January 28, 2013

The Usual We !

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It had been a usual blue Monday so far.
Who feels like waking up early   Monday Morning to go to office after a lovely Sunday.
Lovely Sunday included long bike rides, Pasta,  Race – 2 movie (Alright, I only enjoyed the dresses and my fav song ‘Lat lag gayi’) and KFC Zing –Kong box.

But somehow, you cannot escape the whole office cycle, unless and until you are planning to go for higher studies or you are planning to leave project (or being thrown out of it – depends)

So, the lazy Monday started.
Somehow got up and prepared myself for work.
Reached office.
Opened my stupid Desktop.
Connected to Microsoft Exchange (read Outlook)
Waited for my TL nad assign me some work. (I really hoped for work today)
But eventually all failed.

No work.
No fun.

Sitting idle, a fellow team member came and we went for lunch.
Boring lunch.

The usual round of talks (read gossip, bitching, mocking) was going on.
The usual round of eating ( read snatching or envying what other had ordered ).
The usual stuff was going on.

Suddenly I felt like vomiting.
The body temperature had gone up.
I was all boiling sitting there in the shade.
(Okay, I was having a bad throat since morning and  a bit exhausted too)

I decided to go to wellness room.
The forehead, the hands, everything made me believe I was having fever.
I got the doctor to check my temperature.
While the thermo-meter was in my mouth, recording the body’s heat, I was preparing in my mind to leave office early.
Fever being first reason for my TL to send me off earlier and no work being the second.

But then, the doctor’s word made it all disappear.
“It’s normal”.
I was not disappointed (I swear to GOD )
I came back to my workstation smiling (as I didn’t want to give my parents another reason as fever to worry about me today).
And believe it or not, but still the body was tired, the temperature was there but now the sad depressing feeling of fever was gone after hearing her words “It’s normal”.

The human mind is just so simple to control I must say!
We feel good the moment we are told we are fine.
And we feel depressed the moment we are made to realize that.

January 27, 2013

Smitten by Lust....

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He looked at her, her hair flutting like a wild butterfly in a storm. Her skirt doing a la-marilyn-monroe and showing off just enough of her legs to set his pulse racing. Not that he hadnt seen many legs, he had, plenty of them, but something about her made him look back at her again and again. Maybe it was the geeky spectacles on her eyes, or the heavy books in her hands, or maybe as simple as the green colour on her skirt...it was something...something he couldnt figure out, but his eyes remained transfixed at her. She was innocently beautiful. Beautiful in a pure way, untouched by the big bad world. He liked the freshness on her face. It was the freshness of a early morning dew. His eyes were no more in control of him, they involuntarily stared at her. She was talking on the phone with exaggerated hand movements, and his eyes followed her every movement, his eyes traced her long smooth fingers, perfectly manicured nails, smooth soft silky skin...he felt his mouth go dry. His eyes went back to her lips, soft pink lips, perfect white teeth...ohh, that smile, he felt his breathe hitched for a moment. He didnt realise he was wetting his lips..just her sight made his mouth dry. He wondered what lies behind those layers of clothes. He felt the heat in his loins. She looked at his direction, her eyes big and expressive. Her eye lashes like waves on sand dunes. She was beautiful in a chaste and pure way. She saw him staring at her, but wasn't this a common sight? She just ignored. But he couldn't. He kept staring, long and hard...till her image was sketched in his memory. He closed his eyes, as though to confirm, he saw her even with his eyes closed. Just then, the bus came, and she bid adeiu to the bus stop. Suddenly her absence made him so restless, like she was the only thing needed for him to be alive, and right then he knew, he needed her. He needed her like his survival depended on her. He needed her like oxygen, it was difficult to breathe without her. He needed her, thats it. He needed her.

He stood right there, the next day, at the same time, just to catch a glimpse of her. Her long fingers holding the heavy books so delicately, he hair tied back in a neat ponytail, her lips slightly glossy, he wished he could touch them. While she was ignorant of his presence, his eyes scanned her body. Yes, he needed her. He felt the heat in his blood rising to his face. His trousers suddenly felt uncomfortable. He knew he had to do something, his need for her was rising. The more he stared at her, the more he wanted her. He hurried back home.

At home, he made a call, a number he called often. He barked on the phone, "Come now, right now. I want you here." The voice from the other side laughed and retorted, "You had me just last night...seems like you havn't had enough of me." He barked again, "Just do as you are told, come right now." Throwing the phone on the table, he closed his eyes and imagined her. Her long tender fingers...her slender waist...her soft lips...her green skirt...her coal black eyes. He heard the key unlock the door, the cheap perfume filling the room as she stepped infront of him. But his mind kept fantasizing the image in his mind, thinking of her and the need for her growing in him with every mili-second. He just knew one thing, he needed her.

It was midnight when he lit a cigarette and sat near the window. The cool breeze making him shiver but his mind was still encapsulated in her thoughts. She was an obsession he couldn't stop indulging in. He waited for the night to get over so he could see her again at the bus stop.

January 22, 2013


Posted by Wings of Harmony at 11:27 AM 10 comments

Oh Dear Lord Darlings!!

How could we forget to wish our beloved Maithili?!! Tch! 

And NOOOO, we didn't!! 

Maiths, you thought of this lovely space The Darlings of Venus and brought all of us together. No one had thought we would last, but we are still around! And I love your persistence, your honesty and everything about the way you think!


Love you loads!! BLESSED BE!!

January 21, 2013

The end of Her world!

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The fake news of it ending,
Never caught her attention.
The idea of it ending,
Never grabbed her a thing!
Dooms day isn’t the day,
Her world would end.
It had already ended,
While the world was still !
It ended with her birth,
As She was a girl.
Birth of a girl was not expected,
And the gift of god was not accepted!
It ended with her adapting nature,
Nature she developed seeing her mother.
Absorbing all the pain,
And giving all the smiles.
It was that day that ended her life,
Her world ended the day She left,
Leaving her all alone in this cruel world.
She meant everything to her while she was alive,
But now Having a sister was way too costly for her.
Her world ended when she fell in love,
Love of someone she was ready to die for even.
But her love was not respected,
Tears, pain and disrespect was all she was gifted.
Her world ended way long back.
She is now simply a soul.
Following instructions of another souls,
No enthusiasm to live,
She lives because she promised her mother she won’t commit suicide!

January 6, 2013

Live your Life!

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Happy new year Darlings!!

So how has 2013 been treating you so far?

Hope it’s been going smoother and much more merrier and more sweeter than 2012.

Though entering a new year doesn’t changes anything. You and me still shall be the same. Live the same daily life and be the same daily jerks!

But still, it’s we who are the same so it’s we only can be the change!

So, come on girls, go out enjoy and live your life.

Live it like you don’t care as to who’s watching you!

Live like what you had always imagined to live like.

Enjoy what you do.

Make someone smile, make somebody’s day.

Be somebody’s smile, be somebody’s day.

Go out shopping. Go all fun and frolic this year.

Keep smiling. Keep loving.

And keep spreading smiles and keep spreading love.

And just that the blog has missed it’s shopaholic sparkle, below are some eye candy pics for all the darlings.

Happy New Year.


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