November 12, 2011

Interviewing--The mystery called RedHanded

Posted by maithili at 9:38 PM
Eyes that reveal her identity :D :D :D :D 

Maithili: So Miss Red welcome to the interview!
REDHANDED:  khi khi khi. Now that I took the pressure off by peeing, I am cool
Maithili: great. So now you are relaxed eh?
REDHANDED:  Ohh yes!! Especially eating half my nails off. oye did the interview start?
 Maithili:  delicious! So before you eat off your fingers as well we will start with the interview.
REDHANDED:  Kindly do not publish the lines before this one
Maithili:  everything from welcome Maithili to interview will be published my dear.

 Maithili: So red handed we will start with your name first.
 REDHANDED What about my name? You mean why I have such a ridiculous blog name?
 Maithili: why are you red handed? Why are you anuglyhead and by God what is your real name?
 REDHANDED:  Well I was thinking of a name for my blog and believe me or not, the first thing that came in my    head was ANUGLYHEAD. 
Anuglyhead doesn’t mean that I am ugly as a witch, but it just shows my mind which is rotten as hell! I think a lot and do a lot of things which I am not happy about. My thoughts are bad.
About Red Handed, well I have no clue why I chose that name, but I like it!

 Maithili: And your real name?
 REDHANDED:  Well, some of you have found it out already, because I am too open in my blog. I don’t want anyone to know my real name. Anonymity is bliss.
 Maithili: Since some of them have already found out, why not tell it?
REDHANDED:  Like I said, I did not want them to know. It just happened and I love being anonymous.
 Maithili: maybe you could tell ONLY your name and not the surname!
 REDHANDED:  Hahahah ! Yu are smart young lady, but no I like it this way.
 Maithili: okay maybe I will have to bribe the people who know your 
name..Doesn’t look good na that the interviewer didn't know the intervee's name
 REDHANDED:  You will survive my love. I am sorry!

 Maithili: So since you are not telling us your name (I can hear the sad disappointments already) tell us 5 things no one knows about you.
 REDHANDED:  That’s the problem, I am too open a person and the people who know me, know almost everything about me.
 Maithili: yes but you can still come up with 5 things because you haven't talked much on DOV
 REDHANDED:  Umm all right.
 1) I was born in Chhattisgarh, bought up in Bhopal, but a Pakka Malayalee and now in Kerala doing my Law
 2) I have learnt carnatic music for 9 yrs and Hindustani for 2 yrs, both which I remember nothing of now. But I still sing for my College sometimes
 3) I spent 14 yrs of my life studying in a convent school, all girls! So when I joined college, I was highly insecure, but then I met a guy who became my best friend and now has been my guy for 2 yrs
4) I have a bad past, I regret a certain choices. But who doesn’t have a bad past
5) I never learn from my mistakes. Ever!
 Maithili: Singing really! Now that was something I didn't know
 REDHANDED:  Heheh Yes but Let me tell you one thing, My father was caught dozing off during one of my shows and I also have made a fool of myself by laughing in the middle of a song for straight 2 min, before a crowd of almost 500
 Maithili::  haha funny you! What did you laugh for?
 REDHANDED:  Because some jerk started clapping after the second para of the song got over. That idiot thought the song was over!
 Maithili::  hehe and you made a complete idiot of yourself! 
 REDHANDED:  Sigh! Only I know what happened at home later. No I won’t tell you what happened!

 Maithili: that’s alright... and was the bad past another guy?
 REDHANDED:  Offcourse. I am over it now. 
Maithili:  you are J Tell us something about your Chemical Funk.
 REDHANDED:  WTH! Well he is my bestfriend and my guy. And he is crazy enough to be in love with me.
 Maithili: you both make up cute tweets to read though .
REDHANDED:  Ughh! The tweets are very embarrassing! Especially after we fight, he starts tweeting shit abt me and I go all silent because I love to see how fighting with me affects him. Right now he is in Goa, and tweets are the only free way to stay in touch. He likes to keep a check on me.

