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 Maithili (Owner/Admin)

I could go on talking about myself but what's the fun if I tell you everything :) Join this beautiful journey with me on Darlings of Venus.. 
I m a Second year Pharmacy student with a passion for blogging and reading. Expressive by nature, introvert by choice, a patient listener, straightforward by day and story weaver at blog ;), a silent observer, a planner, a dreamer, a lover,.... 
the list goes on as I reveal the layers of my personality :) 
But at the essence of it, I m just a girl looking for a lot of love..
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Chandana (Admin)

A deep thinker and a big dreamer. Calm, determined, practical and above all life-lover!
Lives at First Avenue. Loves - Books (=life), Fashion (weak point = shoes), painting, writing, traveling and photography (clicking and getting clicked ;))
The order keeps changing!

PeeVee (Admin)

Obsessive reader. Fanatic chocolate worshiper. Firm romanticist. Pointless Perfectionist. Avid dreamer. Distress eater. Impulsive shopper. Non-stop talker. Pet lover. Wannabe writer. Sensitive. Spontaneous. Restless. Volcano tempered. F.R.I.E.N.D.S convert. Mother's pet. Compulsive 'P.S' adder. Recipe inventor. Question-asker. FB stalker. 'What if'-er. Dedicated sleeper. Cheese addict. Loves rain. People person. 
Of unconfirmed Martian origin.
I’m just me. Just another girl in this wide, wide world. 
But I’m always ME and that’s what makes me different. 
I hate being stereotyped, I hate being judged even more.
Writing is life and my blog is who I am.


When truth becomes stranger than fiction, Mystical Skeptical Me gets out to get to the root of the strangeness. Be it paranormal, normal or abnormal, anything that tickles my not so perfect brain has to be sought out... a girl, a lawyer and a seeker with an eye for ordinary and simple, yet not so ordinary... 
To believe is the truth and to know is the belief... 
I read anything under the Sun, recently developed a liking for romantic writing...
Things colored red/black/purple and green. 
Blessed Be!

      I believe a person is defined by the work she does. And in that respect, I m still undefined. For me, my life's journey has just begun and 
weaving the right definition is all I wish to do.
         And apart from writing nonsense like I did just now, 
I abide by a simple rule (read my rule) i.e.,
"Make your life worth rewinding"
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A typical Gemini, loves chick-lits! , crazy about stationary, dogs and shoes!, an architect in the making.. :) "taking life as it comes"- that pretty much defines me! :D
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A typical girl completely lost in the cobwebs spun by life. Loves reading, writing and music. Need-my-space kind. A food freak. I outgrow most things faster than I settle into it. My heart reaches out greatly to love, rain, breeze, children, food, anything in a royal black and white combination, anything that is shiny. This much I can say about me that will not change and the rest I leave it to the readers.
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Smita means smiling face and I do look good when I smile :D 
To brief up, I am just a simple, sweet, soft-hearted girl who loves blogging about life, relations and much more stuff. I love the company of humorous people and friends mean a lot to me after my parents.I support all those moral and ethical values mentioned in older ages but definitely believe in living in the modern world. 
I am just a mix and blend of various moods and habits.
I love writing about love, life, relations and all those touchy mushy stuff along with some serious stuff and some twisting stories too.To find out more about me, read my blog or my posts or try knowing me more personally on my Facebook pages :P. 
My philosophy for the present time : Live life, chill maar.


I am a housewife and a teacher and although it sounds kinda funny but I also push the envelope to say even when not asked ‘I am a blogger too.’I used to read books a lot, now I like reading people-I moonlight as Agony Aunt, Facebook is my second home and I often find trouble, not troubling it enough to find me instead. Life is mundane and I believe you have to find the comical in it-no apologies for who and how you are. There is just one way to live a life-by living every moment of it. I am averse to technical stuff and so hopelessly romantic that mush could be my middle name-after humor that is.


A lost soul..a dreamer..a wanderer..
I am a typical cancerian..very emotional..

Some one who loves cats and can go bonkers when she sees one around..!
I find peace when I write my thoughts out..

