January 31, 2012

Moving on

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With all the weddings around, things have been so busy for me...
Previously, weddings were just a way of dressing up (forcibly by mum! ) .. playing with cousins ( I remember those times when there used to be a balloon-walas and oneofthoserandomrelatives used to buy us colourful balloons and pistols) .. Gorging on the food.. Yawning away to glory while the rituals still went on.. Getting dressed for the reception.. standing behind the bride/groom and putting away all the gifts they recieved.. Bingeing on the chaats and ice creams..

Now that, my close friends have been getting married, its literally been an emotional roller coaster ride..
I never realized how painful it is gonna be packing up everything from 'Your' room into those million suitcases.. bringing down those posters which godknowswhenyouhadpastedonthewalls.. No more sleepovers with friends (damn! ).. Getting adjusted into a new family.. their customs and traditions.. their daily routine.. their likes and dislikes..

No more mum around to 'Pleeeaacjjeee.. pleeazzeee ma.. please do this for me no'...
I shuddered at the thought of one of my fren's MIL waking her up and my friend yelling back at her.. ( I wonder how she's gonna manage getting up at 4 in the mornin every.single.day!! )
I can't believe how much i've taken my parents for granted.. :|
The thought of cooking something decent without mum's help...
I can't imagine managing a whole family.. No matter whom you have around, to 'help', there's some weird thing which makes it feel like 'its your responsibility to look after the family'..
Even though things like finallyy your gonna get to spend your life with the loved one and you look forward to waking up beside them each morning, I don't think i'll be ever able to sleep 'peeeaaccceeefullyyy', the way I do rite now...
There's something that changes, the day the girl gets engaged (seriously!! its happened with 4 of my friends and i don't think its a co-incidence anymore ).. its like she becomes more 'family-oriented-matured' type.. Its like they've left the rest of us behind and gone on to the next level of 'seriousness'...
Those small things which you hardly noticed start to matter more.. :|
One of my friend's dad told me that their daughter cannot be treated the same way anymore the minute she's married.. I can't imagine dad treating me differently.. :| ..
20 odd years of upbringing and my own way of living.. leaving all that behind.. getting used to new ways.. oh man.. :| .. I'm curious to know what the future holds.. yet scared at the thought of letting go the 'cocooned' environment..
This is def. Moving on... To another phase of life.. to all the beauutttiifulll Darrhhlinngs out there!

January 28, 2012

Old Memories

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Cleaning The Cupboard, Abhilasha found her Wedding Photograph and the whole occasion of her Marriage with Manan Brought Tears In Her Eyes.. 

A lot Of Dreams.. A new Life A new Relation, Abhilasha Had Never Thought Of  Marrying and Moving Away from Her Parents..  She Was Happy To Be With Her Husband, But Yearned The Company Of Her Parents... The Scoldings Of Her MIL  And also Was scared Of The New Lifestyle Of A Metropolitan City Bombay!!

After Stepping On the Sand Of Bombay, She Could Feel A sense of Independence, A fresh air which told her to live life as she wants and Enjoy Each Moment...

Abhi... Tum Daro Mat... Main Humesha Tumhare saath Hun...(Abhi, No Need To Fear, I am Always with You). Hum Yha Apna Ghar Mil Kr Banayenge... (We ll Make Our House Together) Hmare Sapno Ka Ghar(Our Dream House..) 
She Was Happy With Her Married Life Until A day Manan Got Shot By his Rival Professional and he Lost His Memory... She Tried Her Best To Remind Manan About Her but all went In Vain...  He only Remembered His Parents and wanted To Go Back To Bhopal... Abhilasha did Not accept Failure and also Did Not want To Bother Her In Laws so she asked them To Pay a visit Every Month..
She Helped Him Do Every Thing, Took Care Of Him... Cooked Food for Him and Kept every Thing as He Desired... Within A Few Months... Manan Was Recovering But He still Did Not Remember Who Abhilasha was... Why Was She With Him And Why Did She Care For Him As If She Was Related To Him...