 Maithili:  check on you ! And why the hell did you climb a mango tree of all things?
 REDHANDED:  Lady!! You have been reading my tweets! Well right now I am in a village, where you don’t get phone coverage but you have high speed Wi-Fi in the house! So I tried the mango tree to check the signal. But the bloody red ants!
 Maithili:  ohhh things people do in love.
 REDHANDED:  No!! It’s not Love! I just wanted to text my roommate and ask if she paid my hostel fee :/

 Maithili: So tell me why one should be the one who loves less in a relation? 
REDHANDED:  OMG! You have literally scanned my tweets! Well first of all it hurts less when you are fighting, secondly you know that you don’t have to try and solve the issues because the other one definitely will.
 Maithili:  good point Miss. so are you the less loving one then?
 REDHANDED:  I like to think of it that way, otherwise I might freak out.

 Maithili:  well! You have quite a few formulas to perfect living my lady!
 REDHANDED:  They help me keep my sanity secure.
 Maithili: It’s got to do with avoiding what happened in the past right?
 REDHANDED:  Nah, I don’t dig out the past, I had a hard time burying it, the present is awesome my love, and let’s bask in it!
 Maithili: that the way to live. 
 REDHANDED:  Sloppy Kisses to you!

Maithili:  I always wanted to ask you this, you update your blog regularly, you comment regularly on each post of sooo many blogs that you follow and still you manage to intern, study and time out with your guy! How???
 REDHANDED:  Well, my College life sucks! It is like 6 hours of just sitting. So I use net through my phone and read and comment. About updating my blog, I like writing a hell lot! And you might have noticed, I update late night or on weekends. Interning happens and I use office net to update blog . Talking about blogging, I am new in here. Joined blogosphere on Feb 16th 2011
 Maithili: You are hugely popular my girl! I would like you to know that your interview is happening on request of some readers and luckily you are free this month.
 REDHANDED:  Really? I am honoured! Who doesn’t like to be read?

 Maithili:  True.. So your blog is a secret from your Mommy right? Although she is the most 
 REDHANDED:  My family does not know I blog. My father is against it. He thinks it is a waste of time. And considering the things I write about, it is plain Bullshit. But I write because I like to. My Dad has read just one of my post and that too because I mailed it to him.
 Maithili:  Did you show your father the list of followers you got? That would certainly make him think otherwise!
 REDHANDED:  Nah. I am fine this way. Only close peeps know and read my blog. I don’t flaunt it on my facebook page.

 Maithili:  So you write for yourself! 
 You have a thing for making lists right? A virgo trait probably?
 REDHANDED:  Actually I find it easy that way. And less boring for the readers. But I have given the whole list addiction a break.
 REDHANDED:  By the way one more thing, I am jealous of people who write poems and spin amazing words. I can never do that nor understand them sometimes, and hence I do not comment. I like simple poems because my mind understands them; big difficult poems escape me because I am dumb.

 Maithili:  I m not sleeping love, I wait for you to type everything before I move on to the next one.
 REDHANDED:  Oh Thank God!

 Maithili: well your blog has a picture of your lovely eyes... Why do you think they are weird?
 REDHANDED:  Well Coz I was bullied a lot when I was little. The seniors would stop me and make fun of me and call me fat cat. I used to cry so much that my parents took me to the doctor for something which can change my eye color. But off course the Doctor shoved them off. I still can’t like them though sometimes I do flaunt them.
 Maithili: Your parents actually took to change the color of your eyes! One funny family you have 
 REDHANDED:  Yes! I was a pampered child. First child and they freaked out. We are still funny, that’s why I blog about them 
 Maithili: But you are really unique you know! I haven't seen such eyes.
 REDHANDED:  HAI RABBA me blushing now!
 Maithili: good! You should flaunt those eyes .So red when are you getting married with lots of gold and shutting up the aunties?
 REDHANDED:  Well I want to get married when I am 25 and die when I am 73. I am a crazy person.

