November 6, 2011


Posted by Smita at 10:24 AM
Everything was going fine but then I did this mistake!
I told a Guy that I like him just to listen back that he doesn't feels that way for me.
We had been going out, doing a lot of stuff together. A lot of personal talks and stuff had happened.
I developed this feeling and thought he too had developed this but is waiting to know how and what I feel for him.
And then this very day when I told my closest friend about all the stuff he do to me, I was kinda frustrated as to why I had been hiding this from him.
And I did the mistake to tell him that.
A Girl should never ever say what she feels before she is approached by a Guy!
That's Indian mentality. Be live it or not, but this is what still works and this is what failed me!
So darlings, please learn to be on the safer side.
He asked me not to change. But does he really thinks so?
I lied on his face not to feel awkward roaming around with him, but seriously, am I not hurt or is it that I am just that shameless girl to confront any other guy saying that I like him!
Things will change and have changed!
For the better or the worst, I don't know. :)

And the problem is, this guy has done a lot of things for me, a lot so I just can't be indifferent with him now, I can't just hurt him, that would be the worst things I will ever do, I just can't afford to loose him as a friend.
But whether I say it or not. I am hurt, my self respect is! I just now belong to category of those girls in his life, where the girl likes him but he just don't! And never will! 
Why is this all so complicated and hard to live with!

P.S. Maithili, I am leaving blogger world for sometime, so won't be posting much here. But will keep up with the mandatory posting thing :)


Keirthana on November 6, 2011 at 11:17 AM said...

This happens with almost 95% of the guys. Even if they had liked the girl, the liking diminishes if the girl comes out first. Disgusting attitude, I'd say. I have seen such guys. On the other hand, there are guys who are sane too. So don't linger on the hurt too much, Smita. Everything is for a good reason and you deserve much more than this guy. Get your alone time to heal you and come back as fresh as ever :)

Take Care :)

PeeVee™ on November 6, 2011 at 1:22 PM said...

Heyyy, Darling in trouble, rally around girls! Smita, maybe the guys was surprised at your coming out, Indian men aren't too used to girls speaking their mind na... Maybe he'll come around. If he doesn't, maybe he's not Mr. Right in the first place...

Keep that chin up girl, we all are there for you <3

Paanipuri Lover on November 6, 2011 at 3:03 PM said...

Yeah Smita! Don't worry! Men are frightened at the mere mention of commitment and when a girl initiates it, they're frightened toi death, man! Give him some time, maybe he'll come around! If he doesn't, maybe it was never meant to be! Don't worry, it'll be fine! Keirthana and PeeVee are right! You chill, we're here! *hugs*

maithili on November 6, 2011 at 3:19 PM said...

You know what, contrary to what we think, men do like it if the girl comes clean with her feelings because we girls are just too difficult for the guy to read.. It might be that he is just not ready at this stage for a relationship or maybe he really isn't the one meant to be your Mr Right.. Do not, even for a moment, think that you were wrong in saying it out. I believe whoever is sure of his feelings first should say it.. Take your time darlings.. We will be waiting for you :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue on November 6, 2011 at 4:19 PM said...

Don't think of it as a mistake. If you hadn't said what you were feeling maybe you would have regretted it even more. There are many men who really like it when a girl expresses her feelings first and they even respect her for that! So darling don't think that what you did was wrong... If this guy couldn't take it for whatever reason.. then its not your fault.. But i know how disappointing it feels.. so take your time but don't think or brood too much over it.. Move on and enjoy life :)

Mystical Skeptical Me on November 6, 2011 at 10:20 PM said...

Heyy Heyy heyy Smita, Shall we tell you the best part. I also told a guy (whom i liked for past 4 years)and guess what, he already knew and he was happy that I was over him :P

Don't worry baby! It was great of you to tell your feelings. Takes courage. I agree with all the other darlings! *Hugs* :D :D

Freelancer on November 7, 2011 at 12:35 AM said...

i disagree with Keirthana

No, it doesnt happen that way. if he liked u from beginning, then he wil always..if he didnt, he wont or he might start to..

meoww on November 7, 2011 at 8:39 AM said... know what sweetie..never live even one moment of your life in regret..
Everything that happens to you only takes you forward in life..
I know how you must be feeling..i have been through that phase..i had fallen for my best friend and had bottled up those feelings for 5 long years..when i had finally blurted out to him..He had rejected..maybe he did feel for me..maybe he didnt..maybe he wasn confident enough for a commitment..
I had obviously felt dejected..heartbroken..and everything negative..but later on i realised..
What i did was foolish..i shouldn't have waited so long and spoiled things for myself..
I should have told it to him much earlier and just be out of that mess once and for all..

So be very happy that you told him what you felt..
Be proud that you got the guts to confess your feelings..
Dont think of it as a mistake..
You did what you felt was right for you..what could have made you happy..
Its ok if he replied in the negative..
Maybe he will start liking you..
Maybe he will remain just your friend..

But whatever happens..dont think you have lost your self respect..cos you have not..
You have made all of us proud by being forthright about your emotions for that guy..:)

take your time darling..
Life is beautiful..
We all are sure you are gonna be back with a bang :-):-):-):-)

cheers !

Viya ;) on November 7, 2011 at 11:25 AM said...

aw man! :( ... guys are not easy to understand after all.. :|
If he really was meant to be yours, he will definetly come back... otherwise move on babe :) ..
Only time can tell.. just take care of yourself and come back sooooon :)
You should be glad that you told him and din't keep it to yourself.. :)
Take care! :)

Keirthana on November 7, 2011 at 7:23 PM said...

@Freelancer: I had friends who got hurt by such guys. But, maybe you are right in one sense. Those guys never liked the girl to start with. That's why it was so easy for them to just push away the girl.

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