October 22, 2011

His wish....Her wish....!

Posted by Smita at 1:03 AM

Down she slipped one side of her dress.
And a kiss was imprinted on her shoulder.
Away moved her eyes, filled up-to the brim with shyness,
and she felt a stream of thunder and cold flowing down her body by the sensation of that touch.
The lips made their presence felt for some two minutes, but the Love that was felt in those two minutes was simply unexplainable!

Meeting at the hill top was his idea. 
Sometime alone together, away from all worries and noises of daily routine, was how he wanted to celebrate his day.
He had made a wish earlier that day. 
A wish that only she could fulfill.
He had asked for something.
Something that was a step bolder, but also a step closer to her.
All he wanted was, for her to trust him forever.
To make his wish true, was her wish.
As the plan to make him happy that special day, revolved around her.
And this what, a girl can ever wish !

She trusted him, more than anything.
She loved him, more than anyone.
The love between them was different.
Hence his wish needed to be fulfilled.
As the day was just not any usual,
Today was his birthday.

She knew she had to make his wish come true.
But how, was the big question in-front of her.
Some fears, some restrictions were the things holding her back 
from making the first move.
But the people in Love, always know how it express it all that well.

He had wished for a kiss.
And the kiss was made. 
Not in an objectionable manner to either or any of them!
No boundaries ,no rules were crossed. 
Love finds its way, it's just that at times you are bound to the Watch.

The smile on his face after the kiss showed, he loved her move.
And the shyness and boldness in her actions, showed she loved him more than anybody could do!

Love is sweet.
Love is pure.
Just give it a chance.
And the whole world will be yours!


meoww on October 22, 2011 at 7:59 AM said...

its such a beautiful piece smita..!
You have captured the emotions..the sweet hesitation Of a girl..the pure joy felt by both in that moment so well..:):):)
loved it..:-)
cheers !

Smita on October 23, 2011 at 11:16 AM said...

the hesitation but the keen wish to make the move, is always there btw a girl and a guy.Just wanted to portray that :)
Glad you loved it :)
Cheers :) :) :)

Vyankatesh on October 24, 2011 at 11:33 AM said...

Beautiful post, brimming with love!!

Smita on December 4, 2011 at 10:56 PM said...

Vyankatesh : thanks :)

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