Honest words..just an expression of my feelings
A lover..a amateur poet..a crazy bibliophile
Dance is my passion..Singing gives me solace..
I live by the adage..”This Too Shall Pass
Come along and be a part of this wonderful journey of LIFE
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Khushboo Wadhwani

An extrovert. A confused soul. A friend to many. An enemy to some. A keen reader. A information-nugget eater. An avaricious foodie. A traveler. A seeker. A music lover. A movie buff. A little sentimental. A little mental. A Sagittarius. An animal lover. A TLC junkie. A little too much sarcastic. Alien-theories creator. A drame-baaz. A person who smiles and laughs a lot. A person who lives life.
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A simple and sincere person with deep thoughts. Practical and rational in real life , I unwind the rambling paths in my mind's maze through my writing.
A sensitive person who does not express too much, but puts them in words , feelings in verse and thoughts in prose. One of things I'd always imagined myself is to write with whacky pen name that nobody can guess.

Divya R Rao

A Software Engineer by profession, a programming lover at heart. Blogger. Singer. Coffee Addict. Nature lover. A budding Entrepreneur. Trying to fit into a business suit. Emotional. Romantic. Simple.  Strongly believes that life gets better only when you have someone to share it with. So, here I am, going through life, while I try to touch the life of few others.
Did I mention - Hopeless when it comes to writing an About Me!?

Raumali Dasgupta
I am a big chatterbox and can go on rambling about myself. Presently a second year CSE undergraduate at NIT Durgapur. Passionate lover, reader, writer, event planner, and director. Obsessive about cakes and anything purple. Love the company of people and a patient listener. Optimist, extrovert, restless, sensitive, FB addict, food freak, quite moody at times and a lazy brat. Though I am a bit ‘serious’ type, you will always find me smiling and laughing.
Plan to write the story of my life someday, but till then know me more at A FEW WORDS

Archana Chari 

I do not really know to use fancy words when it comes to describing myself. I am this everyday girl you see around. I can safely call myself an information junkie, a TLC adoring girl, a not-so-girlish thing, a no-pink, but blue person. Certainly full of opinions, and a whole lot more of respect for people around me. I adore randomness in my blog and write on whatever flows out of my little mind. To know, whats brewing now, visit me at

Soumya Prasad
"I'm not a typical girl. I can't squeal, giggle or act coy. Almost a tomboy, but a romantic at heart. I love my life the way it is and I live one second at a time.
I'm a crazy Lioness and sarcasm is my super power. Attitude is a virtue while patience is not. People say that I'm uptight and self obsessed. But hell yeah, you have it, flaunt it! Period.
Love makes my world go round and is the very inspiration for me to write. A sucker for poetry and I would go to any extreme to make words rhyme. I find happiness in small things. After a big tiresome battle with happiness, she now sits perfectly tamed in my pocket.
As for me, the Lioness will keep on roaring no matter what.
Follow my life at LOL: Life of Leo."


 A relatively simple person in the complicated world . Offbeat , extravagant and a bit bizarre. Eternal optimist by choice , voracious reader by habit and grammar nazi by obsession. Extremely loud , shamelessly dramatic and a distracted soul. I don't eat yellow things . I fall in love a lot . I lust life and love food. I sing in the shower , I wouldn't  like a flower and I like a tall tower . Umm, Ok bye . Visit me at Awesome Since '92

Akansha Sharma
Hard-working, unemotional, shrewd, persevering, practical, responsible and cautious to the extreme - A typical Capricorn. I can be the sexy babe on the beach, or a scientist sitting in a laboratory, performing experiments to save mankind! People talk about women being this and that. I somehow manage to disappoint them all! Yes, I'm proud that I'm different in my own wacky, weird and guy-like ways. Love dogs, hate chocolate (until it's 70% dark), not a follower of Romanticism! I extract serenity out of writing. It's what runs in the blood. Join me in this wonderful world which is apparently for the less worldly-wise!
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 Shreya Shively

Likes…eating, writing, talking, travel ling, shopping, stationery, excel sheets and bullet points. Go figure.
Stays away from…hypocrites, stereotypes, gossip, and any food that’s squishy.
Wishes…to ride a roller coaster, to write a book, to dance, to kick a guy in the balls, and to somehow be happy.I've realized I have existed for 24 years. Now I want to live.
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Hey! I'm Blahblah, a 17 year old blogger from Mumbai. I'm crazy about Taylor Swift, Porcupine Tree, and music and books in general. Harry Potter is the greatest series ever and Dean Winchester and Castile are droolicious! I have a lot of typical Aries traits. Impulsive, crazy, procrastinator, aggressive, but also fiercely loyal and passionate. My name translates to 'intense passion and love'.Fangirl | Chatterbox |  
I started blogging because I'm really shy around new and most people, until I get really comfortable. So I took to writing my point of view, fiction and poetry!
You can visit me on my Twitter Page , Teenage Babblings and A daydreaming, emotional, easily pissed girl. Tales of her & by her.

