September 30, 2013

Life of a Pharmacist

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She waited with bated breath as the drop touched the surface. Beads of perspiration rolled down her forehead as the drop spread. This was the moment she had dreaded. She had made a mistake but all was not lost. Not yet. It turned red! Yes! the analysis was a success. She threw the litmus paper. 

She looked about the laboratory. Everyone had a yellow compound in the reaction. Hers was the only clear solution. She must have got the best product. She smiled to herself. She walked about breezily, humming to herself. Then she saw the bottles. She had added the same thing twice. Her reaction was ruined. 

The solution must not turn white on addition of water. She tried as much as she could but the solution wouldn't reach completion. Time to submit the solution. The raw material was a skin irritant. The solution supposed to be a handwash. 2 minutes to submission, she filled up the raw material, clear brown. And prayed the teacher didn't wash her hand with that. 

There was a time when it was her favourite color. That was before it had stained her reputation. She ought to have handled a dye better. Reluctantly she entered the lab. Her labcoat was still colored. The lab instructor looked up and asked," Aren't you the girl who spilled purple dye on new, white work tables?" The entire class laughed. 


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I did not love him. But the way he was looking at her, was troubling me. She looked back at him and smiled. He looked pleased, I turned a bright shade of green. I held his hand, he looked at me. I kissed him. She left. He smiled.

~ Soumya

Emotions in Fifty Five words

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P.S: This is the first time I have tried my hand on mini-stories. I don't know if i have justified them well. Your opinions will be totally appreciated


Taking one look at the pink bundle in her arms made his heart melt.He didn’t want this little baby.He wanted her to abort it. But,seeing this little angel now he knew he was totally wrong.
He felt privileged. He swore to protect his little daughter more than his life.
He will be the perfect Dad

College Memories

Walking down the streets of her college, Ridika felt a surge of nostalgia getting over her.
The first day in college, white classrooms, old steps, the canteen gossip, old crushes, letter, fights, that farewell party.
Every memory deeply etched in her heart.
The only song echoing in her head was Shaan’s “Tanha dil tanha safar” 


Adorning a red 9 yard saree,loaded with lot of gold, flowers on her head and so many ladies fussing over her
There was a weird feeling of mixed emotions, she knew its time
Soon,she will sit on her Dad’s lap and amidst holy mantras, she will become someone’s wife and tears welled in her eyes


She could not come to terms with the news she received.She was lost in trance.
Sitting in the middle of the room wearing a white saree,staring at the picture of the man she loved the most.
He couldn’t leave her and go so suddenly,he was with her this morning
No, It was not his coffin

September 29, 2013

Just like that - Smile !

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“Oh God! Now why won’t you start!”, and she puffed.

With her palm on her forehead, she was waiting for HP QC (a testing tool) to open.

Suddenly a ping appeared at the bottom of the screen.

It was her friend Siddartha.

“Did your QC start working? Mine has started. So if you want, you can resume your work from my system”, the ping read.

“Yea ok”, saying so she locked her system and went to Siddartha’s system to work.

“Now how do I fill these mandatory fields ?”, she was confused for some fields in the tool.

“Let’s ping Vinay and ask for help”, he suggested.

“Okay”, she said and pinged Vinay using office’s communicator.


So technically it was Siddartha who was pinging Vinay but in real, it was Smita who was pinging him.


“Hey”, first line of the ping read.

“Hi”, Vinay replied.

“I need your help in filling the mandatory fields of the defect. Can you come to my system for a minute”, read the second line of the ping.

“Tell him that it’s you”, Siddartha said, just to avoid confusion for Vinay.

“Why, by seeing ping from you he won’t come?”, she said turning to Siddartha, “and by seing my name he will come huh?”, she joked and turned to the screen back and wrote in the ping,”Smita here”.

And the following conversation made both of them laugh for the next few minutes.


n  Siddartha :


n  Vinay :


n  Siddartha :

Can you come to my system for a minute”.


n  Vinay :

“No Dude”

n  Siddartha

“Smita here”

n  Vinay:

“Kinda Busy”


“Yea Smita tell me”

September 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Suruchi

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              A supportive wife and a doting mother, a friendly teacher and a dependable friend. A million questions she answers, juggling every role that comes her way. A woman of many shades indeed. But a few moments of solitude she spends writing, just being herself. It's her colour, the colour of radiance- Yellow.