 Maithili:  why 73?

 REDHANDED:  I don’t know, I was in 10th standard when I visited Chennai and went to this amusement park where there was a robot astrologer. I put a rupee in his nose and he told me my fortune and also the time when I would possibly die. Since then, I don’t know I think I will die at 73. Wont it b spooky? The robot predicts Red Handed's death
 Maithili:  hehe this looks straight out of MSM's blog.

 REDHANDED:  Oh I love MSM ..There are certain bloggers I am jealous off bigtime!
 Maithili:  like?

 REDHANDED:  Well Purba Ray, Chintan from THEBLUNTBLOG, Sameera from life-in-a-jiffy, MSM for her twisted tales, PeeVee, Soumya for her talent to write her thought and emotions out brilliantly, Siddhartha Joshi for his tales and click, Joshi Daniel for his clicks. Coconut chutney for her followers 
Maithili:  long list!
 REDHANDED: There are more
  Maithili: Red we take a break here. Be ready for the next round its going to be rapid fire
REDHANDED:  okie..So I shall go and have my lunch and call my mother. I banged the phone on her.

Maithili: ok the next round is the brother of rapid fire rounds
 REDHANDED: why brother?
 Maithili: you need only to answer a yes or a no
RED:  why not MAYBE
Maithili: because we need the truth and you don’t have time to think
 RED:  Allow MAYBE too please no pretty please!
 Maithili: Trust me, maybe wont suit any of the questions and make you looks idiotic
 RED:  Oki I trust thee
Maithili: if you take more than 3 seconds whatever answer you give, we would naturally think the truth was the opposite
 RED:  My net is slow, that could be a possibility no?
 Maithili: the net speed is decent for a yes or a no...Else you can just type y or n
RED:  Grrrr! Sheri  sheri
 Maithili:  ok starting with the brother, was your first kiss before you turned 16?
 Maithili:  Have you ever wanted to be a boy?
 Maithili:  have you attempted suicide?
 RED:  NO!
 Maithili:  have you been at the end of receiving lesbian attention?
 RED:  yes yes yes
 Maithili:  have you ever dressed up kinky?
 Maithili:  have you flirted with your friend’s guy?
 Maithili:  do u drink?
 Maithili:  ever had anyone ask you for a one night fling?
 Maithili:  3 sec exceeded 
 RED:  NO!! I was very fast
 Maithili:   ok ok just kidding
 Maithili:  have you stolen money?
 Maithili:  smoke?
Tried it

 RED:  I am hating this rapid fire!

 Maithili:  made fake id and sex chatted?
Fake Id yes..this one
Maithili:  caught red handed with a guy?
Sorry yes
 Maithili:  you exceeded 3 sec this time so it was going to be a yes anyway

 Maithili:  ever been touched by a relative?
 RED:  Yes
 Maithili:  ever been humiliated in college?
 RED:  No
 Maithili:  ever planned murder?
 Maithili:  thought of ditching your guy for someone else?
 Maithili:  ok so brother of rapid fire is over. Take a deep breath now .
 RED:  Geeehehe Thank God
 Maithili:  now we have a small rapid fire round for u. only 5 questions
 RED:  Eh? Okie

 Maithili:  One thing you will regret all your life?
 RED:  Actually nothing, I have learnt from my past. The bad things made me stronger. My bad past is the reason behind the present me. I don’t regret anything.
Everything happened for a reason

 Maithili:  who was the one who introduced you to the big bad adult world?
 RED:  Hahaha! I don’t need people to introduce me to them.