Nibedita Bose 
'Independent'...that is the first word my near & dear ones blurt about me. Highly opinionated, expressive & diplomatic are the next adjectives about me. But there is another side of me which is caring, clumsy and witty. I entered the blog world just to start my baby journal but later my blog became reflection of my thoughts about anything under the sun.
 Earlier a professional, now a SAHM, I love to pen down my mind meanderings. I believe in 'Tit for Tat' policy so my attitude depends on the actions or people around me. I love to read or laze around, both of which are now a luxury for me with a year old toddler to run after the whole day.  Visit me at My World through my spectacled eyes

Mugdha Chawla

I am a student in early 20's, CA in making, cheerful, berserk( most of
the times) yet meek( at times), ardent believer in god, big time day
dreamer with small time patience, FASHION ENTHUSIAST( note the words
in bold), wish to travel the whole world.
 The other side- short tempered( the brunt of which is usually borne
by the younger sibling);) but the inside of me is soft which cries
seeing even a stranger in suffering, constantly vacillating while
making decisions, be it major or minor.:o
I believe every beautiful thing, created by god while he was having
cold coffee :D, has the fundamental right to get admired.


Teenager. Loud. Crazy. Hopeless Romantic. PotterManiac. Sweet toothed. TwilightCrazy. Dog person. Mamma's girl. Impulsive. Bathroom singer. Introvert. Shy. Book worm.  FB Stalker. Lazy bones. Sucker for love stories. Emotional fool. Loyal. Protective. Jealous. Possessive.Love
Chocolates. Rains. Ice-Creams. Novels. Chick-lits. Yabbering on for hours with my best-friend and making no sense whatsoever. Hot-guys. Shopping. Pendants. Nicholas Sparks novels. Romantic novels. Romantic movies. That smell after the rain. Long talks with my Mom.

This is Afshan. The meaning of my name is Radiance/ Roshni :) I mostly feel radiant only when I write. The other things which also contribute to my radiance are my husband’s hugs or any  kid's smiles and the rare kisses they plant out of genuine affection and also the aura of my parents! Their mere presence makes me energetic. Few other things in the hit list are spending silent hours with nature and scribbling random lines which turn out to be my best sometimes, music which can remind me good old days, long phone calls or meetings with best of the buddies. Sometimes even a mere SMS or a phone call from them makes my day!   Am a software engineer by chance and writer by choice. Writing started long back but became a frequent deviation whenever I was bored by the mundane office hours and had no other place to pour all my genuine feelings , emotions , thoughts which many a times can’t be discussed and understood. The jotted WORDS are best felt than a raging voice or an oral plea sometimes! Slowly it became a passion and a pleasant addiction to which I wish and pray there never should be an antidote! I love any book or a blog which can glue me to it. There are many favorites which motivate me to read and write more. Simultaneously there have been many unnecessary or heated arguments and caustic remarks by fellow readers! Writing has been and will always be a great learning which even leads to a stark realization that there are many who don’t think the way you do! Other than writing I love to make doodles –Calvin and Hobbes being the biggest inspiration, I love travelling, experimenting with photographs and have serious plans to write a book and learn singing (not to win Indian Idol :P ).Am planning to do one after the other :)

The only pensive of my thoughts other than my mind is my blog "The pensive"- where I write as regular as I can. Often I get drained of ideas when there are many other priorities and too many thoughts! That is the time when there is a need to read and listen rather than write and talk :) With lot of excitement am joining all the darlingsofvenus to make earth a more interesting planet to live ;) Do drop by my blog and looking forward to read some great posts here!!


A smart, unpredictable, eccentric, crazy, chick ranting / bitching about her  "effing" awesome / messed up life..

What others have to say about DeeDee?
A hardly working employee with a passion for blogging and reading chick-books, crappy music and mindless dancing.
She is an extrovert who is insanely straightforward by day and a drama-queen at her blog.
A silent observer and dreamer, her list goes on as she reveals the layers of her personality.
She loves what she writes and cares a damn about what the world thinks.
She speaks her mind out and has enough slang in her purse to put even an uncouth truck driver to shame.


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