January 16, 2018

The sailor named She.

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 8:09 PM 6 comments

A million storms erupt within her
while the face continues to play stoic as ever…..
Woes, fears and the many intangibles of destiny
persistently plague her with all alacrity….

Expectations and disappointments continue to play her mind
while SHE struggles through each day with sources of fresh hope to find…..
As the chores of the grind seem to keep her busy as a bee
though the nights bring along the countless pregnant fears in absolute fury!

With no respite from the concurrent deluge of worries….
Her mind is tired and, so is her body….
And, the rogue tides of health continue to play havoc
but, prayers and good wishes pitch in to brave the tides, steady though slow…..

SHE looks above and wonders - Life is a book with pages in black and white…..
One page the destiny doodles while the other page we write……
Only that we do now know which is which…..
Until, the time comes and unveils its predictably unpredictable pitch….

Yet, SHE continues to adjust the sails of her ship….
Because the fight is a must even if the foe is another iceberg tip…..
In the life that gave her more storms than sun shines…..
SHE musters all courage with hope and faith to steer the Black Pearl of her life…..

Victory be hers!
More power to her!
May the Universe shower all glory on her!

P.S: This poem is dedicated to all those women who silently survive each day with a never ending verve to live. 

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