 Maithili:  so you found your way through all alone!
 RED:  You mean to porn ? Every curious girl in her teenage finds her way to them and quickly gets bored of them
 Maithili:  hehe this is going off record
 RED:  WHY??? I am so awesome while answering that.
 Maithili:  this was supposed to be rapid fire.
RED:  Oh yes I forgot..
 Maithili:  anyway we will add it up.
 RED:  Cool with me wink

 Maithili:  okay, what is red most scared of?
 RED:  I am really scared of Darkness. I cannot sleep alone without the lights on. My first yr of college I was given a room all for myself and I slept one whole 
yr with the lights on. Every time there is a powercut, I get a panic attack

 Maithili:  3 things that never fail to make u happy?
 RED:  A call from my 3 best friends at odd time of the day, they been with me since my Nursery.
          The way my guy tells  me he loves me even when he is really pissed off at me.
          My Dad. He is not a thing, but everything associated with him
 Maithili:  aww cute!!
 RED:  I dint mean to sound cute
 Maithili:  you are not!! 

 RED:  So five questions over?
 Maithili:  last one remaining
 RED:  allright!
 Maithili:  5 yrs from now, where do you see yourself and doing what?

 RED:  This sounds like the one I was asked during my interview to enter National Law Univ, five years from now I would be 27, so yeah I would be having an awesome job, If it goes my way, I would be working for WHO or UN (Yeh I have planned goals), If it goes by the way my Dad wants, I would be a district magistrate, I would be married to the one I should, Blogging still with more than a 
thousand followers . A book might be on its verge of completion.
 Maithili:  wow cool ambitions dear . we wish to see that happen
 RED:  Ahh sweet of you
 Maithili:  Thanks a lot Red for this wonderful interview.
 RED:  Hey I am not done
 Maithili:  go on..

 RED:  I need to say my vote of sorry
 Maithili:  ok ok sure

 RED:  1)I want to say sorry for not reading your series post, because I lost touch in between and could not catch up. I did not want to comment without meaning it. Sorry to MSM too. You guys are awesome writers! 
2) I would like to say sorry for never taking up the tag posts or the award posts. I appreciate it and Love it when I get tagged and awarded. Who doesn’t like it? But I don’t like writing about them. I am sorry so sorry!
3) I am sorry if I do not comment on your poems. I am just not good enough to understand the beautifully crafted words you present. I am dumb
4) A special sorry to PeeVee. She would know why.
5) Sorry for not disclosing my identity. I like it this way. I write better. Though it has its pitfalls like I do not get to review books for blogadda or get selected for notablenewbie, but I like it this way. I respect those who have found out about me but keep it to yourself. You guys are pure gems!
That’s all Maithili:! Sloppy Kisses to you again!
 Maithili:  wow that was one sorry vote! We all love you Red. You bring smiles to our lives.
 RED:  I am glad. Love to you and to those who take time out to read. Means a hell lot!
 Maithili:  It is our pleasure. Hope to see you writing for many years to come and yes to know your name before you publish that book of yours 


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue on November 12, 2011 at 10:04 PM said...

This was a pleasant surprise! I dint know it was going to be Red's interview this month...

Red you totally crack me up! And anonymity suits you... I like knowing you as Red for some reason, even though I know ur name :) And you are a singer.. wow! Even I learnt karnatic music but lost all practice.. I cant sing to save my life now. :/
And why am I not in your fav bloggers list.. Grrr...

@Maith - loved the rapid fire questions... they were perfect for Red ;)

Paanipuri Lover on November 12, 2011 at 10:33 PM said...

Yo Red! You are one interesting case! Really! I read all your posts and there's one thing common laughter and smiles! Oops, that's two! But chalta hai na? And I loved your interview girl! :D

Maithili : again, one awesome work! You're a wonder, you manage to extract the best and most interesting side of a person! BTW, who's gonna get interviewed in december?! *eagerly waiting*

*hugs* to both of you! :D

meoww on November 12, 2011 at 10:46 PM said...

the interview was like soo superrr cooolll..!!!
hmm..greeat job maithz..:) come across as a very genuine person :)
i adore you the way are...
hope to meet you someday..!!
god bless you..
the best wishes to you and your guy..
*beeeeeeeeeeeegggg HUG...*


Suruchi on November 13, 2011 at 12:16 PM said...

