September 23, 2014

You Are a Girl

Posted by Deepa at 11:26 AM 4 comments
"This is so unladylike"
"Wear something longer, cover your legs, is this how you sit at home"
"Learn to cook, else your in laws will say parents have taught nothing to the girl"
"Why is that neckline so deep"
"Wear a salwar kameez, we are traveling by 2AC remember"
"Let your brother go, he is a boy. You cant go its 10pm already"
"She is in one of "those" days"

Are these phrases familiar?
I am a woman, I have breasts, I have a vagina. But,  that doesn't make me any less human. Does it?
Yes, I wear a bra. Doesn't mean that I expect you to judge my size.
I go through PMS, mood swings, cramps, cravings, periods every month. That doesn't make me any unpure than I was a few days back.

I get stared upon, I get whistles, I get comments, I get groped from men of varied age group.
Doesn't matter what outfit I'm in. Doesn't matter what time of the day it is. I'm like a public property.
If I wear or act like myself, and "Myself" may differ from the conceptions of different people, then I'm bound to get teased and raped. I asked for it. Just because I don't fit the bill of a "normal girl" its OK for me to be leered at.
I am a girl, I can't party alone. I have to have a male company. And not just any male company, it has to be my brother, father or husband.
I'm a characterless slut if I go out dancing with my guy friends.

A guy proposes me, I reject him. I invite him to throw acid on my and ruin my life.
I propose a guy, I an easy girl.
I stay in a urban city, travel places alone, well, according to the people staying in not-so-urban cities I must be sleeping and making out with everyone and not the "marriage material".

I get promoted. I am sleeping with my boss. I have no talent of my own, I have no achievements in my career. My only achievement is I have a vagina.
My would-be husband may have had a gazellion girlfriends, and might have visited Bangkok many times. But, if I have fallen in love when I was younger. I was a bad girl and not worthy to carry a heir of another family in my womb.

I get married. My parents have tried their best to give me everything. They provided me the best education and values. But, I couldn't give my in-laws money. I have the right to be thrown out or burnt alive.
I have a baby. I have a cute little girl. But, I should have had a son. Its only my fault that I don't have a son. Its not my husband's fault. I and my daughter deserve no home.

I lose my husband. I am coping up with his death. I deserve to be treated as a dead human too. No good dresses, no colors, no good food, no attending any functions. Yes, I have to be treated as a corpse, because I am a woman.

Why is this world like this?
Why cant a woman celebrate individuality?
Why are we women all about tits and ass only?
Why are we treated as objects?

All these talks about women's liberation, is in the end of the day just talks.
Even good educated families put their restrictions on women, to look good in the society.
From her attire to her lifestyle, nothing is her choice. Its just the society's norm.
If she tries to take  a different route, either she is tagged with some vulgar name, raped, or killed.

I hope, my daughter or my grand daughter or my great grand daughter would live in a world where she lives like herself.

September 19, 2014

Power of words.....

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 7:27 PM 5 comments
Words when take the form of rage
The more they pour, the more they are vague

With the sense gone long ago
The tongue wags now, with full force

There is no time to think and speak
The words banter away as they creak

Endless are the arguments that are no more sane
It is like watching the rise of bane

As words cut through hearts to keep alive the fear of hurt
It's time to wake up and throw away the rut

For no balm can soothe a bleeding heart
But those words of kindness that bind all pieces from falling apart…..

September 16, 2014

What scares you off !!!!

Posted by Smita at 10:43 PM 3 comments
What is it that scares you off.

Scares you off from asking the question.
Asking the question about life and things.
Life and things that matter to you.
That matter may make up your destiny.

And your destiny is in the controls of your hands and no one else’s.
No one else will be there tomorrow.
Tomorrow there shall be no time to make up for your mistakes.
Your mistakes then shall haunt you forever.

Forever you shall then regret of not asking that question,
The question which you would have wanted to ask then
Then maybe you could have been happy now
Happy and not scared

So what scares you off!

September 11, 2014

The charade ~ From a nomad's diary

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 9:07 AM 2 comments

 There are times when fury consumes
Like a colossal wave, it engulfs the soul
Then, the travesty of pretense resumes
Every time the heart takes over, its role

Rationale takes a backseat
As hate brims over the bowl
And then, the heart squeezes a little more
Why can’t there be more room for one’s own?

The maddening parody continues
Between the heart and the soul
There is no more room for absolution
Will the soul ever speak, for its own?

There are days when I wonder
Why is there no peace for the soul?
The answer it gives makes me ponder,
Will the heart ever forgive the errors of its own?


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