October 23, 2011

Pre-Diwali, maja aali!

Posted by Apoorva Nanjangud at 2:00 AM
Today, we family went shopping!

Before you imagine me, picking up trench coats from the A/W 11 Burberry collection, I clarify! It was rasta shopping.And, it rocked.
The whole Jazz, glitz and glamor of the festival was totally radiating immense energy. I wasted two hours in NOT buying ,a change in the pair for my third ear piercing. I thought mine is a bit outdated and Diwali says "Do the new", hence.
 Digitally printed rangoli stickers reminded me of a scene from SARABHAI vs SARABHAI. Where Maya says," in cheap stickers ko tum apne hi ghar pe lagaon Monisha, ye shubh labh wagare is so CATEGORICALLY middle class"  That was when I realized I was unconciously laughing at the vendor.
The lanes full of lanterns of all possible weird shapes and sizes. Really, who has a parachute shaped lantern?! I having learnt sociology lately, I put my sociological glasses on. GLOBALISATION! the word popped into my mind on seeing Chinese lanterns and lamps. It might not be related to it, but that was the only concept I had in the syllabus. So. They do it beautifully. The marketing I mean. Dominance on an Indian festival is a little annoying I thought. Our industries need a chance. Its cheaper, but we are not allowing our prices to go down by buying Indian. This Diwali, my message to India, GO SWADESHI!

Its amusing, how my father still wishes that Diwali should be celebrated the way it was celebrated in Ayodhya on Shri Ram's return with Sita. He still hasn't accepted the fact that, diyas have been replaced by AROMATHERAPY CANDLES and flower decorations by POTPOURI arrangements.I wonder how will he react to card parties. In twitter style, #newgenfundas. He is extremely a cool dad to hangout with, but culture is something he breathes.

 Kurta sales, *Diwali Bumper Dhamaka* sales that wanted people to go through their "Rs 220 only" sarees! How sweet! I respect every emotion that a human has to offer. I tried a Kurti from the street stall, and just like Marks&Spencer disappointed me, so did this street stall. I kind off feel cheated by life. It was a beautiful kurti. Street or HIGH-street, one should know the "Art of Picking" up stuff.Some mixing and matching works like a charm. You wear a pair of ALDO's under that, and Viola! you are sorted. How cool, right?

My mother got lucky tonight! Umm, yes, she bought a 7k silk saree and gold bangles. I HATE GOLD. I am anti-gold. If Gold is Germany then I am Russia. I repel metal to be frank, but a good piece of  platinum (look-alike) is something I believe looks elegant on a lady. And, when diamond is an issue, I want my first piece of diamond jewelry to be gifted by my dad. He splurges on me, so does my brother, so does my mother. I feel blessed.

Extravagance is a great thing to have, if you are born once and if you think you deserve it. But, being extravagant at the cost of others misery, is one bad and wicked thing to do. ( I get in to my agony aunt avatar real quick )

Street kulfi! Food in any form, any place, any how is welcomed by me with open arms. I love chikku kulfi.

Imitation Jewelry is a rage these days. 130 bucks for a set, consisting of a pair of earrings, necklace and even a maang tikka. How cool , right? It was real good. I don't like jewelry though. I mean, the point I am trying to make is how, everybody wishes to look pretty on this big day. How, people want to look their best, wear their best and be their best. It's really something to adore. I am talking all this cause sociology has had a deep impact on me. How I love the subject and how people think and how surroundings make them think the way they think!

The house cleaning is getting on me! I did not really help much, but as you know about my OCD for cleanliness, stuff randomly seen around irks me. Sorry, I am just being honest. 

You want to know my wardrobe this festive season? I am doing the plain Jane thingy. I hate anything jazzy apart from sequins. And, alas! I dont get sequinned tanks, boyfriend jackets, lbd's in my size. I am cursed for life. :( Okay, so my only supporter is Westside. Each and every staff member knows me there. Thats kinda awkward.It just makes me realize, I am not going down in my size. Its a 3/4th sleeved semi-anarkali kurti, maroon an gold ( i love the gold here ), and maroon chudidar. I am doing a bothe hand mehendi and kolhapuri chappals I picked up from Hill road.
Only places like Hill road and Colaba understand my emotions.

