September 24, 2011

In conversation with MSM !!!

Posted by maithili at 8:50 PM
 Hello Darlings,
       Since the blog is now filling up with more readers and writers, it is time we get to know our girls better and for all those wondering ideas we all have been working at Darlings of Venus to see the light of the day. As promised, we bring in a candid interview of one darling each month and this month we have chosen Mystical Skeptical Me or MSM as she is lovingly called in blogworld.
       Pradeeta Mishra aka MSM is a lawyer in the making, a terrific story teller and what makes her unique is her inclination to mystical things and yes ofcourse her gift of reading faces.. She writes at Mystical Skeptical Me
       Presenting our very first interview on Darlings of Venus
                   Admin:  hey MSM how are you doing?
                  MSM: Hey, I am doing fine. :) 
                    Are you as nervous for this interview as I am suddenly? :P Miracles do happen. :)
                 Admin: Nope! neither do you have to be..just relax and answer impromptu
You tell me.

MSM: All right. :D
admin: Ok, MSM tell me what makes you mystical and skeptical?
MSM: That is something I always wonder and wonder whether all of it is in my head. ;)
                    Miracles do happen. :)
Okay, personally, the only thing that makes me mystical and skeptical is - that I question my beliefs but never let them waiver. So, I believe in spirits, deja vu and everything out of the blue, but only because I have a research backing me up

 Admin: Were you always interested in mystical things or did any particular incident lead you into it?
                    MSM  I got interested subconsciously when I was around 6.. 
A family accident occurred and I was unscathed...the only thing I remember is...staring at the photo of Kaali, The Goddess and wondering why I am safe
  Certain close calls and escapes made me believe that there is a strong Super Power watching all of us.
I took up mysticism officially when I was in 8th Grade.
Admin: Oh so what is it that you feel  makes you skeptical?
 MSM: That question makes me smile. :) Most of you must have come across the fact that I read faces sometimes...
 And one such day I came across an article done by some University which said that Face Reading or body language interpretation are used by "Psychics" in a twisted new concept called "Cold Reading"
 That article was like a cold splash on my face and abilities
  I started to read whatever I can lay my hands upon to find others like me
  and realized that people for money have been fooling others by saying they are mediators etc.
 I thought may be I have been fooling people too? That was a very harsh realization
  But thankfully, my doubts led me to formation of my Blog Mystical Skeptical Me
 I realized I do face reading just to help people connect with themselves and not for becoming commercially popular
 Admin: well MSM it was quite an insightful about the name of your blog ;)
 MSM: Too much na? :P
 Admin: Don't worry we are patient enough with our darling :)
 MSM: Lawyers, I say will never learn not to talk much. :P :D Thanks for the patient hearing though
 Admin: That brings us to the question, why law MSM?
MSM: Ah. That question. I don't know. I was actually wanting to be a fashion designer. One day my father came across this Law coaching. Most of the people I met there and around me said that I am creative, too emotional and soft I am not meant for law. I took it as a mission to prove them wrong. And I am doing it. :)
 Admin: So you are there just to prove them wrong or are you now passionate about it?
 MSM: Law has bring forth my desire to write. I am passionate about it now. It has given me a lot.
 Admin: Well that is great..
 MSM: Thanks! :D
 Admin: Now that we are done with the basic intro.. lets get to rapid fire ;)
 MSM: Haha, sure sure
                   Admin: It is impromptu and you do not get any time to think
                   MSM: Okay I am ready
 Admin: one thing that you hate about women
 MSM: Nagging
 Admin: one thing that instantly turns you on
 MSM: Good smell
 Admin: something that always makes you uncomfortable
 MSM: Crowds
 Admin: love or marriage
 MSM: Love
 Admin: What do you think of friends with benefits?
                    MSM: I do not agree. Impromptu or spontaneous thing, I do not judge, 
                    but deliberately, no.                                   
 Admin: have you ever stolen anything?
 MSM: Um, yes.
  Pen. It was lying on the table, alone, unclaimed. I had to finish its miseries. ;)
  [I LOVE Stationery]
 Admin: Quite an unusual one I say
 MSM: Hahaha. :D
 Admin: If you were the last person on earth, what would you do?
 MSM: Given that I have all the survival means, I will be on a look out for any living creature and make them my companion.

