November 30, 2012

A word for all darlings..

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Hello my darlings,

I have been meaning to write this post in September when our blog turned a year old and frankly I was quite taken aback when none of you remembered. A post to celebrate the first anniversary of our blog would have been worthless given the fact that it is hardly the same blog which we started. The blog which was brimming with countless ideas, blog which gave so many friends to each of us, the blog which gave us all the freedom to write all we wanted and discuss all those issues which were brushed under the carpet, the blog which since its conception was projected as "OUR" blog rather than a blog which would work only with a handful of people.

 The admins have moved on in life and I wish them luck with whatever they have taken up. Some have moved on for higher education and some have started working. I agree those priorities are more important than managing a blog. But simply telling me to kick you out is not the solution. It would rather be helpful that those who are relatively free in a given month pitch in to act as admins. A simple facebook message or dropping a line on mail that you can handle it this month will help me a lot. There isn't much job to do as admin other than replying to mails and updating the pages and it barely takes 10 minutes per day. I m grateful to Smita who has singlehandedly working as an admin for past few months but there has to be atleast 2 admins to manage the blog.

As for the dearth in posts, I see no proper reason for it. I have mailed time and again those members who haven't posted since they joined Darlings of Venus and I think its time that their membership is terminated. This month is the last time I will keep the members on hold. If December sees the same lack of response, then this blog better be shut down or converted to closed memberships.
I have a few ideas to revive this blog but it would be impossible carry forward without active participation.
At present there are 40 writers on this blog and if each of you posts this month atleast once that would mean we have a post almost everyday.

Next thing I would like to ask is, Whatever happened to commenting? Why are the 207 followers not commenting? Like it, hate it, say it! I do not expect that people who read us for entertainment always turn out to comment but the fellow writers who are brilliant themselves can do a whole lot by encouraging the posts here.

I had discontinued the discussions following the poor participation. Its disheartening to get responses like "If only I were not so busy this month" and I stretched the last discussion for 2 months and still the very same people failed to participate.
It is only with the hope that this month will probably get you all back, I m going to put up a new topic for discussion. I cannot force people to write and I cannot plead them to comment. As it is I m writing to people every other day to request for a guest post. This discussion is my last hope to see more writers writing.
The topic for December will be put up tomorrow.

Coming next to topics under the sections. When we started I had delegated some sections to people out here.
Like Fashion to Chandana
Music to Vinati
I was contributing to recipes
I have requested each of you to make it a success. There were sections like craft too. Sections is not the sole responsibility of these people. I know among you many who are good at dressing up, have good music sense, can cook and can paint and can make beautiful stuff. Why the hesitation to share?

The new writers join us and due to lack of feedback stop posting. That is why I put emphasis on commenting if you like their work. Don't make them feel disheartened. Same applies for confessions. It takes a lot to come out and speak what you did wrong. The least we can do is comment and not make them feel like a fool.

Regarding a few rules of this blog,
We DO NOT allow advertising anything. There is DOV facebook page and it is subscribed by all the writers and followers. Post it there if you may!
We DO NOT review anything. Most of our darlings write at A Lot of Pages which is our sister blog and the rightful place for book review. As for movie or product review, it better be done at personal blogs because our DOV mail gets many such requests which we cannot tend to given that we do not advertise or rate anything. A writer doing the same on DOV would contradict our policy so I ask you not to rate a product or movie. If a writer wishes to write on the same line, I suggest she take up the responsibility of the section called "REVIEW" which would have to be started for such requests.

I hope I m not placing high expectations on you all. It would pain me a lot to close this place down but it hurts me more to go about trying it revive it in vain. Please help me build it  back..