Abhilasha Left No Leaf Unturned But Her Inner Self Confidence  Was Not as strong as it was before... She Could Not accept The Fact That Manan Forgot Her... He Forgot All The Moments Spent With Her...

She Hugged The Marriage Pic and Cried Her heart Out...
She Wanted To Run Away From The Truth And Get Back The Normal Manan Back... She Wanted To Hug Him...

She Was Brought Into Reality By a Familiar Hand On Her Shoulder... She Turned Back And Was Hell Surprised To See Manan Stand In Front Of Her...

Mrs Manan Sharma, Apki Aanko Mein Aansu Ache Nahi Lagte Hain...

Ma... Manan...(She Hugged Him Tightly)... Tum Mujhe Kaise Bhool Gaye The Manan.. Main Bohot akeli Pd Gyi Thi Tumhare Bina... Manan... I love You A Lot...

Abhi... Main Tumhe Bhula Nahi Tha... Bhagwaan Ji Ki Pariksha De Raha tha... Wo Mujhe Dikhana Chahte The Ki Tum Mujhse Kitna Pyar Karti Ho...

To apko Result Kya Mila...??

Manan Hugs Her and says:- Hmmm Result Yeh Mila Ki main... ni... Hum Dono Pass Ho Gye Hain...

Abhilasha Blushes at This..

Abhilasha:- Manan Apki Pariksha K sath Sath Bhagwaan Ji meri Bhi Pariksha Le Rahe The...

Manan:- Kaisi Pariksha abhi...??

Abhi:- Ap Apni ankhein Band Kariye... Mujhe Sharam Aati Hai...

Manan:- Ohooo To Mrs Manan Sharma Ko apne Pati Se Bat Krte Hue Sharam AA rhi hai...

Abhilasha:- Dhat... Kijiye Na...

Manan:- Lo kr Li...

Abhilasha Keeps a Card On Manan's Hand... And asks Him To Open His Eyes...

He Opens The Card... And Is Enthralled By Seeing It and Picks Up Abhilasha and Whirls around The Whole Room...

The card Had The Following Words...

Welcome To FatherHood!!


Hello Darlings !! this is one of my last posts for the time being... Got my exams starting from 20th Feb so i need to concentrate there... Will be back soon with a Story which is based on a true Incident!!

Till Then Good Bye Take Care!!

Biochemistry of Life..

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            While I m most of the time whining about the long hours of college, today I got something to share with you Darlings. It is nothing you must not have heard of but yet the way it was put was novel. Atleast in a class of biochemistry it is rare to stumble upon such ideas.
            We were studying glycolysis. For layman- breakdown of glucose to obtain energy. Now this teacher of ours has a passion for teaching. He uses funny examples and analogies to make his point. He also spends a lot of time talking about life. He was done teaching us the various steps in the long chain and then the cycle called Kreb's cycle. We had learnt the enzymes, structures and mathematics of energy. At the end of it he said, " All this for just 34% energy. We get only 34% from this longggg chain of events. Could there be scope for evolution? Maybe we could use 100% someday!"
            His words made us think. Could it be possible? Are we breaking down our glucose better than our ancestors and could our successors use glucose in a better way? 
            He looked at our faces and then said, "In life everyone thinks about having a perfect life partner. The girls will have a role model. She would want her life partner to be good looking, romantic and all that her filmy hero does. The boys will have a picture of a girl in their thoughts. He will want the girl to fit in that image. But do we all end up with that kind of a person as our life partner? What does all of us ultimately want? That whoever your life partner maybe, he should be with you through all the ups and downs of life. Even if the guy goes bald his life partner should still love him. Even if the girl starts aging or growing fat , her life partner should still say "you are beautiful" even if it is a lie! Because at the end of your day, you want your life partner to be yours and to be with you always. If you go for someone superficial and one who is much much better than you, then you will someday feel that you are inferior or you will always be insecure. He might leave you for someone better looking right? 
            We were wondering what the connection was between his question and the sudden romantic discussion. 
            "There were many life forms which acted smart and went for a more efficient and shorter system to use up glucose but they couldn't stand the test of time. We evolved from a single cell. Number of cells decided to work together and went on to make tissues, organs and later organisms if I may call so. We followed this system and we survived. Eventually it was not about who did the best, it was about who managed to stay for long and we did. Not necessary that everything that looks better will last better." 
             Couldn't help marvelling and the simplicity and exactness of the answer and his comparison with life! 
Yea I know, this teacher rocks!!        

