October 20, 2011

Even a fashionista falls down somedays!

Posted by Chandana M at 4:36 PM

Just another weekday. 

6:00 am -
Chammak challo blares right in my ear and disturbs that yummy dream I was having (its an annoying song that FORCES me to get up to switch it off so that i don't have to listen to it. Perfect for an alarm!)
Switch off alarm and go back to sleep (I don't bother with 'snooze' anymore)

6:30 am - 
Mom peeps in. "Are you getting up?"
Mumble something and go back to sleep.

6:50am -
My room becomes brighter and brighter inspite of those thick curtains (stupid east facing room)
I wake up. I remember I have a meeting at 8:30. Get out of bed

7:15am -
Think of a dress to wear while showering. 

7:30am -
Stand in front of wardrobe. Still thinking. Pull out clothes only to mentally sigh and push them back in. 
(There goes yesterday's neatly sorted pile)

Suddenly I remember I already picked a churidar set last night.
I try it on. Not satisfied.
I feel like wearing western formals. Grey trousers with a bright red shirt and some black heels. (result of late night fashion blog browsing)
Start digging into the now-messed-up pile in search of my grey formals.
Found it! 
Its completely crumpled. Plug in the iron box. And the power goes off. Damn!
Search for black trousers instead. Can't find them. 
Shout and ask mom (who is busy in the kitchen).
"Where are my black formals? Did you throw them for wash? They don't need a wash!!! I lost them!!! Where? Mommmmmmmm!!!!"
"You have black formals?" 
*face palm*
"#$$%&& I HAVE! You've seen me wear them SO MANY times!!! But WHERE are they? Its getting LATE!!!" *exasparated whining*
"How am I supposed to remember what all you have? You buy too many clothes..I don't know when you have time to go. No more shopping from now on… blah blah blah"
I am temporarily deaf.

Fine i'll pick some crappy boring churidar. *grumbling* 
I find a green one that I haven't worn in a long time. Its neat and ironed (thankfully). 
Still cursing the power cut 'coz its hot and am sweating with all this hunting.
I get dressed.
Putting on matching earrings when one earring falls down. 
I bend to pick it up and *riiiipppp*. My pant has a big tear near the knee. Damn! Damn! 
Curse the designer. Curse the cloth. Curse the tailor. What a flimsy material! I can't even bend my knee. Can't even sit. Thank god this dint happen in the meeting! #toptenembarassingmoments

Check the time - Its 8:10!!!!!!

No time to decide on another dress. Its a daunting process.
Pick a different bottom for the same dress. Red. *Hmmmm*. Green and red. Nice and bright. Give myself a pat on the back. Fashion blogging has changed the way I look at colors.

Enter - Cousin Sister. Yawning. With her little baby boy. Who is also yawning.

"Sweetie cutie pieeeeee… Good morning baby booooooo… sleepy babyyyyy.. muah muah muah….."
Sister interrupts my baby talk.
"What the hell are you wearing? To office?? Muhahahahahahaha" .
"What? Its nice. Its called color-blocking. You don't know a thing about fashion"
Slam the door. *Grumble* Try to pick another dress. Time is running out!
Try on a couple more dresses. One refuses to fit. I yank it and wiggle into it. I can barely breathe.
One deep breath and something's going to pop out. Bah! So many dresses to alter.
I feel ugly in the next one. Another one - not ironed. 

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Time - 8:30. 

Dad - You want me to drop you? I am ready.
Me - No no.. you go. I'll take my car.
Mom - STILL not ready??? I thought I saw you wear that green churidar?
Me - The bottom tore. So had to change.
Sis - She wore red instead. Hahahaha… 
Mom - Why do you listen to her when you know she's worse than you?
Me - I don't know! I just do! She's annoying! Now let me go!

Rush back into room. 
OK close your eyes and pick something Chandana. Whether its ironed or not, torn or transparent, you are going to wear it and just GO. Even if its purple and yellow.
I pick a white and pink. Gah!!! I don't want to wear pink today.

Pick the original churidar. The one I decided last night. Silently walk out.

Get into the car, call my guy and start wailing about what a bad morning I had. Lots of Awww's and promises to take me shopping. 
I smile. I dream of what I want to buy and drive into the sunset drive to office where my actual bad day starts!


Keirthana on October 20, 2011 at 7:26 PM said...

Good lord! Can't believe you had a bad start because of dresses... ;)

maithili on October 20, 2011 at 8:22 PM said...

Ah! This happens to me sooo many times! I forget to iron or my dress gets torn and then all hell breaks lose to find another dress!

meoww on October 20, 2011 at 8:53 PM said...

hahaha..i can so relate to you girl..!!!
I swear..the way i grumble when i cant seem to locate a particular dress..and then the hunt begins in the messy jungle that my wardrobe is :p
my mommy dearest has finally learnt to turn a blind eye to what used to be one neat and tidy place ages ago..
Well that was when i was still a kid and had only to bother about school uniforms :p :p :p


good post :):):)
cheers !

Freelancer on October 20, 2011 at 10:43 PM said...


your guy said what? that he will take you shopping!

i need to meet him and give him some notes!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue on October 20, 2011 at 11:17 PM said...

Yessss! They've been known to ruin many mornings of mine!

i know.. i HAVE TO iron my clothes.. its like an OCD..

I am too old for my mom to bother abt how tidy or non-tidy I keep my room.. but sometimes she cant resist complaining! :P

He's one step ahead.. he only promises :P
Eventually both of us get caught up with work and I forget abt it..

Smita on October 21, 2011 at 11:30 PM said...

lol. a bad day for a fashionista!! ;) :P then I guess we normal people having it all the day is supposed to be quiet normal :p :p as my mother just keeps shouting everytime she gets a chance to pee-a-boo in my cupboeard, yelling at me, telling me all the dresses i have shunned lately and reminding me to wear them just bcz they were expenisive at some time ;) :p

Mystical Skeptical Me on October 22, 2011 at 6:40 PM said...

Sorry, am commenting late but oh! Your plight! Darn! But *Sigh* you eventually got good promises :D :D

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