November 26, 2012

Most spectacular watch - "Life of Pi"

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Spoiler alert

This book is in my to read list from long. I couldn't read it till date. I was just thinking to grab the book and start reading that the movie released on Nov23rd . Produced and directed by Anglee and based on the novel by Yann Martel the movie has already got showers of appreciation. The visuals are sheer brilliant. I cannot analyse the movie technically but what I can say in short is “Every one was awestruck by the visuals and didn't turn their heads in the fear of missing the beauty on screen” .All have started comparing this to Avatar saying it well deserves an Oscar! I can’t disagree. The visuals were spell bounding. Director Anglee used the 3D technology intelligently and shrewdly grabbing audience’s attention. The CGI tiger Richard parker which actually didn’t exist amused me a lot. Anglee who made crouching tiger, hidden dragon proved that he will continue enchanting the viewers! The boy who plays the 16yr old pi patel deserves a round of applause for his flawless rendition. Irfan Khan does what he has to . He being the old pi narrates his own story to a visitor who wants to write the book. Adil Hussain and Tabu who played Pi’s parents were a south Indian couple who were natural to the core and made a lovely duo though they played a short lived role.

If you read the book well and good. If you haven’t and don’t want to know the story before you watch give this a miss .I will have to narrate few bits here as I cannot exclaim at the marveling experience I had while watching the movie without revealing the story. The movie starts with Irfan khan narrating the story from the start to the man who visits. Irfan’s Mamaji suggests the name Piscine Molitor  Patel to our Pi which actually is the name of a famous swimming pool in Paris. The name pisses off our young Patel as he gets teased by every one at school who shout “pissing” at him. This role was played by  Ayush Tandon (age : 11) . A boy who is a deep thinker , reads a lot and analyses each and every aspect he comes across.That is the reason he wants to understand and follow good aspects of every religion. He was born Hindu but follows Christianity and Islam as well in contrary to his dad who is a staunch non believer . Tabu plays the role of a sweet mom who gives enough freedom to kids to think and believe. 
Young and Dynamic Suraj Sharma- 16yr old

Adil Hussain aka Santosh patel is a zoo keeper and hence they have wide range of animals when they decide to move to Canada as they feel there is no future in Pondicherry. The 16 year old Pi Patel played by Suraj Sharma enters the screen when the actual movie starts . He falls in love with a dancer Anandi but has to leave her when they decide to sail to Canada !Few dialogues do impact you a lot and the emotions are so clearly displayed like the blue serene water of the sea.

Irfan says to the visitor played by Rafe Spall that he remembers every thing from that evening he met Anandi, the promises and all but he doesn’t remember bading a good bye! I  was touched here :)

The real story starts in ship after the scene where a  rude  cook refuses giving them vegetarian food and they shout and fight and a severe storm hits the ship which leads to wreckage and the only survivor in the life boat is Pi along with Richard Parker (the tiger) , a Zebra , Hyena and a Orangutan by name Orange juice! A tear came to my eye when Pi asks  Orange juice “where are your kids?” the parent Orangutan looks at sea as if giving him answer that they are in the belly of merciless sea! This is the most touching scene to me.

The whole story revolves around Pi’s struggle to survive , to save himself from the Bengal tiger and also to try and tame him or at least act so in order to create a dummy zoo atmosphere. I loved the way the boy acted so intensely. He feels happy that he is not alone and simultaneously is scared as there is a permanent threat of tiger relishing the skinny vegetarian boy! Hence he stays in a safe distance.  

Trying to tame the tiger

In the life boat Pi keeps himself occupied by jotting down all his experiences with a pencil. There is a scene where there are millions of flying fish soaring just above them . I must say this is the most brilliant shot of the movie. 3D just made it more magical. My jaw dropped looking at how the serene sea can become violent too; the beautiful waves can be haunting and life taking too. If titanic was one spine chilling kind of experience this movie also leads to a similar feeling but there’s a ray of hope as the boy is not dying even after he lost his family ! 

Richard Parker is one more marvel in the movie. I absolutely loved this tiger and his natural expressions. It feels bad when the ferocious tiger becomes weak, lean and keeps gazing at the sky as if accepting the fate. The starry nights , the clear blue sea water, the camera showing underwater and the life boat and even sky from there ,stormy waves and the mysterious island where Pi finds thousands of meerkats and discovers that the algae are carnivorous  with a human tooth like thing inside the fruit is all unbelievable and heavenly. The visual effects prove that the movie has a good chance to bag an Oscar !