January 23, 2012

Getting to know The Darling - Interview with Maithili

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Hello Hello *And a little shake up wake up* to all the Darlings of DOV!!

As DIGS was telling me a few days back, there is a general lull in the Blogosphere...and ladies, that just is not us, comeon!! Bring back the sexy, sizzling, intelligent, intriguing women out! :D Anyway, so I got this MUCH awaited opportunity to Interview our beloved Maithili...or as Suruchi christened her to be Maiths. My few of the earliest Blogger friends and also, as we call each other often, Soul Sister. Maithili spins some of the brilliant spine tingling, mush inducing, thoughtful and mature, fun and mysterious stories ever. After much resistance (from my side....SUCH a big chance, I could have screwed up easily) and never subsiding encouragement from Maithili herself, Presenting before you, a belated Birthday present for Maiths: Maithili Bhatnagar's One Such Story! 

MSM: Heyyy :D
Maiths: hi
MSM: You up for the interview?
Maiths: you have 45 minutes to interview me madam :D
MSM: :D Okay, so we start now.
Maiths: ok.
MSM: This is the most intriguing part because I have no idea what to ask you
Maiths: This is a great start! All interviews start this way :D
MSM: Heheh :D Okay then Maithili...or as we all know you, Maiths...What is your story for One Such Story?
Maiths: Well, One Such Story wasn't my first blog actually. I started with a blog when I was going through a very low phase and then slowly I began writing more about fiction. That's when I thought of starting a new blog dedicated to fiction.
MSM: Is your first blog still up?
Maiths: No it isn't. It was relevant in the situations I was in at that time but now I’m in a much better phase *touchwood* and I do not go want to relive those moments.
MSM: You have moved on. Very well :) Which brings me to this question....when you write stories, what inspires you...?
Maiths: Tag line of my blog - Each one of us is a story.That is what inspires me to write. Writing a story needs no talent at all. We all are story tellers. Right from making excuses for why we are late or covering up for our lies, we spin stories. People and everyday situations inspire me the most. Sometimes a dream can turn into an inspiration for me.
MSM: Ah, yes. I remember a Metro-Station story of yours. :) It was spooky.
Maiths: I get such spooky dreams. I do not know if they are prophetic but yes they somehow integrate into beautiful stories
MSM: They do :) Okay, so Maiths...are you a serious person or fun loving? Your stories show a very matured side of you.
Maiths: It actually depends on the situation. I’m a very situational kind of a person. I banter when I’m in a casual environment but if a situation needs seriousness then I’m serious. It’s for this reason that people who see me serious cannot associate me as being someone fun too.
MSM: Hmmm....I guess you love to laugh a lot. :D Which is one thing that makes you terribly angry?
Maiths: There are a lot of things that make me angry but it’s all associated with when someone doesn't think of another person's situation. I don't know what's the point of being human if one cannot feel for someone else?
MSM: Well said. So, do you make sure that your emotions are conveyed to the other person or you love to simmer? :D
Maiths: I make my emotions conveyed if they are pleasant ones. Life is too short for words to be left unsaid. At the same time I hold on before letting out my negative emotions. Sometimes we judge a little too harshly :)
MSM: I am impressed with your calculated judgment :D I agree with you.
You are creative as well, aren't you? We all know the fabulous mouth watering brownies you have made.
Maiths: I would like to believe I’m creative :) Brownies are too easy to make but yes those are ones I make well :)
MSM: Hehehe, easier said than done. I can not make desserts at all. :D So, Maiths, your family knows you write?
Maiths: Well they know that I write. They do not know that I blog.
MSM: Hmmmm, they would love to know how loved their daughter is in the blog world though :D
Maiths: Well I would not tell them yet as their reading my blog would make me conscious of the content I write. I’m still supposed to be a child :P
MSM: Ah true true. :D Imagine our fathers ;)
If my dad reads the love stories I spin on escorts and the other women :P Heheh.
Maiths: Exactly! They would wonder where we got the experience. :P
MSM: Haha  :D Which brings me to this Maiths, how would you define yourself in less than 5 words before we move on to rapid fire?
Maiths: Flexible, Emotional, Romantic, Lazy.
MSM: Brilliant. :D I loved the variety here.
Maiths: :D I tried covering everything :D
MSM:That's the mark of a true story-teller. :D Few Words. Entire Story!
So, you ready for the rapid fire?
Maiths: Yes. I’m all geared for the rapid fire now :D
MSM: :D Just answer in yes or no.
Maiths: Alright...karma is B***h. Red is getting her prayers answered.
MSM: :D She most certainly is.
Ever lied to get your way with things?
Maiths: Yes.
MSM: Secretly plotted to kill someone?
Maiths: No.
MSM: No? Never? :D
Maiths: As in really plotted or thought of plotting?