If not, then I am sure, I will definitely find something unusual.
 Admin: Do you have any phobia?
 MSM: Yes. I don't know what you call it, but I am terribly terribly scared of worms and thunders.
 They are creepy.

Admin: well tell me one thing about yourself that one would notice first!
MSM: My smile. Or my eyes.  My friends say my eyes.
               Admin: and what is the first thing that you notice in others
 MSM: Their eyes. I read them.
 Admin: intriguing
 one person you adore?
 MSM: I adore my Father.
 Admin: sweet :)
 Admin: What makes MSM totally mad with anger?
 MSM: When someone makes baseless statements against me publicly - without intimating it to me first.
  Or without asking my stand on it.
                    Admin: what cools MSM instantly? 
reply quickly
 MSM: If I am super angry, a hug would cool me instantly...Hugs are something I believe work like Magic Potions. They can melt your heart. :D
 Admin: oh so now we know how to cool u down although its not feasible for us to hug you :)
 MSM :D Haha... Yes. That is one thing which most people are not aware of though.
                   Admin : Ok MSM we take a break here. we will continue this later
                   MSM: All right. No problem. Message me when you want to continue. :D
  It was great till now.

Admin: hey dear 
  welcome back to our interview
                    MSMThank you for that welcome
  Let's get started
                   Admin: okay so tell me wat is it that brought you to blogging?
                   MSM: I was nursing this idea of publishing my poems online for a long time. I had 
                    been following some blogs, but never had the courage to start. After serious 
                    consideration about the research I had done over a long time and developing my 
                    writing skills, I  created  a blog, spontaneously.
                   Admin: oh! so tell me who is that one blogger who inspires you the most?

 Pradeeta: Inspire me? :D Am I allowed to give only one name?
 Admin: yes only one name :)
 MSM: That's Maithili from one such story.
 And the reason is that you were the first female Blogger I came across and your stories struck a chord somewhere. I instantly loved your Blog. :)
 Admin: Aww I m flattered.. Considering you yourself are a great story writer!
 MSM: Awww, I am not. :) I am still learning a lot from my fellow Bloggers.
  <We said Awww at the same time :P>
 Admin: yes
 MSM: Sorry, I am so Impatient. You take your time.
 Admin: Well you are so unusually rapid with your answers that I have to think what to ask you :)
 MSM: Ohh. :P I shall take it slow then ;)
 Admin: Ok so tell me who is MSM's dream man?

Pradeeta: What would I like in my dream man?
                    Admin: yes
 MSM: When I am interacting with men, four things - If I have to be interested - I look out for - Smile, Good Smell, Smart and Flirts intelligently.
 Unfortunately, I haven't been thinking about my dream man for a while now.
 Admin: hehe is it because he is somewhere near you?
 MSM: Um, not exactly. He is around but not near me. He doesn't know he is my dream man :P
 Admin: Oh how unlucky of him !
 MSM: Awwww.... Hahah
  I know
Admin: MSM I have totally run out of questions to ask you

MSM: Hahaha :D So, you want to end this one here?
  Can I ask you one though?
 Admin: yes you can
 MSM: What did you think of me when you spoke to me the first time?
 Admin: well this isn't going on record is it?
 MSM: If you want to
 Admin: Well I read one of your post which was closely associated to my life as well.. I left you a comment and you replied almost instantly.. From your post I gathered that you would be someone I would connect to.. But never did I expect someone so enthusiastic about life as you!
  I loved your positive spirit
 MSM: :D
  Yayyy! Thank you!!
 Admin: see this is what I love about you :) Simple things make you so happy :)
 MSM: Hahaha :D Yes, actually, simple things make me happy and big things freak me out ;)
Admin: that's MSM :)
 MSM: Hehehe
 Admin: IT was fun and exhausting to interview you :)
 MSM: Exhausting? Haww, why?
 Admin: I m sure our readers now know MSM a better way!
  Exhausting because you are so crystal clear with your answers that you don't leave any loopholes to question at!
 MSM: Thank you for taking my interview as the first person at DOV
  Hahaha :D
 Admin: You are most welcome
 MSM: I loved your questions!
 Admin: thank you
P.S My sincere apologies for not being much available at this blog and being slow to respond and comment back. A very warm welcome to new followers and writers here. You all are doing amazing work here. A biggg hug and thanks to the admins who have done a wonderful work and chosen same awesome writers to invite here! Chandana and Priyanka thank you for making this blog so beautiful. Thank you my lovely writers who have brightened up this blog with their posts. Also please suggest who you would like me to interview next month :)


Freelancer on September 24, 2011 at 9:45 PM said...

hahahaha...never trust a lawyer :P even movies say that lol.... i have my own set of questions for MSM, but i know she's gonna run away from all those...maybe next month. lol

Btw nice tete-a-tete

Red Handed on September 24, 2011 at 9:54 PM said...

