November 19, 2015

Rant Post

Posted by Deepa at 12:13 PM 2 comments
First, I is sorry. I is landing here after eons. Why? for the past 10 months I have had a lot of good and bad changes in my life
1. I got married and will celebrate my first anniversary next month
2. I shifted cities & it took me a while to settle down
3. I got a new job & again it took me time to adjust
4. I am trying hard to learn & understand the local language & fail
5. I have put on oodles of weight, none of my pretty dresses & blouses fit anymore. I tried to work out & failed
6. I started to cook, clean & do quite a few wife-like duties everyday

So, guess I have justified my prolonged absence.

I am in Bengaluru, all my friends are away, the friends I have made here are mostly wives or new-mommies so they have recipes & baby talks to share & seriously I need someone to party with.
My husband doesn't dance so, this city has some amazing pubs & lounges and I dance alone & feel stupid after a while.
I took up hobbies quilled a few pretty earrings, crocheted a pretty tie up beach sandals, I started to learn zumba and then the instructor ran off and I am out of ideas.

I mean seriously, do all married girls only talk about what they cooked, what they did with their husbands, when are they planning babies?
What happened to those, OMG such a cute boy talks?
What happened to did you see the final GoT episode?
What happened to lets go party this Wednesday ladies night?

Everyone might have a different perspective, but its my opinion, to not get the husband involved in everything.
yes, you love him, but dude, get some time out for yourself. Go for a ladies spa evening, a high tea, gossip, laugh over silly things

That is the only hing I miss of my bygone single life & a flat tummy also I do miss
This sounds like a rant post right?

Adios, pretty ladies

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