September 4, 2011


Posted by maithili at 5:21 PM
    So here I m doing the most unexpected thing and that is giving you all a recipe!
    Yes I m hardly a cook but then I thought if someone like me could make delicious brownies by following this recipe (courtesy a friend who gave me this some years back) anyone could make it with ease.
    It is something you can make on special occasions and maybe to woo someone :) 

What you will need:

Butter (preferably nutralite) : 200 g
Maida : 1 cup 
Cocoa powder : 1 cup
Eggs: 2 or 3 (2 is adviced but I like to have more eggs)
Sugar: 1 cup
Coffee powder : 1 pinch
Vanilla extract : half teaspoon
Milk: as per need
Walnut: optional and according to need.

Cup here refers to any cup you will use for measuring these ingredients

How to make it: 

Keep all ingredients at room temperature for sometime.
Melt the butter and add sugar to it. Beat it till sugar dissolves. Add eggs and continue beating till a smooth mixture is formed.
Sieve the maida and cocoa powder separately. Then mix them and sieve it again. (It is ok if you don't sieve again but it will definitely give a better mix if you do)
Add the sieved cocoa powder-maida mix in small quantities to the mixture of butter,sugar and eggs. Beat it till you get a smooth mixture.
Add vanilla extract. 
At this point the mixture will be very thick. Add milk to make it pour. (dont add too much milk though) Half a cup will suffice.

Pour the mixture in an oven pan ( which has sides, not the flat one). Make sure you have greased the pan with butter before pouring the mixture.  Just spread the mixture on the pan. If it doesn't spread all over the pan its ok as it will spread anyway once you heat it.
                                                 I used this pan. Just to give you an idea !

Keep in microwave mode for 4 minutes at 900watts (which means high level or 100% power input). You can even put on convection mode but it might take a little more time.

I would advice to put on microwave for 2 minutes and feel the mixture. If it is all liquidy than put on for another 2 mins. It should be done but if not, then keep it for another minute or two but not more than that as it would harden the browny.

Lastly take out the pan and let it cool. Invert it into a dish and knock out the cake and then cut it into pieces.
You would get about 10-16 pieces! 

You could try out these combinations:

1. Buy some cadbury's dairy milk or get a few blocks of dark chocolate. Melt it and layer it on your brownie! 
                                             It would look something like this :) yummy na!!

2. Get some vanilla ice cream and dip your brownie in vanilla . Add some chocolate sauce if you can and the taste is just heavenly!! Specially try it if you have added walnut in your recipe!

                                                tastes as delicious as it looks ;) tried it today!

Lastly if you are a vegetarian and can't try this one look No eggs brownie. I found this easy but yes a little more hardwork than what is required for the above recipe. But once you taste it I m sure the hardwork is worth it :)

Hope you like this recipe!! 


Mystical Skeptical Me on September 4, 2011 at 7:03 PM said...

YUM!!!! That looks so yummy!!! :D And you Maithili, deserve a "Kiss the Cook" apron ;) :D

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue on September 4, 2011 at 7:51 PM said...

I have never made brownies before! Am pretty lazy when it come to cooking... but this seems easy.. Maybe ill try it out on a free evening.. will let you know how it turns out! :D
But this looks yummy!!!

Priyanka on September 4, 2011 at 10:04 PM said...

Are you TRYING to make me drool :| What did I ever do to you!
*dramatic sobs*

Sorry, food does that to me:P

maithili on September 4, 2011 at 10:14 PM said...

@MSM : Aww thanks ;) though its the easiest thing to make though :P

@Chandana: this IS the stuff for LAZY people :) so no worries :) try it :)

@Priyanka : oh no no ! I just gave u an example of how delicious things can be so easy to make :P

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