MSM: Thought of.
Maiths: I thought of killing my micro teacher :D
MSM: There you go! :D
Okay, ever Adam-teased?
Maiths: Hehe Yees :P *hides self*
MSM: :D :D Hi5 by the way
Maiths: hehe those were the days!! :P
MSM: I knoww ;)
Maiths: hi5 on that
MSM: Next...Believe in Ghosts?
Maiths: Yes. I know I’m supposed to be a science student and all that.. But i still believe in spirits.
MSM: Nevermind that. I am a lawyer and still believe in spirits :P Okay, so answer in short. First thing people will notice about you when they see you.
Maiths: Weight :P
MSM: Hahahahaha. :D Other than that. I know you have beautiful eyes.
Maiths: They might notice my smile (as I m told it is cute) but my eyes (my pride) are hidden by specs
MSM: Aaaah. Specs I tell you. Every woman with beautiful eyes has faced this. :D
If you were given a chance to write someone's story, a celebrity or any such person, who would you, choose?
Maiths: I have no idea :P Let me think
MSM: Take your time.
Maiths: I think Aishwarya Rai :D
MSM: Ah. And why would you say that? :D
Maiths: First, because she was from my college :P and very less is written about her..she’s been a private person actually…I would like to write on her life…how it would be to be overshadowed by father in law during her delivery :P Another candidate could be Katrina Kaif. I really have quite a respect for that lady.
MSM: Interesting. :D Aha. Tell us something about your college and what you do. Since you said Aishwarya was there. :D
Maiths: Hehe. No. Aish was an ex-student of my junior college. Right now I go to degree college and make lotions, syrups, inhalations etc and keep doing tests to check the quality of drugs :P
MSM: Pharmacology?
Maiths: That’s one of the subject.
MSM: Hmmm....We both need some. Drugs that is :D
Maiths: :D haha yea I’m perennially on some drug or the other.
MSM: Achcha, tell me something. What is one thing in a guy that turns you off?
Maiths: Hmmm. Bad manners.
MSM: And one thing that you find annoying in women.
Maiths: Once again - inconsiderate.
MSM: Hmmm...Are you a flirt?
Maiths: :P I’m not.
MSM: Seriously? :D I feel like I am spoilt now. :D Okay Maiths... You started DOV. It's an Only Girls Blog and I wouldn't be surprised if someone says women cannot be together for long. Do you agree?
Maiths: I agree that women cannot be together always. :P If they aren't lesbians!!
MSM: Hahaha!
Maiths: same goes for men!
MSM: True!
Maiths: The only difference is, men don't talk to each other when they have ego clashes, we women talk and fight when that happens.
MSM: Yea true true. DOV is your brain child. What do you feel about it now...it's reached to a very popular pedestal. :D
Maiths: The real challenge is now. Now when the novelty wears off, we need to go on stronger, more ideas, more participation and more membership should happen. Else DOV will dry up.
MSM: We wouldn't let that happen.
Maiths: What I see is that members are active for the first month after joining and then they suddenly disappear. That is what should not happen.
MSM: I am sure there needs to be a fire to be lit in our fiery blog. :D No worries, we darlings will definitely make it work.
Maiths: We have to. Agreed that the Admins have been slightly overburdened this month, but we will be soon back in action.
MSM: :D Yes. So before we conclude....tell us Maiths; Blogging world must have given you some wonderful experiences. Some Blogs you would suggest our darlings to have a look at.
Maiths: Well I believe that blogging is about what you feel and what you are. So unless you are a total copy of me (which MSM of course you are) I cannot for sure say that you will like what I liked. Some blogs like Confessions of Chocolate Obsessed and The Girl At First Avenue might appeal to those looking for Spontaneity…RedHanded for Humor, Atrocious Scribbling for Subtle Humor and Good Creative Work, MSM for the mystical feel and beautiful poetry, Peek Into My Life for bringing energy and enthu about life, Paanipuri Lover and Abhilasha for some cheerfulness, Conversations by Sujatha Sathya for some introspection and some cute ones, Pink and Black by Sulagna for some Sweet and Mushy and her newest USP- her darling baby and the centre of her world, Suruchi, our Patakha and very creative darling :)
MSM: *Ear to Ear Grin* This is one of the most beautiful description of blogs you have given.
Maiths: :D :D
MSM: So, with this, we come to an end. I am sure Maiths you could have been interviewed better, but I loved your answers! :D
Maiths: :) it was good.
MSM: :D It was the most spontaneous conversation ever
Maiths: Thank you  MSM for interviewing me. I want to thank all the darlings for making this blog a success. Specially the first 7 members who I call the core members J If it weren’t for your involvement and interest in the blog I wouldn’t have gone ahead with this idea. Thank you PeeVee, MSM, Suruchi, Chandana, Vinati, Redhanded and Viya. I also want to wholeheartedly thank all the readers of DOV. I have made some wonderful friends and come across very talented and honest writers through this space. Thank you all for making Darlings of Venus what it is J I love you all...