By the time life boat reaches shores of Mexico Pi is starving, bony and feels more devastated as Richard Parker escapes in to jungle without at least looking back at him. Folks from the Japanese freighter company don’t believe the eye witness story of Pi, so he tells them a different one in great detail with humans on the lifeboat instead of animals , but the visitor feels the initial story with animals was the best among both. The ending could have been much better. I felt slightly bored when Pi narrates the alternate story to Japanese. It was ambiguous. You may understand if you read the book. The fighter Pi cries profusely at the loss of Richard Parker. I kind of disliked this aspect. Being a great fighter he could have fought back the tears . Pi’s spirituality and belief in various gods and  the way he survives remembering each god ,  the way this aspect was dug deep in the book is not done in the movie.

Pi on the bio luminescent sea under the starry sky!!

Nevertheless this one is the most spectacular watch of  this year and for sure a visual treat. I can use many more adjectives like surreal, mystic, and magnificent to describe the movie and bravo to the director and the team .I am dying to read the book now :)

November 24, 2012

A confession..

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            5 years back..
           "I still can't believe you said no" he told me over the phone.
            I knew this was a mistake. I should have never resumed talking with him. Not when I had broken his heart.
           "Tell me the truth. Did you say no under any pressure? Did anyone tell you something I don't know?" he persisted.
            "No.. I took this decision.. " I replied knowing that he winced on the other side.
            " I refuse to accept that I can be so wrong. I have seen it in your eyes. It can't  be all a mistake."
            "There's no point bringing it up now. I m already in a relationship." I finally told him.
            "What ? Who is he?" He asked in disbelief.
            I told him the name of my boyfriend.
            " I thought you were just getting me jealous!" he sighed.
            " That's not the way to go about it. I wish you knew. Anyway I will talk to you later." I said
            " No need.. I won't bother you again." He hung up coldly.
            7 years back
           He was my childhood friend's brother. We knew each other since childhood. His sister and I played together everyday. He was a few years older to us. I was in that age called teenage now. The hormones were totally guiding my actions. I did not think about the repercussions of those actions then. I was just flowing in the flood of emotions.
           It was apparent that we liked each other. He was one of my closest friends. Someone who always helped me with my assignments. Who shared his thoughts with me and vice versa. We used to stay up late at night talking while he completed his drawings. He was a superb artist. Something which was not encouraged at his home but plenty in mine! He was close to my parents. We bantered together with my family. We shared a lot of our time together although it was in the presence of others :)
           Looking back, there were plenty of hints dropped but a fear of direct confrontation. His gifts to me, although very simple had deeper meanings which he would tell me later. He saw things differently. An artist afterall! He once gave me a gift which symbolised loyalty, something which he told me when it was too late. I on  my part once dropped a greeting card on his birthday through his door. An anonymous card which he guessed was from me!
          We would play songs which we made sure the other person heard. WE would all the time write songs on the books we exchanged. We would never miss a chance to be at the same place.
          Then there came a summer which changed our equation. His parents were away and he was alone in his house for that period. He used to leave the keys to his house at my place and every evening when he came to collect the keys I would wait for him. I would then take tea for him (Which my mother would ask me to do) . I hardly stayed more than that but it was enough to get some tongues wagging.
          One afternoon while we were talking, he told me that he liked my cousin. Now this cousin was older to me and near by his age. He told me, "Her face inspires me to paint."
          I was heartbroken. Not that I was dying to be in a relationship ( I had not even given a thought to it!) but the very idea that he found someone else attractive while all the time I thought it was me was enough ! I made it a point to tease him about it but he thought jealousy was the sure sign that love exists. Sadly for me, jealousy turned me hostile. I stopped feeling the same about him.
         After his parents returned something happened. He stopped talking to everyone. Although my feelings had changed for him, I was hurt to lose a friend. I asked him several times but he refused to tell anyone.
        One afternoon, he came to talk to my father. I had started acting indifferent because he wouldn't talk to me anyway. When my father went into the kitchen, he dropped a chit for me. I carefully picked it up and read it later. It said he wasn't talking to me because of some problem with his family. He has no problem with me and he knows I will support him. He wanted me to keep the act on and talk only when we meet outside. He told me later that his family had heard rumors about us and wanted him to stop talking to me. In retaliation he had stopped talking to his family to let them realise how it feels!
       A new man entered my life. Someone who was a complete opposite to my friend. He thought that now I was the one who was making him jealous. He ignored my attachment with the new man in my life.
       After a few months of this incidence he proposed me. I refused.
       I realised he was not someone I wanted to be with. He was emotional kind of a person. Someone who values people more than money. His attitude is more suitable to be an artist but he got emotionally blackmailed into doing engineering by his parents and after he was done with his diploma he suddenly shifted to business. I wanted to be with someone more firm with his decisions. Someone who could stand his own. Someone who was worldly wise and would balance out the emotional me.
       True that I did lead him on but I could never have adjusted with him.
      A few months after his proposal, we shifted from that place. I could see it in his reddened eyes that he was still waiting for me but I had moved on in life.
      He was the last person to come to my housewarming and the quietest he had ever been. He had questions and his eyes couldn't hide it. I couldn't answer them all. I was a coward. I hurt the person who had gone out of his way to help me in whatever situation I was.

