June 14, 2015

I have this recurring dream.....

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 2:38 PM 7 comments

I have this recurring dream
A beautiful one with a gleam….. 
Where I swim with the clouds
And fly over the seas
I feel like an angel
With the wings of a geese!

The feeling is so surreal
As the eyes look through
The windshields of heavens
With a panoramic view

And, in that moment,
the blinding light shines
Like  a raging torrent,
it glazes the mirror rinds!

A deafening thud is felt
As self opens the eyes,
The dreams are now a blur
As dawn has cracked the sight!

A moment of sadness
And, then a moment of glee
What if days are dreamless
Nights are full, you see!

And then, when the clouds roar
And, the Sun slips away
The wait presumes again
With the self greedily wishing
for the lovely dream to stay

And then, it starts all over again,

I have this recurring dream
A beautiful one with a gleam…..

June 10, 2015

Rainbow in the sky

Posted by Sunitha Vijayanarayan at 7:22 AM 3 comments

My first trial at Tanka.

Inspired by the magnificent rainbow that I saw from my balcony today. Back to blogger after a long break.

Rainbow in the sky
Shining through the clouds so dark,
Took my breath away.
Thankful for nature's surprise,
I smiled, it had made my day.


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