PS: This was supposed to be put up on Maith's Birthday, but you know about the Murphy's Law no....whenever I tried to do that, my internet used to betray. Maiths dear had been really patient with me. 

January 22, 2012

Pamper Yourself :)

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If you are jobless on a fine Sunday morning and find your feet succumbing to winter, then plunge your feet into the warmth of water, add some soapy bubbles, scrub and pamper yourself, AT HOME
And oh, this will also help you save that extra buck and the trouble of dragging your ass to the nearest Salon! *wink wink*

I shall tell you how (Even though these come under the already-said-and-done section, I shall give my experience and take on it) -

Let us begin with everything that you will need. I have mostly avoided chemical, market products since I did it at home. You can just make use of those little things lying around in your dressing-drawer or the bathroom shelf and get away with beautifully pedicured foot.

(Please excuse the clarity of the photographs since they were taken from a mobile phone and not from a camera!)

A set of instruments - a straight nail cutter (if you want a french cut), a cross nail cutter (if you want an arc-like cut), a filer, a cuticle-pusher.

A steamer or an electric kettle.

Cotton roll and a nail enamel remover.

Nail colours. Anything that goes with your mood, work or your complexion!

A scrubber, brush, pumice stone. (I got an all-in-one in the market.)

Any mild shampoo that's lying around in the bathroom shelf. I chose Himalaya. That's kind of mild.

Any cold cream / moisturizer

And most importantly, a bucket full of HOT water, towel and a couple of tissues! :)

All in all, have these things ready before you can begin. It will save you the trouble of running around the house on one foot in between 'the pampering' :D

STEP 1 :

Pluck out some cotton out of the roll and remove the nail color. (if you had applied any, previously)

STEP 2 :

Dip your feet in a bucket of warm (or HOT, however you prefer) water for a couple of seconds. Then massage some shampoo on to your feet evenly (Do not neglect the spaces between your toes as that is the space which usually gets least attention and is prone to bacteria.)

STEP 3 :

Begin with gently scrubbing your heels with a brush. Do not be too harsh, initially. Then use the pumice stone  and scrub off the dry and dead skin from the behind the toes, heels, and the sides of the ankles.