     5 years back when he asked me if I never had any feelings for him I could have told him I had. Substantiated what his heart always knew. But I refused to accept. Agreed to be tagged as someone who just lead him on to nothing rather than point out his faults. The reason was simple. I had done enough damage to someone who had genuine feelings for me.
    Present day..
    I still go to his house. I meet his parents and talk to his sister. He coolly ignores me. I tried to talk but he gives only monosyllable response. I m not  hurt. Ok maybe hurt to lose a friend but not hurt because he ignores me. It only means he hates me. Which is better than seeing the hurt. Which means he has moved on..
I m just guilty that he questioned his own gut feel. Maybe he will always do that in future..


November 23, 2012

Silence !

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Hmm….”, he murmured.
Okay…..a little here and a little there…..but will it be okay??”, he asked himself.
It was quiet difficult thing for him to come to a conclusion.
As making decisions was not his cup of tea.
With his girlfriend he had always been on the bad side of making decisions.
The decision to leave her taking the shield that he doesn’t feel the same intensity of love now like he used to feel earlier, was making him to suffer.
She surely loved him a lot.

The colors were flying.
Flowing out of the tubes…onto the canvas….Black….white….purple….red.
Colors make life….Life make colors.
His hands started drawing. Drawing something which even he didn’t know.
He was in good mood. Mood to paint and draw.
He allowed his soul’s freedom to mix with the essence of colors on the palette and the words of his thoughts, trying to come out from the jail of his mind.

Hands were moving.
Structure was being erected.
Confused what it was….he simply kept drawing.

What he liked was her beauty.
Beautiful in all ways that a girl can be.
Body well built, face well suited.
Her hands moving on his face, fingers entangled in his hairs, he lying in her lap…he surely misses her.
Her crystal laugh, sweet smile…endless talks…and loads of love!!! 
Life was life with her.
Meaning, value, spice, aim…everything was there with her to live.

But his irresponsible move made her go away.
He tried bringing her back but a lot late after it had been too late to apologize.
He tried marking her path, jotting her life, to get back to her, but she had closed all the doors.
She was hurt. Her respect was lost.
Her love for him was insulted.
He was her life and life without respect was a waste for her.

Memories flashes are always ecstatic.

He was once again in love with her.
He was having the urge to go back to her again.
He was wanting to meet her, hold her in her arms, kiss her.
He wanted her back no.
He will talk to her, he made this as his first thing to do after his hands will finish their dance on the canvas.

Colors were still flowing in full co-ordination of his hands.
And this continued for hours.
He was not tired.
Not bored.
He wanted to finish the piece and then go and see his love.

And after few hours he did finish it
Startled to see the image….he was thrown back.
He almost fainted to the ground.
He sat In the corner of the room.

