May 21, 2013

Love Lane

Posted by Soumya at 12:33 PM 7 comments
Tomorrow, I finish two months of being married to the man I love. I thought this would be the best post to come out of my hiatus on DOV. I promise, I shall post more frequently henceforth.

Maybe it was a plan, maybe it was fate
It could have been music, or even a chime
But something brought us close together
At the right place, at the right time

You gave yourself to me completely
I was drawn to you in total trust
I was I and you were you
Not once did we have to adjust

We spoke, we laughed and understood
As we put together our dreams and hopes
This was what bound us together
As we became Calvin and Hobbes

When you held my hand tight
I knew this is where I belong
That was when your laughter
Then became my favorite song

I already knew what love was
But you taught me the pleasures of romance
Butterflies came and did their part
And then my heart learnt how to dance

You have given me the best of gifts
Like warmth, peace and happiness
In a short period of time 
You showed me what love really is

You leave me wanting nothing more
Than just wanting more of you
Its amazing how you manage to do it
Everyday you make me feel something new

If there were a reason to keep living
I’ve found a million in you
This is what you’ve done to me
And still you continue to do

After all that we've happily been through
Today I'm joyfully insane
We have set up a long life
In the wonderful love lane

The feelings around us is our home
Together where we laugh and play
We shall never leave this place
And yet shall return to it everyday

May 15, 2013

5 things to never underestimate in a woman

Posted by My Cactus Dress at 5:04 AM 6 comments

1. Her strength
Lakshmibai, The Rani of Jhansi

2. Her power 
Angela Merkel

3. Her dreams
Oprah Winfrey

4. Her love
Mother Teresa

5. Her wrath
Phoolan Devi

Only because she can flip the world upside down, for good or for bad, with just one of these.

May 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Raumali Darling !

Posted by Smita at 10:42 PM 2 comments
You are a Darling
A darling for your parents,
your siblings,
your friends
to everyone else in this world.

You are a Darling to Darlings of Venus !

We wish you all the happiness and fun of the world.
Hope all the lights brighten up your day, mayall the frolic be your mate today.

Wish you a very Happpy Happpy Happpy Happpy Happpy wala birthday.


May 1, 2013

I am a Woman..Not an Object

Posted by Deepa at 11:48 PM 15 comments
This is my first post on DOV's and trust me my excitement is boundless...Its somehow like a small dream coming true..
But, even being my first might be a little gruesome to start with..

The newest gruesomest barbaric act by a 22 year old asshole in our capital Delhi.

5 year old being raped and 200ml oil bottle and candles inserted in that kid.. (Ouch!! Cant Imagine..), locked up in a room for 3 days hungry and undetected, and also that ass tried to strangulate that little baby.

The police tried to give 2000 bucks to the family to "settle" the case. The kid's relatives were lathi-charged on the streets by police.

Ok, now what do our politicians, the khaps, the so-called baba's have to say..

Ohh..maybe that 5 year old was super sexy and seductive .maybe she was wearing revealing clothes, or maybe she gave her consent to sex right?

She didn't call him "brother" or didn't say a "saraswati mantra"
Or maybe it was just absolutely ok.. because she was a female..
A 5 year old is cute, naughty, sweet not hot, sexy and a babe..its a baby..

Even if a case goes on, the verdict will come after 10 years giving the 22 year old son-of-a-bitch a 5 year "rigorous" imprisionment and Rs. 15,000 fine..
So..that is the value of a the life of a small baby and the pain and trauma endured by her.
The woman Chief Minister is quiet...The woman who literally has the Govt in her closed corrupt fist has nothing to say..
Our Govt is busy passing stupid laws to "Ban Pornography" "Close bars" "Ban smooch scenes in movies" but is taking its sweet time to pass the life changing "rape law" and "lokpal bills"

We don't want another Nirbhaya..We don't want candles lit...We don't want to be named "dented and tainted"..We don,t want to be told what to wear and what not to...We don,t want to walk in fear in dark alleys at any time of the day...We don't want to be forever anxious to let our little kids play alone...

We want freedom..We want to live a secure life..We want JUSTICE

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