April 24, 2019

Roots : the unseen anchors

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 5:30 PM 5 comments


Somewhere in this journey of life, a lot of events got buried in the Chest called the Past!

For Time & Tide wait for none and, the ride from the Present now seems quite Fast!

Is it those flaccid years of unrespiteful challenges or, years of overrated fun?

It is difficult to choose for life is an unpredictable pun!

To soar high and fly or, to stay rooted for life?

The choice is unsettling in the Destiny's roll of dice!

But then, there comes a time when the need to return back to roots arrives...

And then, the truth dawns that for every step away from roots, there tags along a heavy price!

April 6, 2019

Appeasement : the eighth sin

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 9:37 AM 4 comments



Enough was never enough and, never will be.......
For, greed is a madness that spreads like a plague with a wicked glee!

But, irony strikes midway and, reminds why respect is missing from the scene.....
And then, with all platters filled with accolades, respect seems to be one elusive queen!

The more it is sought with vengeance, the more it evades....
After all, truth is raw and crass and is always delivered in spades!

To stop chasing respect and, start earning it, is the only way....
Because, NO amount of appeasement and arrogance can ever make it stay!


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