What have I drawn?”, he thought in his mind and held hi head.
How is this even possible!!!”.
He had no idea.
Painting has just turned up-to his worst nightmare.

His sense were gone.
No idea about what was going around….he went to pick up his cell phone.
Searched in the contacts for her.
Her name was still there with the name she had saved it with.

He called and some guy answered.
Can I talk to Sarika?”, he somehow spoke.
She’s dead. She committed suicide this morning”, and the broken voice disconnected the call.

His soul was torn.
Torn into a million pieces.
Pieces that just couldn’t be brought together now.

No news of him for 2 days worried his neighbors.
They barged into his house to discover his body hanging from the roof fan, with a painting of  a girl in similar manner in the background in complete Silence.


November 21, 2012

What would you do….?

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What would  you do if your expectations are not met?
What would you do if you are left alone to cry in the middle?
What would you do…..?

She had been calling him. 4-5 times. He didn’t pick. She was fast approaching her destination. Steps were fast. A shadow was following.
She turned to see and dog came up to her.
“Madam, You know any shopping centre here.?”, he barked.
She made a face. The approach was clearly not liked.
“Can you suggest any shopping area nearby?” .
She again made a face. Home Centre board was clearly visible from the point where he was standing.
Her only fault was to turn to look for him while going from one side to the other side of the road.
“Yes, there’s Home Centre there.”, she answered in irritated tone.
“Okay, you are from this place? You live nearby? You know this place?......blah blah blah……”, she was not expeting so many questions after the brief irritated answer.
She just nodded and started walking.
He came to her side again.
“Would you like to have a cup of coffee???”….he barked.

Okay..Now this was something totally unexpected.
So she had appeared to him as a Pros******????????
Enough to break her down!!!
How can anybody think so about her???
How can anybody talk to her so???
How can she be harassed at 3 in the afternoon!!!!!
He kept barking......things which cannot be narrated here.
She kept calling!
He didn’t pick!

When he did come, he was happy. He had the company of his friends.
They had to attend a party. She was excited as much as he was!
Just her day was spoiled not his!
He didn’t even ask once.
All that was important was the five star hotel party.
The dog’s ill words were going in her mind while he was enjoying dancing to the DJ there.
She left after the speech. No food. No Merriment. No support. Only tears.
He enjoyed. Clicked fotos with everybody. Didn’t talk to her for next 2 days. No message. No call. Nothing!!!

She only called him. Went to see him. They are still together. What would you do if you had to decide for her?

November 18, 2012

A young entrepreneur and her first taste of success.

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It inspires me. Young women doing something so stellar, does inspire me. Whoever coined the word young, sure did not know of the awe-inspiring work women in their teens are capable of doing. They’re zesty, they’re motivated and they’re definitely not going to settle for anything less than the best, I thought when Kalyani first told me about the event, ‘The Network’ in which most of the city’s young women entrepreneurs and a few inspired male entrepreneurs who own different start-ups are working in collaboration, to present their craft to a wider audience.
When I first spoke to Kalyani, she did come across as a strong-willed and ambitious person which only got ascertained with further communication.

Her start-up venture, ‘Cibaro events’ is her 6 month old baby, which she is going to tend to and ensure it grows to be a successful firm.
Ask her what her idea of a successful firm is and she will instantaneously say, “I feel a successful start up is not the one which has positive cash flows and fame, I think it is the feeling where you are happy at the end of the day for the work you did today and you await next morning so you could give yourself more to what is yours. A successful start up needs no Sunday and does not await weekends!”

So this left me intrigued and triggered the following QnA! Trust me. Go on reading.

1.      First and foremost, why the name ‘Cibaro’ events? Why did you name your enterprise, that?

     A-Since it is my first venture, I wanted the name to relate to who I am and something that describes what I am. I am very closely associated to Internationalism due to my love for travelling and AIESEC. Apart from this, I am a die-hard foodie and one unique selling point of Cibaro Events is the wide range of food and customization. So to answer your question, Cibaro means love for food in latin and why cibaro? The answer is it is what defines ME.