STEP 4 : 

Rinse off the soap from the feet now and switch on the steamer. As your feet gets some steam, apply some cream / moisturizer on to your feet. Let the steam be for five to ten minutes atleast. 
Once you switch off the steamer, pluck out more cotton from the roll and clear off those clogged pores, and the dirt that's is stuck in your nails.
Shape up the nails after steaming using a filer. Make sure not to hurt your cuticles while filing.
Now apply some cream / moisturizer again on to your toe nails and let it soak for five minutes.

STEP 5 :

It's time to push your cuticle and let the nails breathe. As you do this, be extra careful not to damage your cuticle. If your nails are really sensitive (and if you have a habit of biting nails / weak cuticle) I would not recommend this step as they would harm your nails. Otherwise, you could go on.
With the cuticle pusher, gently (like really gently) push you cuticle downwards, towards your toe.
Once you're done, wipe off the cream and apply moisturizer all over your feet and give it a nice MASSAGE. 
Begin by forward and backward movements and then go in circles around your heels. Pull your toes a little and massage all those little toes that have been drained out and deprived of relief. By doing this, you're letting every ounce of your feet, get the feel of blood rushing into it.

STEP 6 : 

Now, choose your favorite nail enamel. Make sure to be a little choosy ;)
Apply a base coating first. Allow it to dry.
Then apply another coating. Application should be done uniformly in the same direction.


P.S : If you don't find it easy to try it on yourself, try it on any nearest 'bakra' in your vicinity. I just found two! ;) Don't forget to give them a triumphant-look when you are done! ;)

Happy Pampering, Darlings :)

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! ^_^

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ATTENTION to all the darlings and readers!!

One of the most amazing persons and beautiful writers on our blog has turned not a year older but a year better. Her super witty mind came up with the idea for this blog that has allured so many people across many borders. She is a passionate writer and an avid story weaver who has never ever EVER failed to impress us with the magic of her words.

(Stolen from your FB profile.)

Maithili, you have been really awesome and here is a chance for you to be more awesome this year. We wish lots and lots of goodies for you. May you wear the biggest smile every time you turn a page of your life. May you have a super duper fantastic day.

Be merry, be jolly and dance the night away.


(So what I can't bake it, I can copy and paste without a flaw.)

P.S: And you are now a year older to me. =D

Song for the day : Hum bhi agar bachhe hote...

January 21, 2012

Clever He, Clever She !

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He looked up.
With facial expressions like that of a small baby being denied something he liked too much.
Please na”, he requested.
No”, she smiled a crooked smile.
It’s all fine with me”, she said.
No. I want  it na but”, he again pleaded.
With a voice that was about to break down.
Please, give it to me, please”, he said, hands tangled in hers.
No…Please”, she replied.
Please….”, he requested again.
She laughed.
She was enjoying him pleading like this.
His expressions were similar to like that a five year old boy, denied his favorite candy or toy.
His requests competed with the requests a small kid makes to somebody, in-charge of something he wanted badly!
His looks were fooling enough for the other person to give what he wanted.
Just like a small baby pleading for his demand to be fulfilled.
He had been trying to woo her with pleasing words for some time now.
Lines of worry had now started showing on his face.
All he wanted was what she had been possessing oh his in her bag.

He tried getting possession of her bag, a little snatching a little pushing but all in vain.
No matter what he do, she was in no mood to let her hands off her bag.
Clever girl had wrapped his right hand around the belt of her bag so that even the thought of getting it away from her now seemed impossible to him.
But he wanted it impatiently now.
Please Please”, he requested.
No No”, she smiled.
He was losing patience in requesting again and again but she was enjoying denying his request again and again.
Pleaseee na. Give it to me”, he said, sounding as if he was literally going to cry like a little baby any moment now.
No…na”, she said humbly.
He looked in no mood to give up and neither was she.

