September 1, 2011

Lets play dress-up!

Posted by Chandana M at 9:44 AM
Every girl loves to dress up. Its what we live for! To add some colour and beauty in this otherwise-boring world of men in shades of black, brown and blue (Those are the only colours 80% of the men know!)

I am no exception. I love to dress up, play with colours, mix and match, experiment with accessories and drool over sexy shoes which I can't afford. And if you are reading this, I am assuming you do too! So a warm welcome to all you beautiful girls! Welcome to this little corner, where we shall explore our wardrobes, experiment and discover new outfits (and win a nobel perhaps?) and most importantly... having fun while playing dress-up! ;)

I am not an expert on fashion, nor am I into 'brands' and attending fashion weeks. Am just your regular girl with a penchant for shopping, clothes and shoes. One fine day I decided that I had enough clothes to last me a lifetime (shocking i know!) and wanted to start making better use of them i.e avoid grabbing a jeans and a tee every single day.  But before we dive into the fashion 101's, the do's and dont's and the 'must-have' pieces... here are some basic things that I learnt along the way since I started fashion-blogging.

1) Fall in Love with yourself -
Seriously. It gives you a high like no other. Love your body. I'll repeat the statement that all of you have heard about a million times until now. 'Nobody's perfect'. Every body is flawed. We all hate some or the other part of our body. But the sooner you accept yourself as you are, the sooner you can work on it. Flaws can be corrected and hidden too! And the best way to do it is by 'being confident'. As long as you are oozing confidence and attitude, people will think what ever you are wearing is the next 'in' thing. Crazy i know! But it works. (One time I went out in my crappiest PJ's, only to bump into a cute guy. And i was cursing myself for being so lazy to change, but the guy actually hit on me. TRUE STORY!) Confidence people! Confidence!

2) Comfort First -
You can be confident only when you are comfortable with what you are wearing. (Duh!). Tugging at that slightly-high hemline all evening - NOT a pretty sight. Trying to dazzle everyone with your smile, while secretly wincing 'coz your feet hurt in those pretty not-so-comfortable heels - you don't want that either. There are people who'll tell you 'No pain, no gain', but when it comes to clothes and shoes... No thank you!

3)Avoid too much makeup-
I see so many girls who use a lot of make-up trying to cover up all their 'flaws' but end up looking like a geisha. Well, I don't really blame them. Every brand advertises saying 'Use this foundation! And hide those pimples!', 'Use this concelaer and hide those scars', 'Use this eye-roll and hide those dark circles'. If you ask me, a good diet, lots of fresh juices, regular exercise and a stress-free mind will help hide them and altogether vanish them! Make-up, in my opinion should be used to 'accentuate your features but not to hide your flaws'. Let your own qualities be the highlight of the show, not chemicals and fish fat. Gross much?

4) Layer and accessorize - 
We have all read in countless and magazines about body shapes and body types and the kind of clothes that suit each type. Well it may be true to a certain extent but I don't buy it completely. With a few alterations and modifications you can 'trick' your outfit into looking different. For instance there are certain things that look good on every body shape. Like layering and accessorizing. I haven't yet met a single girl who doesn't love her ear-rings and little trinkets. If there is someone like that out there, just give me a shout out and i'll change your mind in a jiffy!

In the posts that follow, I'll touch up and elaborate on all these points (and more). Apart from me giving these fashion sermons, which can get boring and philosophical (don't say I dint warn you). You can also write to us at with your own tips/points, queries/questions you have regarding fashion/styles etc. Feel free to share your feedback, suggestions, doubts, free gifts *ahem*, chocolates and love! Anything at all! We are a happy bunch of people who love to share!


Priyanka on September 1, 2011 at 1:25 PM said...

I think the first two points should be my mantra and I should repeat it ever morning when I wake up.
I forever have issues with my body and skin.
And I always make the mistake of choosing style over comfort with disastrous results.

Looking forward to more from you:)

Mystical Skeptical Me on September 1, 2011 at 2:25 PM said...

I have to learn to appreciate the first point. Being on the heavier side, I ignore that God has given me a nice face and good skin. I never never thank him for that. Instead I brood on my huge body! But since I read this, I am realizing I should appreciate what I have! :D

Love the write up! :)

maithili on September 1, 2011 at 4:53 PM said...

Advice taken!
Even I put too much attention on my weight issues and end up being uncomfortable sometimes!
Shopping is such a pain for me !
A good basics you have given today! Hopefully I will stick to these guidelines!
Me too looking for some more gyaan from you!

suruchi on September 2, 2011 at 1:04 AM said...

oh god...seems like we all need to first love ourselves...that is so so true...and when you are happy with yourself, it shows and attracts the same feeling in others magnetically:-)
what feels good, looks good!

*waiting for more great tips to stay tip-top*

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