2-Tell us something about the inception of Cibaro events. When your enterprise did take shape?

      A-We recently completed 6month. It is a start-up. The enterprise started on 6th May, 2012. Initially we started out by outsourcing many services but now we are capable to do it all by ourselves and with time it will only get better.

3-How difficult was it to convince your family to permit you to start an enterprise, given you are a 19 year old student?

    A- Umm! I think initially they did have doubt of me dropping out or not scoring well. But I guess they just went with the flow and had faith in my decision and it all turned out to be good. Starting Cibaro Events was one of the best decision of my life.

 4-With the latest event coming up, ‘The Network’ what do you expect to deliver and what do you expect to come out of the event?

A-start ups get to know each other and make it possible what was not possible before due to various reasons. Also I want the network community to stay together even after the event is over. It is like a family to me now since I have closely interacted with most of them. Also I want them to meet new buyers and since Churchgate has never been tapped before the way I am trying too, let’s hope the risk works out well.

5-As a young entrepreneur, how difficult was it to bring together all the labels under one roof? 

A-The Network- Come extend your network into opportunities.
we at Cibaro Events believe the more people you know and the more people who know you, the more opportunities you will have! I think this one was major roadblock we faced since bringing confidence that this event will be worth it was difficult. The first difficult task was to find brands which were different from eachother. If you notice, one brand is totally different from another. I did not want every second stall to sell jewelry or clothes. I wanted consumers to get something they won’t find otherwise if they shop in stores or street and I achieved what I wanted since we have just 4 jewelry brands out of 60 to start with and all four cater to different art forms of jewelry ranging from contemporary designs to tribal art.

6-Tell us something about the workshops under DIY by some popular brands like DotPSD and XOXO accessories. What is the idea behind it?

We have workshops by DotPSD and XOXO Accessories apart from one by Miss Hetal who shall be conducting a session on makeup and styling tricks for party and weddings.

Workshop #1: 1st December 5pm on ‘My Favorite Thing’ (D-I-Y leather accessories) by DotPSD.

Workshop #2: 1st December 6pm on ‘how to neonify your accessories and easy carry containers for the same’ by XOXO Accessories.

Workshop #3: 2nd December 5pm on 7 minute fast hair styles and make up tricks by Hetal Khimsaria

Prior Registration Required:

Idea is not just to have an exhibition but a platform where audience gets to know the brands one on one and learn a few tricks of the trade which could help them construct accessories/ bags on their own.
Who knows this audience might get inspired and start something by themselves in the future.
This is one huge party to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

7-Any particular goof up that happened while planning this event?
Not really. I do only one event in 3 months so a lot of time was given to the event thus making sure everything goes smooth.

8-‘The Network’ will help brand collaborations of various start-ups who work from home and have carved a successful brand image already. What can the shopaholics and the market can expect out of this?

A-    Bags, Home D├ęcor, Clothes, Apparels, Accessories, Jewelry, Tourism projects, Education institutions, Chocolates, Cupcakes, Hair Accessories, Mehndi Professionals, Tarot Card Readers, crystal ball gazers, Hand Painted Kurtis, Hair Accessories, Indian Ethnic Wear, Financial schools etc. are what visitors can expect from this event! Apart from shopping it is also a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs who wants to extend their business and are looking out to come up with new product line.
If you are into clothing then we have accessories brands to tie up with and just do the needful for your consumer by making your shop a one stop purchase store. The same goes on with other brands. You just need to extend your thinking skills and be creative on how to expand your business by working with start ups and sell your product like hot cakes in this competitive market.

9-.Its going to be a huge hit, with the response you are getting already. Any pre-event jitters?

A-Yes! So my team cannot just sleep because we are constantly thinking of how why and where. Also we are planning to set up a free photobooth for people visiting the event so that they have memories to take back from the same. Lot of hush hush and last minute preparations to be done. I think we are more excited than scared.

10. Visitors and stalls are going to participate all over India, how did you manage that?
Social media and technology made it possible totally. We have participants from goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Assam and Mumbai, of course.