Struggle was getting interesting now.
Who would give up first?
He or she?
She or he?
Will he succumb to her wicked plan?
Or will she melt on his pleadings?
And the real question, what was she holding in her bag?
What did he want from her?
What possibly could it be?
Please give it na. I want it back now”, he again pleaded.
No. It’s safe with me.”, she answered.
Noooo.. I am feeling empty without it na. So please return it back now”, he looked in her eyes. Pleading more than ever to get his thing back.
He tried again and again he failed.
It was all so hard for him.
Just to get her bag having his wallet!
Earlier he had fooled her in one of their meetings regarding payment at a restaurant. They had decided to pay the bill half-half and he had agreed to it. But when came the turn to actually pay the  bill, he fooled her and paid the whole amount saying he wished to use his debit card once at a restaurant as he had never done that before. 
She sensed the lie but saw  no point arguing over money with him. He would always have his way, she knew or maybe she would always give him his way.
But not so soon was the movie to end. If he thinks he can trick her, so can she! Just the way he has her own ways, she too has her own ways! And today was her day.
The whole incident, right from stealing his wallet in-front of his own eyes, with him actually presenting it to her, her plan did meet success! She not only
possessed his wallet the whole day but also quiet enjoyed him asking for it at the end of the day. Poor baby looked scared as if he was never going to get it back from her! Lol! 
                                   Clever he, Clever she!


January 20, 2012


Posted by Aditi Ray at 1:28 PM 14 comments

   "Sometimes it takes something really bad, for something really good to happen!"
She pondered over it, and just nodded with a smile. She was out of thoughts of her own but agreed to every single thought of his, not because it was HE who said them, but because it made sense. It was like, it was her thoughts flowing through his lips. She just stared at him.
He was amused, "Dont you wanna say something?"
She shook her head, "I like to listen to you!"
He blushed red. She forced herself to look away.

They were again sitting at Marine Drive today, doing nothing but staring at the sea and occasionally at each other. He being a nature-lover came here as often as he could, and she came here for reasons she herself could not define. Looking at him something stirred within her, but she knew that 'something' wasnt enough for everything that she wanted. Being with him cheered her up. He was on her mind all the time. Reading all her thoughts before she could open her mouth to say them.
   "Do you want to walk on those stones?"
She was shocked. He always did that. She was just looking at the stones, thinking she wanted to be there and he said it!

   Sitting on those stones suddenly took her in her past, those memories flashed by, she couldnt help it, they just came in any time these days. Just like the pop-up pages, they appeared unexpectedly, leaving her with saddening eyes burried in the earth and a lump in her throat. She wanted to run away from those memories, not because they were unpleasant or saddening, they were one of the most beautiful memories of her life, but because it reminded her of what she had left for something she could never have!

   "Somethings bothering you?? yes yes, it is. Tell me what it is?"
   "No, its nothing!"
She cursed herself! How could he read her mind. Was he a vampire? Like Edward...? Reading her mind?? But she was not Bella ofcourse, cz he 'could' read her mind!
   "No, I am not Edward, but I could be if you want me to be! But plz dont be Bella, I'll end up eating you! You are too delicious for me to resist!"
He gave her an evil smile. She just stared at him. Shocked. Blank. How could he?? How could he read her thoughts just like that?? He had been doing them since long time but this time it was just 'bang-on-target'!!!
   "Dont panic! I'll tell you what it is. Its very simple. The mind has a door which once opened can be read like an open book. And the door once opened can be walked in both the ways! So I have cracked your head and I know what you think. So dont panic, and change your expression, its frightening!"
They both had a hearty laugh over it. He was a physic, she thought to herself, a complete physic, and suddenly turning to him, scared he might read her mind again. But he was far away, somewhere she could never reach him. Although he was right besides her, she felt like she could not touch him now. He had drifted far away, in the ocean, and she was left behind on the shore. She wanted to be with him where ever he went, physically and mentally. She got jealous whenever he went away from her, physically and mentally. She thought of bringing him back by talking, but then suddenly realized that she was enjoying even the silence between them. It was so peaceful, so calm. She didnt need to talk, when with him. She just enjoyed the silence between them! He turned to her and asked,
   "You enjoy the silence between us, dont you?"
   "yes I do."
This time she didnt freak out. She knew he could read her mind, and there was no need to hide anything from him. She just could not. She could never hide anything from him. She closed her eyes and felt the breeze on her face and loosened her hair. She suddenly felt naked infront of him. Naked without being ashamed. Her mind and soul was standing naked in front of him. She had given her mind and soul to him. It no longer belonged to her, it were his now. She felt free. She felt good. She felt exhilarated.
   "John... I wanna listen to your music. The ones you made!"
   "Are you sure?"
   "yes yes yes!"
She nodded enthusiastically. The music was great. Exhilarating. Taking her to a completely new world which she never dreamt of! She experienced emotions through his music which she had never felt! She wondered if he will ever play something for her, suddenly conscious of her thoughts she stopped thinking, afraid of him reading them again. She just listened... and listened to more songs. Songs after songs, albums after albums! She explored something she always dreamt of! Yes, she thought to herself, music was her solace! His music! She smiled quietly.