Helloooooooooo Red,
We almost caught you red handed on the rapid fire-those were the most suited questions to your personality and I didn't know you and Chemical Funk were together-I thought you were the best twitter pals-and now I find both of ur tweets even sweeter n mushier!:-)

A great interview and read it all to know least you could give us a name yaar...though red hot suits you to the T:-)

And itne saare sorry! a cute button like you is forgiven even before you err:-)in less than a year, you have managed so many followers-just goes to show how awesome your writing it:-)

@Maiths-you need to think about more career options-you'd rock as an interviewer any day;-)

Mystical Skeptical Me on November 13, 2011 at 1:19 PM said...

Red!!!!!!!! :D :D Awwww, I love you too!!! I have no idea why you said sorry! And that was ONE top class interview huh? Caught you Red-handed ;) :D

@Maithili: :D :D You know Sis, you're amazing! :) :)

Freelancer on November 13, 2011 at 1:23 PM said...

hahahha...sheri made me laugh so hard.. dhinchak interview...though why do i feel that maithili is turning into a stalker??? oh well, we don't know your name yet. dayum!!

koi na..
plus i love those eyes... i love brown eyes specially since i myself have those :D

Viya ;) on November 13, 2011 at 1:32 PM said...

omg! those eyes kinda freaked me out but the interview literally cracked me up! :P :P ... i seriously wanna know how its gonna be when you're in a high court defending someone! :P :P
hehe awesome questions maithili! :D :D

Red Handed on November 13, 2011 at 1:45 PM said...

@The GirlAtFirstAvenue- U know I am jealous of ur size but hehe how can I let the world know that I am fat :P...I am jealous f u too babe!!
@PaaniPuri Lover- I am so happy that u smile when U rea my posts.Mission accomplished u knw :D. Thankyou so much
@Meoww- Hheheh Thankyou my bubbly little thin love. Yes u are not fat and I will slap u next time u call urself fat
@Suruchi- ALE WAH ITNA BADA COMMENT!! Thankyou and sorry bolna tha, because I genuinely feel bad when I am not able to comment to poems which are actually good but mujhe samajh nahi aata :P
@MSM- Thankyou soo very much!! :D I am happy u read this
@Freealancer- Hheheh malayalee you see :D.. Thats why sheri sheri :P...And u got brown eyes!!
@Viya- Hhheheh they are for freaking out purposes only :P...I shall give u a buzz if I am at ur city defending a client :P.

Chemicalfunk on November 13, 2011 at 3:03 PM said...

Marvelous interview. Laughed through out... By the way Red i am not just your best friend or your man but also the biggest admirer of your writing.

maithili on November 13, 2011 at 3:37 PM said...

@Chandana :Thank you and I agree with you on the anonymous part :) ;) *winks*

@Paanipuri lover: Aww thank you girl, *big bear hug*.. Hmm the next interview is going to be a little secret :)

@meoww: thank you and yes Red is very genuine and hilarious :D :D

@Suruchi: Looks like a good career option ;) Kuch nahi toh yehi kar lenge :D :D

@ MSM:Thanks Sis :)

@FL : I AM A STALKER :D :D nahi toh aise interviews kaise honge??

@@Viya: thanks girl :)

@Chemical Funk: Akhir keh hi daala RED ko :D :D Bless you both :)

Keirthana on November 13, 2011 at 3:47 PM said...

Super cool interview, RED! I would have cracked up in the middle! I was biting nails as I was reading your interview... And, as for the anonymity, it is the best when done by choice :) Keep rocking girl!

meoww on November 13, 2011 at 4:21 PM said...

@Chemical Funk...owww....very nice very nice..
god bless you both..:):):)

The life-a-holic on November 13, 2011 at 9:12 PM said...