11. The press release mentions the word, ‘Garage sale’ what’s it all about?

Cibaro Events believes one person’s trash is another person’s treasure so we have few girls who are shopaholics and wish to empty their wardrobe and thus you will find some stuff at real bargain deal.

12- Last but not the least; tell us about the brands participating at The Network so we can make a shopping wish list.

Chiria- Handmade Jewelry by Simrat| Triviarts |Aashique creation|Svapan Creations| Cocheta Chocolates|Dazzling Cuts| Jasraj Antique| Investor School| Sanctum| Pink Feather Inc| JK Jewelers| Parita Designs| Bakula| The Ribbon Factory| Kiwi Accessories| Wow Mom| Sahyaras|
Parin's Tarot Reading| Aksha Mehndi Designer| Shrusti's Art Work | Jhumka| Priyanka's Handmade Gifting| Manera| Vastra - Hand Painted Kurtis| MBA Updates| B - Bags,| Bakedgoodies & Art| Eesha Zaveri Jewelry| Designerds| Linton| Chikanbarn|
Kohar| The Klick Store| ALLY MATTHAN| Apparels| Tashan creations| XOXO Accessories| DOTpsd| Browngold| Cultural Aangan| The Jewelry Project| Kalakaari| Vivacious in Vogue| Esenemes| SPADES - bags clothes n accessories | The House of Anna Fernandes| Poison Dart Button Badges & Accessories| The Pink Street| Rajguru International| Shoe-U| Esperenza| Nomad Bags And Accessories| Streak Hue Fall
Soulwork| VeryAarty| Bows & Wows & many more!

Let this be a fun- filled shopping experience for all the shopaholics, visitors and the corporate world!

This post was especially put up here, assuming that all the women might be interested! :") 

See you there! :)

November 1, 2012

Drip Drop

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The climate has been awesome for the past few days in Bangalore. Monsoons have been blessing us more often. However, I am not able to enjoy it as I used to way back in college. For me, getting wet in the rain should be like free of all worries. I should be able to enjoy it without worrying about saving my smart phone which is not so smart to survive a few droplets of rain water. :( Life has become so serious.  Back in college, I never used to have umbrellas. Whenever it rains, I used to give away my books to those who don't like to get wet and hence carry umbrellas always and go all the way from college to hostel mentally dancing and physically grinning about the sheer beauty of nature, which blooms with the droplets of heaven.

Rains have always been special to me. I literally have a folder full of pics from my college days when all of us went up to the terrace during every downpour and danced around without a single worry in life. But today, I am in a different place and a different person, I get all that. But when it rains, I still find that child in me bouncing up and down wanting to go back to that era. Sadly, I am just not able to do it - oh god, I have to cover my new phone, oh god, I have to protect my watch, oh god, if I get wet and catch a cold now, I have to take off from office which is impossible, oh god, I have a load of works waiting for me back home and hence I can't afford to get all wet which would just increase my over-towering workload - Some or the other comes up like this and even if I do come out of all these, I miss company. Rains are enjoyed best when you have company who sees them just as you see. There is none at all around me like that now. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I am the one who is kiddish and I start wondering if I have to grow up.

Why did life have to become so serious? Why can't we just take a break and go off some place nice just for the sheer merriment. Why can't I come back home for one day without any worries about me going for a change in my employment or about the settlements in my current company or about the family issues that need to be attended to or about the ever-growing to-do list? Is this what it is to be like a grown-up? All responsibilities and no fun? Hey, I am all for taking responsibility in life, but when it happens like that's all you get, it winds me up a little. Have we lost the innocence of childhood? I don't want to lose that part of me which I love very much.

How do you fellas feel? Is it me handling this whole thing the wrong way?

Until later,

P.S: Going on a holiday for a fortnight before I join my new company. Hope it helps me recover some of my lost merriment. Will be back after Diwali. So, my warm wishes to everyone in advance for the festival of lights. Have fun this November and fellas, if you can help it, please avoid crackers. Save the world for the next generation :)

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