June 2, 2014

Moms aren't Moms they are Super Mom's

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4 weeks back, my mom had a fall at home, after which she had a small surgery and had her left hand plastered for 4 weeks.

Now, me being "the girl" of the family, obviously, I am her successor in doing the household chores.

Incidentally, around the same time, the maid of my house ran off for her summer vacation leaving me alone.

Trust me, in so many years, I only cook on weekends or when no one is at home and I cook all exotic dishes.

Now, suddenly
Cleaning the house
Washing clothes
Washing the dishes
Going to work
Taking care of mom (since she couldn't do a thing by herself)

Exhausted, is a very small word to describe the feeling. I felt like breaking down and crying so many times.

My nice, supportive family quietly ate any crap I made.
God, What to make? What not to make everyday is another big pain on the wrong side.

Go buy veggies
Clean and Cut them
Search Google and find an easy recipe
Mess up the taste
Feel bad, then give up

Super Mom to the Rescue
I have no idea how our mom's did it. And the kind of nasty kid that I was, I would have strangled myself. How the hell did she manage to do all this,

get the little maniac me ready
endure all my dad's tantrums
drop me in the baby-sitting,
go to work,
quietly endure a monster mother-in-law,
attend all the family obligations
keep family happy and
still smile

If i were her I would have gone insane or wailed or just given up and walked off

Our Moms aren't Mom's they are Super-Mom's

21 Gun Salutes to All the Mothers in this world

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