Hey a nice interview...considering my level of patience i still read it till the end. Btw thr are two places whr u unintentionally used the name. MSM is a great writer!

Wings of Harmony on September 24, 2011 at 10:54 PM said...

@FL: Excuse me! You can only trust a lawyer when you are in shit! :P :D And I am scared of your questions! :P After all, I am a lawyer! Bring it on!

@Red: Heyyyyy! :D Thank you! But why do you say MSM is a great writer? :D

Wings of Harmony on September 24, 2011 at 10:56 PM said...

@FL: I am *not* scared

Red Handed on September 24, 2011 at 11:15 PM said...

Coz u r.I hate giving compliments in more than one word :p. No u really think differently. And tht is good. Btw i wud like u to interview someone who is really funny and writes humour. In short SURUCHI.lly think differently. And tht is good. Btw i wud like u t

Wings of Harmony on September 24, 2011 at 11:19 PM said...

@Red: :D :D I get it. :D Waise, even I want Suruchi's interview, she is amazingly humorous and funny! :D

Suruchi on September 25, 2011 at 3:04 PM said...

you are such an interesting person Pradeeta-and that's such a beautiful, musical name...u should use it more often:-)

your journey into mysticism is amazing and may i add that it must feel lucky to have this something extraordinary...

the interview was totally engrossing so the credit goes to both you n Maiths*i like that name for you Maithili*:-)

and really...sirf ek pen?i have a whole fat book stolen to me (dis)credit;-)

and sensible girl choosing love over marriage n someone who flirts my kinda girl:-)

and thanks guys for wanting me to be interviewed...makes me flattered and nervous..not used to grilling that goes beyond the bed, na;-)

Wings of Harmony on September 25, 2011 at 6:45 PM said...

@Suruchi: :D :D I am blushing, because I never thought that my name was musical, it is tough to remember though, Pra-dee-ta! :D Thank you!!

I really do not know whether it's lucky, coz, I get to know feelings, but I don't know what to do about it...leaves me questioning myself a lot...that whether all of it is in my head. :P ;)

I am very bad at stealing :P Though, given the guileless face that I have, I can really use it to my advantage :P [That sounded like a criminal minded plan :P] think I am sensible! [Hugssss] :D You are SO nice! And men should know that if they do not like Blonde girls, women too do not like stupid guys! :D

And you must get used to the grilling beyond the bed :P :D I want to read your interview!! :D

Smita on September 25, 2011 at 11:17 PM said...

that was pretty honest darling opening up there :)
loved the compilation and the whole layout and the break :p :p
I love your name MSM :D
and also your witty answers :)
they were absolutely cool.

a suggestion to the admins : please open up a section beforehand for people to submit questions they might want to ask from the person being interviewed :) It will be fun I guess.

Wings of Harmony on September 26, 2011 at 12:38 AM said...

@Smita: Thank you! :D Hahaha, I am glad you thought my answers were witty, I have no idea how I came up with all that. ;) :D

Wings of Harmony on September 26, 2011 at 12:38 AM said...

@Maithili: A BIG BIG BIG hug to you for letting me experience this! :D I heart you! :D

Chandana on September 26, 2011 at 9:00 AM said...

Loved your answers MSM! You are so interesting, witty, smart and funny!
And great job my Maithili.. she came up with some very interesting questions!

Wings of Harmony on September 26, 2011 at 3:14 PM said...

@Chandana: Hehehehe, I graciously accept the compliments, but it's hard for me to classify myself as witty ;) :D :D I heart you! :D

and yes, without Maithili, this wouldn't have happened. :D

anjLi on June 11, 2012 at 6:09 PM said...

I love the idea of interviewing writers. For people like me, who turn up once in a blue moon, it helps with the catching up :D

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