      That's her. The birthday girl. If I had to choose one colour to define her, it would be yellow. I don't know why but that would be the colour I would choose. Maybe its her humor bordering on philosophy, maybe its her smile, maybe its her chirpy personality. Maybe it is just the spark that she brings into lives of many.
               Wish you  a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead. We miss your writing a lot :) 

September 27, 2013

Shades of 55

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After ages, I m back on Darlings of Venus. I guess almost everyone has disappeared except for a few fleeting appearances now and then. Can't blame anyone. What with all that drudgery that we have to put up!
      I had plans of doing something special in September. It has been 2 years since DOV started up and after the immense popularity it enjoyed I thought we would have to limit memberships. Alas! The steam died down. Lot of us have transitioned to busier places now and have taken up greater responsibilities. WE have sent mails requesting everyone to write in the past but to no avail. I understand that sometimes it is a genuine lack of time or inspiration at the right time and sometimes it is just plan laziness. Whichever it is, I need some ideas to spice up this page. 
      First and foremost, please put up the badge on your blogs and spread a word about DOV. 
      The topic of discussions aren't getting any takers and I don't know why :\ If it is about the topic then please do write to me or suggest some topics on the DOV facebook page or on mail. 
      The sections have become nonexistent. The people I had entrusted with the pages have stopped blogging. Is anyone willing to handle any section? Fashion, craft, whatever you want to. 

      The last time I saw a good response on DOV was on a 55 post. I liked the idea of having a theme based 55 marathon. 
      So I decided to make it a theme this week. If it works we can have more weekly themes. 
       You have to use 55 words to write on any "Shades". The shades here implies any color. 
           You  can read "Red" here written by Blublubling. That is what I mean by shade.

                     I m crossing my fingers and hoping I wouldn't be disappointed this time. 

Until later! 


September 19, 2013

Fifty Five Words

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I know I haven't really been active here and the guilt is killing me, so here I am. These are a few 55 word theme based stories I had written in the last one year. I hope you guys like them :)

Being an architect Vikram was always attracted to buildings . This was no ordinary building though , the tallest in the world . A hub of activity in the heart of New York.  Who could have guessed he would meet his end under the debris of this beautiful building he had once helped design , the World Trade Center.

I see the girl trying to fit in, plump figure and glasses. The pinafore of her uniform is always slipping off one shoulder and her smile is always wry.I want to tell her that a lot of things are going to be like the red walls in her room. They'll sound better than they look.


While ogling at katrina kaif dancing on chikni chameli the whole theatre rang with whistles and claps . Just then Sia said " Maa Katrina is so sexy na " . Hearing a 5 year old use that word , Amita was taken aback and asked how she knew it. " Daddy calls you that no when you dance for him. ? " Kids!!

He had abandoned the world. After her death he left, no one knew where to. He didn't sing anymore , he didn't play his guitar. He just lay longing for silence. He is heard to drink the whiskey each day but the intoxication doesn't get him anymore. The chaos is within , and it won't leave him.


"I love her Maa"
Reema's words rang in her mother's ears. Ree, her lovely girl, loved another woman. She couldn't understand how that could be. She wasn't raised this way. All the sleepovers were becoming clearer now. My daughter and love a woman , what a disappointment she thought as she put a garland over Reema's photo.

"You are beautiful" he said .
 She turned a crimson red and looked away to avoid his face. 
"How do you know ?" she asked fetching for compliments. " My eyes , are they pretty or my face ? " . 
He remained silent , picked up his dark glasses and reached for his cane. 
"Those I can't see, I see what is inside you." 

PS: Just as a suggestion how does a round of 55 word stories sound? We can decide on a theme and compile one post for the contributions from all the Darlings!


September 16, 2013

If only

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I would be your pillar of support,
I would be the shoulder to lean on, as strong as you need,
I would give my life to comfort you,
If only you'd let me.
I would hold on to you,never letting you go,
I would have you protected in my heart, like a child in a mother's womb,
I would hold you in my arms forever, 
If only you'd let me.