 I love the market. Brings people together. Stalls of crackers, lines and lines of lights, stalls of sweets, of clothes. Its just a perfect blend of people and emotions.
Why emotions? I overheard a husband asking his wife," sirf dekhneka haan, lene ka nahi" . Everyone has their own thing to worry about. True, right?

All this ended with nice family bonding over Chinese food. Yes, I am still being SWADESHI, as this was not dimsum and hotpot, but shezwan and manchurian. Thats so Indian, right? Teehee!

Few things before I say bye..
  • Wear your best smile this diwali! It completes your look totally!
  • I am so looking forward to hot guys in kurtis!
  • GO ANTI-CRACKERS. You know what it does to us, right?
  • Be as ethnic as never before! pull out all your Indian clothes and wear them over the week. Pleasant change from denims, right?
  • Try your hand at Rangoli!! I am planning on one! will post a picture if it turns out to be good!
  • Watch your diet and if your parents are diabetic, please dont let them eat anything sweet. I am keeping an eye on mine. Stand for each other! 
  • Spread love! blessed be!
Shubh Deepawali, Apoorva, xoxo.


Mystical Skeptical Me on October 23, 2011 at 8:48 AM said...

Aha, this post totally gave a Diwali-waali-feel! :D :D I could imagine you going to the Chinese lamp stall and grinning ;) :D Anyhow, as you said, it is a great time for family bonding! :D and shopping/rangoli/colors and diyas! :D

Shubh Deepawali to you too! :) :)

Red Handed on October 23, 2011 at 9:29 AM said...

Diwali hai waqat hai bhaya!
Jeeez i wish i was home to celebrate. U can call us the middle class touch f diwali types coz my dad has been buying those handmade diyas from time immemmorial. Those gulab jamuns and Barfis!

Well my diwali attire this time is a pair f track shorts and a baggy tshirt coz i am faaaar away frm home n Law Univ exams happenning. SIGH.

maithili on October 23, 2011 at 12:57 PM said...

Wow this had such an awesome feel of Diwali in Mumbai!

I used to shop prior to Diwali a few years back, but given my size and the crowd in shopping places, I have now started shopping after Diwali or save something nice to wear on Diwali wayyyy before Diwali!

I lovee shopping for Diyas and rangoli colors.. I make rangoli at the entrance of the building every year :)

Shubh Deepawali and yes even I m going to put up my rangolis on the blog :)

meoww on October 23, 2011 at 8:44 PM said...

its the Diwali time of the year..!!!
u gave such an earthly feel to the onset of the festival..!!
m all into the festive mode now..!!!

hmm..though i suck at making rangolis..i stil make it a point to mess up my front door with something atleast..
and thats wat m gonna do this itime too..
and then shamelessly show off to one and all..!!


"deepawali ki haardik shubh kaamanaayein..!!!"

Cheers Darlings..!!

Apoorva Nanjangud on October 23, 2011 at 11:09 PM said...

aww my darlings!
Giving the festival a personal touch is so exciting!
however it turns out to be, create a rangoli, make a sweet and do ur own thing!!
Its totally jazzy this time! :*

Rahul Bhatia on October 25, 2011 at 4:53 AM said...

Such a lovely read just on Diwali eve! It has all the elements of festivity.Happy Diwali

PeeVee™ on October 27, 2011 at 12:24 AM said...

Finally I find someone who hates gold!! Thank you for that:)

And though too late now, I hope your Diwali went well, hot guys were upto standards, the mehendi got dark and the rangoli was awesome.

This is what I call a potpourri post and GOD! I love potpourri:)

Apoorva Nanjangud on October 27, 2011 at 2:07 AM said...

Haha! thanks PeeVee! :")

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