September 2, 2011

The bitter neem!

Posted by Viya ;) at 8:48 PM
We've all run away from our mums when she's tried giving us a healthy neem drink or just poured it down the sink.. :P
Recently, I picked up a Margo soap.. I was very curious since i had heard a lot about it but had never used it and I instantly fell in love with the fresh herb aroma. I asked my mum why she had never bought this soap before and she told me how grandmom used to buy this soap for her and my aunt and they used to fight with grandma for bringing such a "bad" smelling soap home and used to get jealous of their friends who used Lux which had a mild scent of roses and milk and that is when she had vowed she would never buy Margo when she started earning.
When i told her how awesomely the soap was working for me, she was like " I wish i had continued using the soap. You're grandmom was totally right for wanting her daughters to use a herbal soap and we just kept fighting with her for a "scented" soap. The skin i have right now is all due to that soap which your grandma forced us to use till we were married." ( I'm buying her a Margo soap ;) )
Its happened with all of us rite? When our parents tell us something for our good, we never listen until we've gone through that path and then realize our parents had already warned us. We keep wishing "Oh! I wish someone had told me this before" , when our parents have been there and been telling things and we've been turning a deaf ear.
Even though we've heard people say " Learn from your mistakes", when someone is warning you, just stop and think for a minute and it mite really help you. Most of us have the habit of doing things first and then thinking about it and then if its gone wrong, we regret, hover about it and then move on and make sure we never repeat it.
When our elders tell us something we just brush it aside and by the time we realise, it'll be tooo late.. :|
Think before you act. Stop and listen. Do experiment sometimes ;) and make sure you're going on the right track. Don't have regrets in life. Whatever happens, happens for a reason and don't question it. :) 


maithili on September 2, 2011 at 10:50 PM said...

Yes the aroma of Margo, Chandrika, Medimix! I confess that I too have made a face and wanted Lux when my mum brought "Hammam" and the kind of soaps that are less advertised but herbal!

Rachit on September 3, 2011 at 3:06 AM said...

I totally agree with you.. people( including me) gets annoyed when asked to do follow strictly something told by the parents.. but then the good results and years of experience calms me down when something good emerges in the end. Experiences do matters.

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Smita on September 3, 2011 at 8:59 PM said...

well expressed viya :)
We all try to run from things which actually are told to us for our own betterment.I have always believed there's no harm in giving your parents a listening ear, even if you don't agree with them. You can have a healthy conversation about the differences, but just to be a deaf ear to them, hurts them the most :)
FYI : I too love margo :p but now I only go for shower gels now :p so no issues between me and my mother on lux and margo now :p

Mystical Skeptical Me on September 7, 2011 at 5:44 PM said...

I remember loving Margo, only because My Naani (Mom's Mum :D ) told me that neem is good. Very Good, and I heard coz I have a good skin, all because of them. Sometimes, we run away from trying something new, because it can be scary as hell to break out of your comfortable shell....but until you do that, you can not learn or desire to fly high :D

Lovely Post! Got me thinking!! :D :D

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