of blood rushing into it.

STEP 6 : 

Now, choose your favorite nail enamel. Make sure to be a little choosy ;)
Apply a base coating first. Allow it to dry.
Then apply another coating. Application should be done uniformly in the same direction.


P.S : If you don't find it easy to try it on yourself, try it on any nearest 'bakra' in your vicinity. I just found two! ;) Don't forget to give them a triumphant-look when you are done! ;)

Happy Pampering, Darlings :)


meoww on January 23, 2012 at 9:52 AM said...

this is soooooo coool..!!!
thanks gurll..!!!!
m gonna try this sooner..!!!

Spaceman Spiff on January 23, 2012 at 10:53 AM said...

Pretty pretty feet! :)

I love doing home pedicures. I soak my feet in warm water that's been lathered up with a bit of shower gel or shampoo. It actually makes the feet extra soft. And then I do the scrubbing.

Oh and you for got one of the most important 'Things you need'! A book or your favourite movie or sitcom, to sit back and enjoy while your feet soak in the warm water. :)

Keirthana on January 23, 2012 at 8:01 PM said...

I just pampered my feet over the weekend, but I missed a few details here and there. Thanks to you for reminding me about them :) And those feet are really pretty. Yours right?

Viya on January 27, 2012 at 11:19 PM said...

Happpyyy feeett!! :D :D

D.. on January 28, 2012 at 11:55 AM said...

@Meoww : My pleasure. Let me know how it went :)

@Spaceman : Awesome!! :D I really HAD to include sitcoms!! :) Thanks for reminding :) (Or if you have someone around who can blabber non-stop and keep you entertained, you wouldn't need sitcoms!! *wink wink*)

@Keirthana : Thank you, Keir! But those feet are not mine. It's my roomie's :)

@Viya : Thank you :)

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