Loved it!! I love the way she writes, and it was amazing to get to know a lot more about her!! In fact, I had so many tabs open, and everytime I went through another blog, I would run back to this one to read the entire interview :P

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p on November 14, 2011 at 1:29 AM said...

Red no no mention me :'( me inspirations no...whats u doings I say X-(.

I love your eyes girl, I have told you this before na? they do look scary in this pic, but I'm sure they are worth flaunting otherwise. You have so many followers in such a short span, true testimony to your writings. I dislike those who flaunt their blog on FB and other networking's great that your blog followers are actually fellow bloggees. You know I'm the one who loves more in the relationship so I was nodding furiously when that bit came along in your interview. This Maith girl does her research well na?

Apart from your writings style, I'm so J of the fact that you still have friends from nursery around :D...Love you RED...sloppy kisses from me too...hope at 27 you are have achieved all that you have said...will still be a follower then :D..a small typo dear in the post " I was born in Chhattisgarh, bought up in Bhopal"...should be brought up...I'm sure nobody put you up for sale in Bhopal :P

@Maith: Undu questions tuudu yenk ite podige aapundu!!! My god, your gonna barbecue me in the rapid fire round aren't you?

Sunitha on November 14, 2011 at 10:09 AM said...

Wow... this interview thing is soo cool. It feels great to know you Red. And it is soo fun to be anonymous. One of my biggest wishes is to write a book with a penname that nobody can guess is me.. I haven't found any yet and my blog isn't anonymous. So .. have to live with it.

Paanipuri Lover on November 14, 2011 at 1:08 PM said...

@ Red : totally my pleasure! :D

@ Maithili : Aiyyo, don't do this no! Please! I'll die out of curiosity! :(

Red Handed on November 14, 2011 at 5:14 PM said...

@Chemical Funk- WINK!!!Rest u shall get later :P
@Mathili- The lady behind it all!! Kudos to u and thankyou!!
@Keirthana- It is by choice. Thnkyou soo very much for reading.
@Meoww- U actually came back to reas the comments..Thankyou love u so very much
@The life-a-holic- That made me smile. Thankyou my girl.. and its an honour to have an awesome blogger like u follow me
@Dragon- Hhahaha I envy almost everyone and I am jeaous when it comes to ur writing skills too. touches the essence of every emotion whenever u detail them out. :) Beautiful..and about Maithili she definitely did her research :P Sloppy kisses ok?
@Sunitha- Ah yes! That is my dream too! Lets see :P
@Paanipuri Lover- Thanks yet again!

Smita on November 15, 2011 at 11:10 PM said...

now that was being totally honest and funny at the same time. loved the witty answers and the funny incident when one is taken to a doctor for a change in eye color, no offence meant. also you climbed a mango tree! for wifi! rofl! ;)
you are an amazing, fun loving,and am super sure, a fantastic person red handed. I respect and like your hidden thing about your identity :)

and maithili, you were simply superb as the way you have been.
totally loved this one, gosh, more than anything else, I wait for interview posts on DOV now :P ;)

Red Handed on November 17, 2011 at 12:14 PM said...

Hey babe!! Thankyou sooooo very much. Yes I am crazy and that actually makes me dumb :P. Mango tree seemed to be an easy climb but wasnt :(

The life-a-holic on November 17, 2011 at 2:55 PM said...

My pleasure :) *blushing*

Confused Soul on November 19, 2011 at 2:53 PM said...

OMg DOV is cool.. I juts gotta know about it!! Sorry.. the interview was super funny and climbing a mango tree.. Red you're crazy.. So glad we gotta know a lil more.. oh and maithili great job ya :D .. Shya I'm still sad that we don't know your name, but then again.. I love you for who you are :)

anjLi on June 11, 2012 at 5:55 PM said...

This must be a little late, owing to my laziness to blog/comment - but I had sooo sooo much fun reading this... And RED I second Maithili, you couldn't be ANUGLYHEAD, and U have such pretty eyes :D

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