It was at night at home that she pondered over everything that was happening in her life. Her life was very abstract now, (people called it messed up, but she liked the word abstract!) just like her conversations with John. Anyone listening to them could never make out the head and tail of their conversations but they knew very precisely what they were talking about. Her life had turned just like their conversations... abstract! Anyone else looking at her life could never know what was happening or what she wanted, it was only she who knew them, who understood them!

She knew she wanted John in her life but she knew he could never be hers the way she wanted him to be. They were just friends, very good friends and they will remain just like that forever! Someone who provided solace to one-another in times of needs. Their needs were again abstact. Only they could understand their needs without words. Words could never explain what they needed or how they felt. Words always betrayed them. She felt like an alien survivng on earth, and him, another alien. But dont two aliens surviving on the same planet make friends? It was just that what had happened!

January 18, 2012


Posted by Divya at 11:13 PM 7 comments

As I packed my bags (closed my previous blog and memories) few weeks back to leave Bangalore – my home town, my city from the time I was born, little did I know that I was leaving only to write new chapters, to meet new people, build a career and create a milestone, for myself.

NOIDA”, my appointment letter proclaimed, in big, bold letters. North Okhla Industrial Development Authority, as it is called, beckoned me to step into the north of the Country. The part of the country I had NEVER made an attempt to venture to. Leaving Bangalore brought in me a lot of nostalgia, but NOIDA brought in me, a sense of hope and independence. Above all, NOIDA is teaching me LIFE.

It is so different from Bangalore. Yet not. Sometimes, I feel it is not right to compare two cities. Both of them are unique in their own ways – Food, Culture, Weather, People, Ways of life…

Early days in NOIDA were scary. I was left to be on my own. Right after graduating, the Corporate world welcomed me, but I felt abandoned and alone in the new land. But when people called FRIENDS made an entry into my life, I started loving everything I was going through. NOIDA has given me wonderful friends and amazing roomies. And oh, friends have also become family-like. They are the people I look forward to each day after a boring and tiring day at office. Would NOIDA appear the same to me without these guys? Well, I’m not sure on that. But all I know is, I’m enjoying their company. I miss home but I see my family in friends. That is the closeness we share.

I raise my head and look up at the NOIDA sky. Foggy, tall glossy buildings peek through the fog, neatly mowed lawns, colorful flowers and a road that takes me to my block – my office. I sling my ID around my neck, greet the security in their local language and proceed.

Surrendered to slavery, yet proud of personal independence.

(Yeah, that's my office)

Cheers to Life,
& lots of Love,
D!! (Previously called, THE UPDATER :) )

P.S : Title Courtesy : BTK, a Colleague-turned-friend. All thanks to him for suggesting a wonderful title for my post here!

P.P.S : This was a post written for my own, new blog. Yes, like I mentioned here, I would be away and all that. But, somehow, writing has always been a part of me and staying away from the keyboard was hard (:P) Either ways, I'm back!! Promising myself to stay active on the blogosphere.
And oh, my new blog is called Strings Of Life (Previously, an INSIGHT INTO MYSELF).
Maithili and Admins, listening? :) (Hope you change the same in Meet the Darlings Page ;P )

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