I would love you like none else has,
I would make you so happy, making you forget what sadness is like,
I would be your everything,
If only you'd let me.

Until later,
Keirthana :)

September 12, 2013

Bruised, battered and still going strong

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In 6 months of her married life, there hasn't been more than 6 days that Neeti has spent happy and contented. Every moment she lived in dread and fright. Fright of her husband Ritesh.

It was an late arranged marriage, 4 months of courtship after the engagement, Ritesh was like a dream come true for Neeti. Good looking, well settled, good family, caring, loving NRI from Canada. He used to take care of Neeti's small small wishes, give her surprises. He sweeped her off her feet, the moment he and his family had come to see her. Neeti just knew that Ritesh is the one for her.

But, not even in her scariest dreams had she thought. what Ritesh might turn into after their wedded life. The first night in her martial home Ritesh came in the bedroom, reeking alcohol. Neeti thought maybe it was his friend who had made him drink.
Her Ritu, was just innocent. But, her assumptions were so wrong. Neeti got a shock of her life when Ritesh flung is arms and placed an unexpected slap on Neeti's specially made up face. The shock was so intense that even tears just stung into her eyes. Neeti was suddenly hearing so many loud abuses flung towards her. She had no idea, what she had done to get all this.
After a while, drunk Ritesh fell asleep on their decorated martial bed. Slowly, realization dawned into Neeti and she spent her first martial night weeping into her beautiful saree.
Next morn was another mixed emotions for Neeti, when a paled faced, sober Ritesh came to her an apologized for his irate behavior last night. Neeti was happy, that Ritesh did realize and hoped that this wouldn't ever happen again. She loved him so much that his, guilt-ridden baby face made her heart melt.
Their honeymoon was lovely and peaceful, amidst the serene nature of Manali. After their honeymoon, Neeti and Ritesh flew back to Canada.

Neeti's ordeal started immediately after she returned from hre honeymoon..Every night Ritesh would come home in an inebriated state,... beat Neeti black and blue, forcibly bed her and sleep off. Next morning he would apologize.
Neeti couldn't face her poor parents because they always wanted to see her happy, her in laws were far away. She was left there, to face her ordeal alone. 30 year old, Bubble, Lively Neeti was now reserved, shy, scared Neeti. She never went out, since the scars were very evident of her body.  She never spoke to her neighbors, dreading their questioning stares.

The neighbors, would many a times hear loud banging, and a sobbing woman. Many times, she would want to run out of the door, but the strange country and her life long teachings of a good wife made her stay back.

Neeti's tears had ceased to flow too, her body now became accustomed to the abuse, every night she would expect Ritesh to whip her nerves off her body and the day he falls flat on the bed without beating her, she says a million thanks to the Almighty.,

After 3 months of constant harassment,Neeti felt very sick and nauseous, a shiver went through her body when she realized that she was pregnant. The moment when she should have been ecstatic, Neeti was dreading the prospect of nurturing a baby with a man like Ritesh. But, she knew she cant or wont kill her child.
She knew, she would guard her baby against the tyranny of Ritesh. The love of her unborn baby was so much that Neeti gained an unknown courage, to walk out of her house, with just the little money that she saved in search of search of search of a a future for her unborn baby

Today, there are a millions of Neeti's in the world who have walked out of the traditional typical wife character to make a happy life for themselves

Ladies, Never take an abuse quietly, you are no one's slave. You arent born to impress anyone. Put your happiness first. Speak out. There are ears out there to listen to you..there are hearts out there to love you..there are arms out there to take care of you. You are not alone

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September 9, 2013

Sensual Getaway

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      Fiery desires bottled within
      We breezed through the highway
      Away from the cluster and din
      Off to where happiness lay

      Burning my skin with lust
      As you tingled my nape
      Raining caresses, you just
      made me sigh and gape

      Synced and rhymed we move
      As nothing separates you and me
      Burying your head in my grove
      you breath the joys of becoming "we"

      It is our moment, untouched
      by the worries of the world
      A million ways I love you so much
      But never like this, without a word


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